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Stop facebook allowing puppy mills/backyard breeders selling in facebook groups

There are so many dogs and cats already unwanted roaming the streets rescue groups & RSPCA are overflowing with most tragically being euthanized. Backyard breeders not only add to the problem these poor animals have a very unfortunate start in life often living in filthy cages never to have the privilege of their paws touching grass, laying in the sunshine exercise, play, and sufficient positive human contact which help a puppy become well-adjusted. They breed purely for profit and not demand for the breed. They are selling without registration, microchips, or immunized. The animals USED to breed live a life of TORTURE and MISERY and are made to have litter after litter. Uncontrolled breeding and overpopulation inevitably leads to the euthanasia of unwanted animals. When breeding is carried out on a large scale and where conditions are poor the term puppy farm or mill is used. What distinguishes backyard breeders from responsible breeders? The standards that the breeder meets and whether there is a known demand for puppies before they are bred.Responsible registered breeders personally screen and select homes for their puppies, advise people on caring for the breed, turn away people whose lifestyle, commitment or home situation does not fit the breed.    THERE ARE MANY GROUPS THAT ARE ENTIRELY CREATED AND USED TO BUY AND SELL ANIMALS!! THESE GROUPS ARE ALSO USED FOR DOG FIGHTING RINGS TO SCAN AND PICK UP FREE DOGS TO USE AS BAIT TO TRAIN THEIR FIGHTING DOGS!!   THIS IS HAPPENING ON FACEBOOK WORLDWIDE ! STOP FACEBOOK CONTRIBUTING TO THE HORROR AND ANIMAL CRUELTY PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION <3                                                                             

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