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No to Fixplan: stop horse abuse

ITWHAT IS FIXPLAN? Fixplan is a drug produced by using the blood of pregnant mares (within 120 days of gestation) from which the active principle Equine Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG) is extracted. Various investigations conducted since 2015 by the Animal Welfare Foundation have documented the suffering inflicted on mares, from which 10 liters of blood per week are also taken. If they become weak or sick, they receive no treatment. Videos shot undercover show constant mistreatment: they are also beaten with sticks and hit with iron hooks. Added to this is the agony of the foals, because the mares are made to abort (their gestation normally lasts about 330 days): the foals die suffering. WHAT IS IT FOR? It is used in intensive breeding of pigs, cattle and sheep. The drug is given to females to synchronize and accelerate estrus and immediately get them into heat as soon as their young are taken away. Aim: to make the "production" of animals for slaughter faster and more efficient. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO SIGN? Syntex, the manufacturer of Fixplan, has asked Italy for authorization for distribution in our country with the help of a German company acting as an applicant. Italian Horse Protection (IHP) wrote to the Italian Ministry of Health, but so far has been unsuccessful. Sign now to ask Minister Roberto Speranza to block the distribution of Fixplan in Italy. Read more: VIDEO: 

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