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Petition to Facebook

Stop facebook allowing puppy mills/backyard breeders selling in facebook groups

There are so many dogs and cats already unwanted roaming the streets rescue groups & RSPCA are overflowing with most tragically being euthanised. Backyard breeders not only add to the problem these poor animals have a very unfortunate start in life often living in filthy cages never to have the privilege of their paws touching grass, laying in the sunshine exercise, play, and sufficient positive human contact which help a puppy become well-adjusted. They breed purely for profit and not demand for the breed. They are selling without registration, microchips, or immunised. The animals USED to breed live a life of TORTURE and MISERY and are made to have litter after litter. Uncontrolled breeding and overpopulation inevitably leads to the euthanasia of unwanted animals. When breeding is carried out on a large scale and where conditions are poor the term puppy farm or mill is used. What distinguishes backyard breeders from responsible breeders? The standards that the breeder meets and whether there is a known demand for puppies before they are bred.Responsible registered breeders personally screen and select homes for their puppies, advise people on caring for the breed, turn away people whose lifestyle, commitment or home situation does not fit the breed.    THERE ARE MANY GROUPS THAT ARE ENTIRELY CREATED AND USED TO BUY AND SELL ANIMALS!! THESE GROUPS ARE ALSO USED FOR DOG FIGHTING RINGS TO SCAN AND PICK UP FREE DOGS TO USE AS BAIT TO TRAIN THEIR FIGHTING DOGS!!   THIS IS HAPPENING ON FACEBOOK WORLDWIDE ! STOP FACEBOOK CONTRIBUTING TO THE HORROR AND ANIMAL CRUELTY PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION <3                                                                      

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Petition to Singleton Council, General Manager Jason Linnane

New Council Pound for Singleton

There are deep concerns for the impounded pets at the Singleton Council Dog Pound. The Singleton Dog Pound is an old building that is exposed to the elements from the front. This present animal shelter was only ever meant to be a temporary facility. This place is very cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer. There are 6 pen areas for the Dogs which are open to the cold winds and rain that can come through via the open front of the building. There is one dedicated isolation pen, and a cattery area which is enclosed.                                      _______________ At a meeting in 2016 local Advocates presented to Council and asked for : 1/ a barrier to stop the wind and rain from entering the front of the exposed building. 2/ allowing pets to be adopted straight from the Pound. 3/ allowing volunteers to help out and assist the Ranger.                                    _____________________ On June 14th 2017 a Singleton Councillor made a statement over social media .. " Just wanted to give you all an update.I have not had any luck with convincing anyone to spend money on some sort of barrier against wind and cold at the old pound. I am still pushing for our new animal shelter including some extras and have been guaranteed a proposal will come to council in September 2017.As far as re homing animals directly from the pound.I have been told that will not happen. A process/ procedure will be implemented shortly for the re homing of animals from another site that is registered. When people enquire they will be sent to the appropriate site.Sorry I haven't any better news."                                     ___________________ In July 2016 the General Manager Mr J Linnane was quick to commit to immediately improving the conditions endured by impounded animals in Singleton. Mr Linanne stated in 2016 that he "is determined to upgrade the facility to improve conditions in the short-term, and he did not rule out “outsourcing” the service in the future".. It's now June 2017, nearly one year on and still nothing has been actioned. Story link:                                ______________________ So - as you can clearly see from the Councillors update on June 14th 2017 the SINGLETON COUNCIL are not planning to help the pound animals anytime soon.. Singleton Council will vote on Monday June 19th 2017 night on a recommendation to increase the annual Mayoral fee by 70 per cent from the current $24,630 to $42,120.At the same time as Mayor Sue Moore will enjoy a pay rise Councillors will also see their fees increase from $11,290/year to $19,310. And yet they can't even buy some ❌ TARP ❌ to place across the front of the shelter so the animals are free from the COLD wind and rain :( All offers of help have fallen on deaf ears so far... Disgusting effort Singleton Council. Please sign and share.
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