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Petition to Francisco Javier, Proteccion Animal Ecuador, Ayuda en Accion

Ayudar mantener menos animales en la calle/Help keep animals off the streets

Mi nombre es Francisco Javier vivo en los Estados Unidos pero soy de Ecuador . Tengo un sueño de poder ver algún día en mi tierra que ya no exista animales en la calle en malas condiciones y muertos de hambres.  , amo los animales y he rescatado muchos animales callejeros que encontré en pésimas condiciones abandonados en las calles de mi ciudad. Quisiera hacer lo mismo por Ecuador. Por eso sueño con que en Poetovijeo exista un lugar para la protección animal o un santuario para ellos.A diario veo en nuestras calles perros, y gatos abandonados, desnutridos y en deplorables condiciones que parecen no importarle a nadie, ni siquiera a nuestras autoridades. A mi esto me da mucha pena y siento por ellos también tienen derecho a poder vivir vidas normales. Al fin de al cabo todos sabemos que son los amigos más fieles a nosotros y que nunca nos abandona como nuestra propia humanidad lo hace sea familia , amistad or pareja ...Ellos siempre están ahí  Ciudades como Quito y Guayaquil cuentan con lugares como el PAE (Protección Animal Ecuador) en el cual se pueden atender a esta población tan indefensa. ¿Por qué Manabi no puede brindar atención a los animales callejeros?Para mi es fundamental que nuestras autoridades logren crear un lugar para la atención y recuperación de nuestros animales. La idea es poder rescatar a los animales callejeros, recuperarlos y darlos en donación a familias a quien los ame y les de el cariño que se merecen.Así, que pido por favor firmen y compartan esta petición para que miles de ecuatorianos y americanos pidamos a nuestras autoridades que escuchen nuestro pedido de proteger a los más indefensos, nuestros animales/amigos  —————————————————————-ENGLISH TRANSLATION—— It's time to take action on animal rights. Around the world, animals are subjected to cruelty and denied even the most basic considerations. The same rights that we believe to be unalienable for humans should be protected for animals as well. And it is up to us to make it happen.In my hometown of Ecuador I am dedicating to help stop end this . Every animal, from the smallest mouse to the largest elephant, has value and the right to a long, happy, healthy life free of suffering. Every living creature deserves to have its basic needs met -- adequate food and water and comfortable living conditions. But most of all, every animal deserves a life protected from inhumane treatment and suffering. It is time to stand together, advocate for animal rights, and make our voices heard. All im asking is for a signature to help this petition get started and if possible a comment indicating why you support the cause. We can start small but eventually hit the masses and hopefully someday have this message spread across the world and finally give the animals the caring they so rightfully deserve. I am just one person speaking out but if we unite we can make an impact not just in the world but for the animals. Please please please support the cause for a greater future for them I truly appreciate it and they would too. Thank you 

Francisco Javier
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Petition to Kia South Africa, Kia Espana, Kia Group, Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), Ban Ki-moon, Kia Turkey, Kia Ireland, Kia USA, Kia Motors Global, Kia Canada, Kia Malaysia, Kia LPGA Classic, Kia Chile, Geun-Hye Park, Jae-In Moon, Joon Oh, Cheol-Soo Ahn, Moo-Sung Kim, Jong-In Kim, Ui-Hwa Chung, Kyo-Ahn Hwang, Byung-Se Yun, Dong-Phil Lee, Seung Chung, Hyung-Pyo Moon, Seong-Kyu Yun, Won-Sop Shin, Jong-Deok Kim, Young-Guk Park, Ho-Young Ahn

Kia: Help us to end the abhorrent cruelty and suffering of cats and dogs in your country!

To the Kia Group,  Your management philosophy talks about ‘practicing humanity’; humanity - or human qualities.  Surely the greatest human quality must be compassion, not just for people we know, or who work for us, but for all living creatures within our care or society.  Your company originates from South Korea, and therefore your company represents a country which chooses to ignore compassion and which, in fact, promotes human behaviour which has no ‘quality’, no ‘degree of excellence’; human behaviour which is unacceptable, immoral, and shocking: we refer to the endemic and brutal practices that are unashamedly being carried out in your home country, within all parts of the dog and cat meat trade. South Korea is the only country in the world which commercially farms cats and dogs to supply the nation’s demand; and the brutalization of these helpless animals is appalling, and the suffering which they experience is immense. Within the thousands of farms, ranging in size from small, backyard enterprises to huge concerns, every year many millions of animals are bred and reared, and kept in completely inhumane and pitiful conditions: with dogs being raised in small, filthy, barren cages, with no reprieve from hunger or fear.  They endure all of this before they are finally condemned to hideous deaths, by horrendous and deliberately prolonged methods of slaughter - all of which are illegal, and completely unacceptable by any measure of humanity. We know that dedicated, caring people in South Korea have been asking their Government to ban this atrocity for many years, but the Government has yet to take a leadership role in this matter; and it is hard to believe, in the twenty-first century, that a civilized nation such as South Korea, which is one of the major economic world powers, and also boasts one of the highest educational levels in the world, is still committing this type of unnecessary and despicable cruelty. The dog meat trade is a two billion dollar industry, but South Korea could stand to lose considerably more in terms of export revenue, goodwill and its positive image within the international community if this appalling industry is not stopped; and if South Korea wants to join civilized nations around the world, and be respected as a nation of conscience, then it needs to strengthen and, importantly, enforce its animal protection laws.  Kia is the oldest motor manufacturer in Korea, it produces millions of vehicles around the world and is a billion dollar industry - it has the power to change this tragic and cruel situation; and we are surprised that a business with so much power, influence and money, is not already doing something about this abhorrence.  It is shameful. As with other Korean companies, Kia relies heavily on the export market, but many people across the globe, because of their great love for dogs, will either continue, or decline, to support your corporation depending on how you now decide to act with regards to the animal rights and welfare issues in your country.  Do you want your product image to suffer? Furthermore, your Company is a sponsor of the NBA; but what good is spending millions of dollars on promoting your company’s name through such branding, when the dog meat trade in your country is doing much to damage your corporate image.  Surely Kia’s corporate dollars should, in the first instance, be spent on helping end the appalling dog meat industry? That would make better economic sense. As a representative company of your country, you have a moral duty to be proactive in this matter.  We implore you to “tackle this challenge head on” and so live up to your claim that you “strive to become a respected global corporate citizen”. With the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, the eyes of the world will be on Korea; now is the time to take action: South Korea has to permanently ban the consumption of dog and cat meat.  Kia, make the decision, today, to do what is right “for a better future”; a more compassionate future for your country, and one that South Koreans will be proud to be part of: you must urge the South Korean Government to put an end to the dog and cat meat trade once and for all.

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