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Petition to Hilda L. Solis, Holly J. Mitchell, Sheila Kuehl, Janice Hahn, Kathryn Barger, Marcia Mayeda, Don Belton

L​.​A. County Animal Care and Control Must Reinstate Open Access To All Animal Kennels Now!

Los Angeles County Animal Care And Control has discontinued OPEN ACCESS to all adoptable animals in their care despite rollbacks of Covid-19 restrictions. Director Marcia Mayeda has decided to permanently limit access of tax-paying Californians to our neighborhood animal pounds by forcing residents to use the Internet to find a pound animal they wish to adopt. Then, potential adopters must set an appointment (Government Identification Required) to preview animals.Public Information Officer Don Belton of Los Angeles County Animal Care And Control stated, "All of our animals are listed and posted on our website, available for viewing and inquiry by the public." He continued, "Based on this information and the benefit to the health and well being of the animals, we are continuing with the appointment-based system." This new hurdle is a DEATH SENTENCE TO THOUSANDS OF DOGS AND CATS caught in the Los Angeles County and City Animal Care and Control centers. We must force Director of Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control Marcia Mayeda and General Manager at Los Angeles Animal Services Dana Brown to IMMEDIATELY REVERSE this decision to limit Open Access to our public animal pounds despite the end of Covid-19 restrictions and allow tax-paying citizens unfettered access TO ALL LOS ANGELES COUNTY AND CITY ANIMALS IN OUR LOS ANGELES COUNTY AND CITY FACILITIES.Share this petition www.OpenTheShelters.comwww.TrackTheShelters.comHelp us keep track of what is happening at our Los Angeles Animal Care and Control facilities. Visit anyone of our 7 Animal Care and Control facilities and report what you see. Spend at least one hour monitoring what's happening and report it to us using this form. Direct link, please email and/or call and let our Los Angeles County Supervisors know that we want OPEN ACCESS to ALL LOS ANGELES COUNTY ANIMAL POUNDS NOW!LA COUNTYDistrict Onefirstdistrict@bos.lacounty.govPhone: (213) 974-4111Supervisor Hilda L. SolisDeputy for Animal Care and Control District One is Tammy Omoto-FriasDistrict TwoSupervisor Holly J. MitchellHollyJMitchell@bos.lacounty.gov213-974-2222District ThreeSupervisor Sheila James KuehlPhone: (818) 880-9416   sheila@bos.lacounty.govDistrict FourSupervisor Janice Hahn(213) 974-4444 FourthDistrict@bos.lacounty.govDeputy for Animal Care and Control District One is Kelly CrossDistrict FiveSupervisor Kathryn Barger(213) 974-5555Kathryn@bos.lacounty.govCONTACT THE POUNDS:Care Center Contact EmailsAgoura: agoura@animalcare.lacounty.govBaldwin Park: baldwinpark@animalcare.lacounty.govCarson: carson@animalcare.lacounty.govCastaic: castaic@animalcare.lacounty.govDowney: downeyctaip@animalcare.lacounty.govLancaster: acclancaster@animalcare.lacounty.govPalmdale: palmdale@animalcare.lacounty.govL.A. CITY (L.A. City has compromised an opened access on weekends)District One City Council MemberGil Cedillo(213) District Two City Council MemberPaul Krekorian(213) 473-7002 councilmember.Krekorian@lacity.orgDistrict Three City Council MemberBob 473-7003 District Four City Council MemberNithya RamancontactCD4@lacity.org213-473-7004District Five City Council MemberPaul Koretzpaul.koretz@lacity.org213 473-7005 District Six City Council MemberNury 473-7006 District Seven City Council MemberMonica 847-0707District Eight City Council MemberMarqueece Harris-Dawsoncouncilmember.harris-dawson@lacity.org213-473-7008 District Nine City Council MemberCurrent D. Price, 473-5946District Ten City Council MemberMark Ridley-Thomascouncilmember.ridley-thomas@lacity.org213-473-7010 District Elleven City Council MemberMike Bonincouncilmember.bonin@lacity.org213 473-7011 District Twelve City Council MemberJohn 473-7012District 13 City Council MemberMitch O’Farrell(213) District 14 City Council MemberKevin de District 15 City Council Member Joe Buscaino(213)

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Stop Merciless Torturing & Slaughtering of Cats

Right now, according to's great search tool, there are 127,350+ kittens & cats in their registered shelters in our country.  We, as citizens of The United States of America have failed these little animals.  Cats should be watched for outside, picked up, saved, adopted, cared for, vaccinated, spayed and neutered.  There's no excuse for our ignoring, shunning, being complacent, nor for cats to be mercilessly abused, tortured, slaughtered, chopped up to feed man-eaters.....wolves, lions, etc in captivity, which would be just as pleased to eat us and our children.   (These large animals are brutally beaten too, and that's another tragedy.) LOOK, WE in America, imported small kitty cats for pets, we vowed to love and care for them as our own, here in "God's Country" and we absolutely must do something right now, as our civic duty, our humane contribution to God's creatures, our demonstration of America's ethics, our behavior for our children to emulate.  We must make sure cats and dogs are taken care lovingly, ethically, humanely, as members, dependents of our counties, our communities.  Sign this petition, yes, but then, go.  Go adopt cats, dogs, rabbits, etc and get them out of present or future danger.  Especially cats.  Just because they don't bark or whine loudly is NOT any excuse for them to be dismissed, devalued now as Food.  For man-eaters, Even for some People's Food!!!  (Yes, there are Races who Eat Kittycats......alive?) WE know that cats are the pets who make a home cozy.  WE decided to have many colors, many breeds here, and yet, we are still breeding, while many purebreds and adorable mixes are waiting in shelters ...  or Worse.  We know kitties teach our children how to care for quiet little dependents, how to be gentle, how to feed, water, love a small living being.  Cats are smart, sweet, personable, affectionate, cuddly, precious little critters, proof of Our Creator's gentleness and sense of humor, certainly.  Bless their hearts.  They certainly wouldn't be homeless, dirty, scrawny, stinky if they could help it.  Thank God for the hardworking angels at the shelters. ....But,.. But when we haven't done enough, the numbers are too high and these precious little animals are discarded, martyred, tortured; emotionally, mentally, physically killed, as if they didn't really matter, sometimes en masse, for horrific uses of their bodies, fur, heads.  Who, in their right mind, would approve of such hideous acts?!   Dear God.  It's time to do something about ALL the atrocities in this Country of ours.  Most of us realize our Country isn't the idealic Promised Land it's supposed to be.  Well,  it's time to recognize, maybe even renovate our Reasons for being a United States, a proud country worth fighting for, worth preserving, worth raising and maintaining our standards for.  Sign, please, then do something about it.  And keep doing something about it.  Make it a family project, with your children, grandchildren.  Then, always remember that your Furry Children deserve the same mercy at every age, stage, physical condition   your dear little Great- Grandmother deserves.       

Grace Copewell
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