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Milos law

My loving family pet Milo was knocked down and killed on new years day the driver hit him and left him lying on road if they'd stopped he may have been able to get veterinary help n have a chance but obviously in today's so called caring community this driver didn't care they've ripped our family apart as Milo was huge part of it his brother is grieving which is hard to watch ,Milo was only year n half whole life ahead of him ,words cannot describe grief I feel,I want law to be changed to move with times road traffic act 1988 protects dogs cattle pigs etc but not cats who are UK's 2 Nd top pet,this is 2019 we need to move with time our laws are dated, 680 cats are killed daily on road,240000killed annually on UK roads yet we dismiss it n walk away that can't be right in today's society surely we are more caring than that ,Milos law would ensure a driver reports hitting cat as you would a dog I'm not looking for huge fines n jail sentences just acknowledgement for that animal if they stopped they might save lives if not then at least through reporting incident owner can be given closure and chance to say goodbyes surely that's not too much to ask, our nation spends a fortune on their pets does this not show that animals are big family members now,in some cases it might be someone's only companion,please help support Milos law it's small change to a dated law but would make a huge difference to thousands of pet owners 

h morris
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Petition to George Eustice MP (DEFRA), John Holland-Kaye CEO (BAA), Lady Mary Fretwell, Pet Cargo Department, Pet Cargo Department, Stephen McNamara, Philip Meeson CEO, Government Relations, David Burling, Managing Director, Christoph Müller CEO, Andrew Swaffield CEO (Monarch)

Cut the Price of Air Travel for Pets to the UK/Ireland within Europe

UK and Irish Airlines must fall in line with the rest of Europe allowing small pets to travel with their owner in the cabin rather than as cargo, thereby cutting the high costs of air travel for cats and dogs. Currently, there are *no* UK or Irish airlines that allow small dogs or cats to travel in the cabin of the plane (inside a pet carrier), which is something most other European countries´ airlines do allow. This is an affordable way to transport your pet compared to the astronomical cost of UK airlines and "pet reception" services. Ireland has it even worse because they need to fly to the UK first and then take a connecting flight from there.  DEFRA needs to abolish its ridiculous insistence that animals have to travel as manifest cargo and making these "pet transport companies" compulsory. Pets weighing more than 8 kg should be allowed to travel with their owners as "special luggage" at similar prices as buggies, golf equipment, bicycles, etc. As an example, to fly one cat as cargo from Lanzarote to London costs around £600 (approx. €700), whereas taking a cat or small dog into the cabin with you to go from Lanzarote to Germany, Holland or Belgium will only incur the cost of extra hand luggage, charged per kilo (between £50 and £100, in the cabin or hold). The following are the results that these high prices (which can NOT be justified) that the UK/Ireland charges are causing: 1. A big increase in pets being abandoned because people cannot afford the cost to get their animal back to the UK/Ireland (especially during this time of economic crisis). We witness it all the time, people who leave the European country they have lived in to return to the UK/Ireland, simply "dumping" their animals on the street or with people whom they tell "it´s only for a short while, we´ll come back and pick up the cat/dog in a month or so" (of course they don´t come back), who then in turn tend to dump or neglect these animals. 2. The local charities who are already stretched to the limits cannot cope with the increased amount of abandoned animals. 3. Cats that are not feral to begin with who are abandoned can suffer and die from depression and do not fare well living on the streets, and dogs generally end up getting run over by a car. WHY do most other European airlines that operate in, for example, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain etc., allow small pets to travel inside the cabin, paid for as extra hand luggage, but UK and Irish airlines do not? Since there is no more quarantine these days and the PETS Scheme applies to the UK and Ireland as well, this is obviously not because of health and safety issues, but surely comes down only to money and greed and not the welfare of our pets. We also see many German, Dutch, Belgian, Spanish etc. tourists taking their small dogs (and sometimes cats) on holiday with them, because it is affordable and simple to do with their airlines. There is NO reason whatsoever why UK/Irish airlines cannot do the same.  Pet Owners and Pet Lovers on the island of Lanzarote, the UK, Ireland and elsewhere in Europe demand that changes are made in the way that small pets are transported flying from other European countries to and from the UK and Ireland. This petition does not only stand for Lanzarote, but all other destinations in Europe from where you can not take your pet inside the cabin to fly to the UK and Ireland and have to pay ridiculous prices for pets travelling as cargo. **Haz clic aquí para la Traducción Español de esta solicitud **

Barbarella Buchner
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Petition to UK Parliament, Local Politicians, Local mp

Include cats in the Road Traffic Act

According to statistics, nearly 1 in 2 UK households own a pet of some kind. Out of the 45% of the population who owns a pet, dogs make up 26% of that percentage, with cats taking second place with 18%.  For those of us in that 45%, one of the worst things that can happen is to lose our furry friend unexpectedly, and especially to have something happen and never find out where they went, or what happened. Thankfully, for owners of certain animals, a person is legally required to report an accident that injures or kills any of the following: Dogs Cattle Goats Sheep Pigs Horses, mules and donkeys However, despite being the nations second most popular household pet, cats are not protected. Cats can be abandoned at the scene of an accident, with no repercussions for the driver. While no consequences are given to people who openly and honestly report the road death of any of the listed animals, reporting means that the owner can be informed and aren't left wondering and searching.  On the 24th of September 2018, I was left wondering and searching. I found my 1 year old cat, Milk, who was barely more than a kitten, sitting on the side of the road cold and stiff. She had been hit earlier in the day and left there. Someone had taken her collar off to make her look like a stray. If I hadn't found her, she would have been collected and put in with other dead "strays", a reality which happens far too frequently. This little cat was a huge part of my life, and my family's life. She was beautiful and she was loved, but now she was gone, and had been left alone in the cold for me to find. That is an image that will stay with me for the rest of my life. This was not, and is not okay. No animal should be left like Milk was. Not a dog, not a cow, and not a cat. They are as important as any other animal, and the consequences should be exactly the same. Cats are loved, and cherished and part of our families, just like any other animal. If cats were added to Road Traffic Act, people who don't report can face the deserved consequences, and more cats would be reported. More families will not have to wonder and worry, and more people will not have to face finding them like that themselves.  They deserve better. They deserve to be treated like any other animal.

Kate Murphy
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