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Petition to Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, Archbishop José H. Gomez, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan

Justice For The Victims In The Current Scandal Within The Catholic Church

There is a disease within the ranks of the Catholic Clergy, a kabal that must be amputated from the body of clergy. This kabal has taken part in, abetted or remained complacent in the violation of the innocence of its faithful, both children and adults, as well as its seminarians.  We would like the Church to cooperate with the Justice System and its laity to provide adequate investigation into all allegations of clerical misconduct and to purge through laicization these broods of vipers who taint not just the Catholic community, but the ecumenical and entire community of the universal church regardless of denomination.  To the ordained authority of the Catholic Church who represent the ecumenical line of succession passed down by Christ, through the apostles and the generations following by rite, specifically in the United States: The 6 Cardinals Currently Lead US Archdioceses; Cardinal Blase J. Cupich - Chicago, Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo - Galveston-Houston, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan - New York, Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley - Boston, Cardinal Joseph William Tobin, CSsR - Newark, as well as Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl - Washington, The 4 US Cardinals Are Not Currently Diocesan Bishops; Cardinal Raymond L. Burke - Patron of the Order of Malta, Cardinal Kevin J. Farrell - Prefect of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, Family, and Life, Cardinal James M. Harvey - Archpriest of the Basilica of St Paul Outside-the-Walls, as well as Cardinal Edwin F. O’Brien - Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, The 6 US Cardinals Are Retired; Cardinal William J. Levada - Prefect Emeritus, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Roger M. Mahony - Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles, Cardinal Adam J. Maida - Archbishop Emeritus of Detroit, Cardinal Justin F. Rigali - Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia, as well as Cardinal James F. Stafford - Major Penitentiary Emeritus, The Active Bishops; the 6 Cardinal Archbishops, the 29 Archbishops, the 162 Diocesan Bishops, as well as the 74 Auxiliary Bishops, The Retired Bishops; the 7 retired Cardinal Archbishops, the 28 retired Archbishops, the 108 retired Diocesan Bishops, the 42 retired Auxiliary Bishops, the 145 Latin Catholic dioceses, the 33 Latin Catholic archdioceses, the 16 Eastern Catholic dioceses, the 2 Eastern Catholic archdioceses, as well as the 1 Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter, The Eastern Rite Eparchies; St Thomas Syro-Malabar Diocese of Chicago (Illinois), Eparchy of St George in Canton for the Romanians (Ohio), Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Stamford (Connecticut), Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Passaic (New Jersey), Holy Protection of Mary Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Phoenix (Arizona), Eparchy of Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic Diocese in the US (New Jersey), Chaldean Eparchy of St Thomas the Apostle of Detroit (Michigan), Chaldean Eparchy of St Peter the Apostle, San Diego (California), Eparchy of Parma, Ohio (Ruthenian), Eparchy of St Maron of Brooklyn (New York), Eparchy of Our Lady of Nareg in New York of Armenian Catholics, Eparchy of Newton, Our Lady of the Annunciation, Boston (Melkite Greek) (Massachusetts), Eparchy of St Nicholas in Chicago for Ukrainians (Illinois), Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon (Maronite), Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of St Josaphat, Parma (Ohio),  as well as St. Mary, Queen of Peace Syro-Malankara Catholic Eparchy in the USA and Canada (New York), The Eastern Rite Archeparchies; Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) as well as Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), The Archdioceses in the US; Archdiocese of Anchorage (Alaska), Archdiocese of Atlanta (Georgia), Archdiocese of Baltimore (Maryland), Archdiocese of Boston (Massachusetts), Archdiocese of Chicago (Illinois), Archdiocese of Cincinnati (Ohio), Archdiocese of Denver (Colorado), Archdiocese of Detroit (Michigan), Archdiocese of Dubuque (Iowa), Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston (Texas), Archdiocese of Indianapolis (Indiana), Archdiocese of Hartford (Connecticut), Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, Archdiocese of Los Angeles (California), Archdiocese of Louisville (Kentucky), Archdiocese of Miami (Florida), Archdiocese of Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Archdiocese of Mobile (Alabama), Archdiocese of New Orleans (Louisiana), Archdiocese of New York (New York), Archdiocese of Newark (New Jersey), Archdiocese of Oklahoma City (Oklahoma), Archdiocese of Omaha (Nebraska), Archdiocese of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon, Archdiocese of San Antonio (Texas), Archdiocese of San Francisco (California), Archdiocese of Santa Fe (New Mexico), Archdiocese of Seattle (Washington), Archdiocese of St Louis(Missouri), Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis (Minnesota), Archdiocese of the Military Services (District of Columbia), as well as the Archdiocese of Washington (District of Columbia), The Dioceses in the US; Diocese of Albany (New York), Diocese of Alexandria (Louisiana), Diocese of Allentown (Pennsylvania), Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown (Pennsylvania), Diocese of Amarillo (Texas), Diocese of Arlington (Virginia), Diocese of Austin (Texas), Diocese of Baker (Oregon), Diocese of Baton Rouge (Louisiana), Diocese of Beaumont (Texas), Diocese of Belleville (Illinois), Diocese of Biloxi (Mississippi), Diocese of Birmingham (Alabama), Diocese of Bismarck (North Dakota), Diocese of Boise (Idaho), Diocese of Bridgeport (Connecticut), Diocese of Brooklyn (New York), Diocese of Brownsville (Texas), Diocese of Buffalo (New York), Diocese of Burlington (Vermont), Diocese of Camden (New Jersey), Diocese of Charleston (South Carolina), Diocese of Charlotte (North Carolina), Diocese of Cheyenne (Wyoming), Diocese of Cleveland (Ohio), Diocese of Colorado Springs (Colorado), Diocese of Columbus (Ohio), Diocese of Corpus Christi (Texas), Diocese of Covington (Kentucky), Diocese of Crookston (Minnesota), Diocese of Dallas (Texas), Diocese of Davenport (Iowa), Diocese of Des Moines (Iowa), Diocese of Dodge City (Kansas), Diocese of Duluth (Minnesota), Diocese of El Paso (Texas), Diocese of Erie (Pennsylvania), Diocese of Evansville (Indiana), Diocese of Fairbanks (Alaska), Diocese of Fall River (Massachusetts), Diocese of Fargo (North Dakota), Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend (Indiana), Diocese of Fort Worth (Texas), Diocese of Fresno (California), Diocese of Gallup (New Mexico), Diocese of Gary (Indiana), Diocese of Gaylord (Michigan), Diocese of Grand Island (Nebraska), Diocese of Grand Rapids (Michigan), Diocese of Great Falls-Billings (Montana), Diocese of Green Bay (Wisconsin), Diocese of Greensburg (Pennsylvania), Diocese of Harrisburg (Pennsylvania), Diocese of Helena (Montana), Diocese of Honolulu (Hawaii), Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux (Louisiana), Diocese of Jackson (Mississippi), Diocese of Jefferson City (Missouri), Diocese of Joliet (Illinois), Diocese of Juneau (Alaska), Diocese of Kalamazoo (Michigan), Diocese of Kansas City - St Joseph (Missouri), Diocese of Knoxville (Tennessee), Diocese of La Crosse (Wisconsin), Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana, Diocese of Lafayette in Louisiana, Diocese of Lake Charles (Louisiana), Diocese of Lansing (Michigan), Diocese of Laredo (Texas), Diocese of Las Cruces (New Mexico), Diocese of Las Vegas (Nevada), Diocese of Lexington (Kentucky), Diocese of Lincoln (Nebraska), Diocese of Little Rock (Arkansas), Diocese of Lubbock (Texas), Diocese of Madison (Wisconsin), Diocese of Manchester (New Hampshire), Diocese of Marquette (Michigan), Diocese of Memphis (Tennessee), Diocese of Metuchen (New Jersey), Diocese of Monterey (California), Diocese of Nashville (Tennessee), Diocese of New Ulm (Minnesota), Diocese of Norwich (Connecticut), Diocese of Oakland (California), Diocese of Ogdensburg (New York), Diocese of Orange (California), Diocese of Orlando (Florida), Diocese of Owensboro (Kentucky), Diocese of Palm Beach (Florida), Diocese of Paterson (New Jersey), Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee (Florida), Diocese of Peoria (Illinois), Diocese of Phoenix (Arizona), Diocese of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Diocese of Portland in Maine, Diocese of Providence (Rhode Island), Diocese of Pueblo (Colorado), Diocese of Raleigh (North Carolina), Diocese of Rapid City (South Dakota), Diocese of Reno (Nevada), Diocese of Richmond (Virginia), Diocese of Rochester (New York), Diocese of Rockford (Illinois), Diocese of Rockville Centre (New York), Diocese of Sacramento (California), Diocese of Saginaw (Michigan), Diocese of Salina (Kansas), Diocese of Salt Lake City (Utah), Diocese of San Angelo (Texas), Diocese of San Bernardino (California), Diocese of San Diego (California), Diocese of San Jose (California), Diocese of Santa Rosa (California), Diocese of Savannah (Georgia), Diocese of Scranton (Pennsylvania), Diocese of Shreveport (Louisiana), Diocese of Sioux City (Iowa), Diocese of Sioux Falls (South Dakota), Diocese of Spokane (Washington), Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, Diocese of Springfield in Massachusetts, Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau (Missouri), Diocese of St Augustine (Florida), Diocese of St Cloud (Minnesota), Diocese of St Petersburg (Florida), Diocese of St Thomas, VI (Virgin Islands), Diocese of Steubenville (Ohio), Diocese of Stockton (California), Diocese of Superior (Wisconsin), Diocese of Syracuse (New York), Diocese of Toledo (Ohio), Diocese of Trenton (New Jersey), Diocese of Tucson (Tucson), Diocese of Tulsa (Oklahoma), Diocese of Tyler (Texas), Diocese of Venice (Florida), Diocese of Victoria (Texas), Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston (West Virginia), Diocese of Wichita (Kansas), Diocese of Wilmington (Delaware), Diocese of Winona (Minnesota), Diocese of Worcester (Massachusetts), Diocese of Yakima (Washington) and the Diocese of Youngstown (Ohio), We, the ecumenical faithful of the universal church, request the cardinal virtue of justice for the seminarians, children and others who have been abused, molested, sexually assaulted and raped by those placed in ecclesial authority over them. We request that the USCCB set the example globally by setting the tone for the pursuit of justice within the Catholic Church in the United States and its territories. We request full state and federal cooperation with law enforcement to investigate any allegation of such injustices allegedly committed at the hands of our ordained leaders as well as those who may have abetted in such instances, covered up such instances or remained complacent in such instances. We request that this cooperation with law enforcement be supplemented with investigation in every parish led by the laity. These investigations should be in cooperation with law enforcement whenever such cases be applicable. We request a purge of leadership within the Catholic Church of those found to be guilty of such crimes against the faithful and innocent. We request that any leadership found guilty either by the courts of man or the investigation of the church to be stripped of their positions through public and transparent laicization in accordance with canon law (CC 1583, CC 290-293). We request this to be done at every level of religious order, from brothers and sisters to the Bishop of Rome, if allegations of these crimes, abetting or complacency prove true. We cite in pursuit of these actions the following catechetical paragraphs: On Virtue - 1804-1811, especially 1807, and On Sexual Morality - 2331-2359. We would also cite Presbyterorum Ordinis, CC 277 and the entirety of the Theology of the Body Homilies as presented by Saint Pope John Paul II. In order to provide an example of righteous anger from Christ Himself, we cite Matthew 21:12-17, Mark 11:15-19, Luke 19:45-48 and John 2:13-16. Given Christ’s reaction to matters lesser than those present in the current scandal, we believe justice should be handled proportionately since those involved in these matters are no less than the “brood of vipers” Christ encountered in His time. We request justice in these matters. Sincerely, The ecumenical body that comprises the universal church,

Daniel McKenzie
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Petition to To all Catholic Bishops, Pope Francis, Cardinal Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, S.I., United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

A Call for Justice and Accountability in the Catholic Church

Formal Petition  We, the lay faithful of the Catholic Church, in accordance with Canon Law (Can 229), present the following petition to the Church Hierarchy.  We request swift action against clergy suspected of abuse and those willfully covering up abuse. We request the formation of investigative panels in each Archdiocese and at the Vatican. We request the establishment of confidential means to report abuse and illicit behavior. We request total compliance with standing Church policy regarding candidates for the priesthood.  Acts of sexual abuse and coercion by members of the clergy are reprehensible. Those who enable abusers and cover-up their crimes, against both secular and moral laws, are complicit in the evil. We specifically speak of the documented clerical sexual abuse of minors, homosexual coercion and relationships between members of the clergy and the resulting cover-up by some members of the Hierarchy.  We recognize the good and faithful service of most of the clergy and the Church Hierarchy. Sadly, it seems their efforts to confront this evil within their ranks is a war being waged without obvious success and due process. We desire to publicly join their ranks and enter the battle to bring about justice for the abused and due process for the abusers.  To that end, we, the lay faithful, who believe in the truth and beauty of our Catholic faith and commit ourselves to living its principles, humbly present the universal Church Hierarchy with this petition.  Explanatory Section  The ongoing abuse, illicit homosexual behavior and its resulting trauma on the abused are, in themselves, reason enough for this petition. Added to this is the ongoing scandalous behavior by some members of the clergy/Hierarchy and the Church’s inability to resolutely address the core issues of this crisis which has resulted in a great loss of trust in our Church fathers, the shepherds of Christ’s flock.  We request swift action against clergy suspected of abuse and those willfully covering up abuse. We request that any member of the ordained clergy who is suspected of the sexual abuse of minors be turned over to civil authorities. Those involved in illicit relationships (homosexual or heterosexual) or involved in any cover-up of such activities should be immediately removed from their current position, and if found guilty, be laicized. Dioceses should openly inform the laity of all such cases and credible accusations.  We request the formation of investigative panels in each Archdiocese and at the Vatican. We request that each Archdiocese establish a joint panel to initiate investigations regarding claims of child sexual abuse, illicit behavior and any cover-up. At a minimum, each panel should consist of members of the laity, clergy, law enforcement, legal profession and child protective services. A joint panel at an Archdiocese can ensure each Diocese, within its ecclesiastical province, is investigating all claims of child sexual abuse and any coercion and intimidation against anyone by a person of authority.  We request the establishment of confidential means to report abuse and illicit behavior. We request that a hotline, secure web address and confidential mailing address be established for each Archdiocesan panel and that these means of contact be disseminated to every parishioner throughout every Archdiocese. Similar means of contact should be established for use by the clergy or members of the Hierarchy to report abuse by other members of the Hierarchy to a similarly established Vatican panel.  We request total compliance with standing Church policy regarding candidates for the priesthood. We request that every means available be exercised in the screening of candidates for the priesthood. The goal is to fully enforce current Church policy as stated in the Instruction Concerning the Criteria for the Discernment of Vocations with regard to Persons with Homosexual Tendencies in view of their Admission to the Seminary and to Holy Orders. This instruction states, “…that the Church, while profoundly respecting the persons in question, cannot admit to the seminary or to holy orders those who practise homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called ‘gay culture.’ Conclusion  Trust is a priceless treasure, easily lost and rarely regained. As a people full of hope, we strongly desire to participate in its re-establishment even though doing so will entail pain and sacrifice especially, and justly, on the part of those who caused trust to be lost. We commit ourselves to prayer and fasting, resolutely living our faith and seeking the sacraments, no matter what storms rage around us.

Tim Hennelly
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Petition to Bishop Richard J. Malone, Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley, Most Rev. Christophe Pierre, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, His Holiness Pope Francis

Request the Resignation of Bishop Richard J. Malone

We request the immediate resignation of Bishop Richard J. Malone as Bishop of the Diocese of Buffalo, NY. Just as clergy must resign when found guilty of sexual crimes and sins perpetrated under the guise of holiness and authority so must this Bishop resign for being a silent accomplice in these crimes and sins committed by clergy in the Diocese of Buffalo. By this Bishop's inaction, deceit, and indifference he has placed the youth - the very future of the Diocese of Buffalo - in grave danger of becoming the next dehumanizing statistic in the Church's sexual abuse and misconduct crisis. Though local politicians and business leaders have called for his resignation, this Bishop remains stubbornly indignant and seemingly unaware of his complete loss of credibility among the Catholics in the Diocese of Buffalo. His reputation has become irreparably tainted by his self-admitted involvement in aiding and abetting sexual predators. Until a more trust-worthy leader is chosen, the Diocese of Buffalo, and its surrounding community, will continue to suffer real spiritual, social, and financial damages. For these reasons, and to allow for the long process of recovery and rebuilding to begin, we request the immediate resignation of Bishop Richard J. Malone as Bishop of the Diocese of Buffalo, NY.

The People of the Diocese of Buffalo, NY
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