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Petition to ARF Owasso (Animal Rescue/Foster Rehoming Project

New Laws for Paws

Due to lack of lawful intervention and no consequence for breeders...there is an epidemic that has swept through Oklahoma of animals being euthenized. It’s become open season for canines, felines and other homeless animals. KILL SHELTERS are created for population control. Some Shelters EUTHENIZE by lack of space, others  EUTHENIZE by number of days the Animal has been with them. The lack of regard for consequences...the lack of humanity...all in the name of a dollar...has created this EPIDEMIC of DISEASE, HOMELESSNESS, & ABUSE.  The motto of so many shelters, fosters & rescues is one born out of anger, frustration, sorrow and defeat.  “WE CANT SAVE THEM ALL.” And now we present you with a list of changes that have the potential to end this EPIDEMIC.  1. STRICT SPAY & NEUTER LAWS.  BREEDERS: Require that breeders have litters spay and neutered before transactions on a sale can be completed.  Monitor Kennels with regular welfare checks.  Monitor and regulate the number of kennels within each city. Absolutely no breeding kennels should be allowed in a city that requires rescue, foster or an animal shelter, much less animals to be euthenized or sent out of state to save their lives.  2.  Require that private citizens must have their pets spay and neutered within a reasonable time of acquiring them.  Their are plenty of low income organizations that volunteer their time to spay/neuter pets at a lower cost.  3. LEGALIZE CATCH AND RELEASE FOR STRAY/FERAL CATS. Traps can be set to catch the felines safely. They would be vetted for Spay/Neuter and released back into the world. As they are wild and feral, they already know how to take care of themselves.Eventually they will live out their lives and the number of homeless and/or diseased animals will dwindle. In turn, it would make the need to House them, eventually, obsolete. WE HAVE VOLUNTEERS DRIVING OR FLYING ANIMALS OUT OF OUR STATE TO SAVE LIVES (on their own time and dime). Why are Oklahoman citizens being forced to turn to or create organizations that require networking to fly or drive these animals out of Oklahoma to save lives?  Our shelters for animals have become “Population Control” Centers.  Those who work the shelters, “Population Control”officers. And the stories that evolve from these shelters sounds sickly familiar. A story of workers, volunteers and brave citizens who rescue lives from being euthenized, network for traveling papers and push and beg to get their “throw away’s” names on a list for the next available transport out of Oklahoma. Because there are no laws that protect them if they stay. Because they are going to die if they stay.  Please, please consider what the impact of doing nothing, or the impact of doing something, could mean.  As the government is our voice...WE are the voice for canines, felines and other homeless animals in Oklahoma.  Please sign and share this petition for all your worth and then some.   Requirements to end this epidemic: 1. More strict spay and Neuter Laws 2. More strict Breeder and Kennel Laws 3. Legalize “Catch and Release” programs for (wild and feral) cats.             

Shelly Holley
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