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Petition to Carl Anderson

Renew Support for the Columbian Squires program and allow new Circles to be chartered

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson is no longer allowing new Columbian Squires Circles to be chartered or reactivated. He has also encouraged local Knights of Columbus Councils to support Church youth groups instead of supporting Squires programs. While many Councils already do this, what seems to be missing the reason why the Columbian Squires program exists to begin with... training young Catholic men to be LEADERS in the Catholic Church! While youth groups in Churches are great for getting youth closer to Christ, they don't allow the kids to be LEADERS in the Church. While our Supreme Knight is anxious to get young men to join the Knights of Columbus, we neglect the very 'minor leagues' that trains young men to be Knights BEFORE they are 18 years old and eligible for membership. The Knights of Columbus has a very intensive Youth Protection Training program for its members (Praesideium's Armatus Safe Environment Program Training) under the Office of Youth Protection already in place. Also, many state councils also have any member of the Order that would interact with youth to take the youth protection program of the Diocese that they live. With these safeguards in place, this "...assures members and their families that we maintain a safe environment, protects members from awkward situations, misunderstandings, and appearances of impropriety, builds trust with arch/dioceses and parishes, and protects the good name of the Knights of Columbus."

Ray Bilyk
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Petition to His Holiness, Pope Francis, Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki, His Excellency Archbishop Christophe Pierre, Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, Dominique François Joseph Cardinal Mamberti, Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Cardinal Blase Joseph Cupich, His Eminence Daniel Nicholas Cardinal DiNardo, Most Reverend José H. Gomez, Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory, Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron

Remove Bishop Robert C. Morlino from Diocese of Madison, WI

Imagine burying a loved one who was denied funeral rites just because of who they loved. It’s a reality LGBTQ families and their loved ones are facing due to the actions of Bishop Robert C. Morlino.My family has a long history with the Madison, Wisconsin Diocese that Bishop Morlino now presides over. We were raised in the Roman Catholic tradition and were taught by our family priest that love is core of the Catholic faith. Since his arrival, Bishop Morlino has put bigotry and hatred front and center.Bishop Morlino has instructed priests to consider withholding funeral rites or exclude the partner of the deceased to minimize “risk of scandal or confusion.” This is not being directed by church leadership or being asked for by parishioners, but solely based on his own bigotry.Pope Francis is transforming the church to return to love and compassion where people like Bishop Morlino have tried to instill hatred and bigotry. It’s why I’m calling on His Holiness Pope Francis to remove Bishop Morlino.In these moments of grief, providing these sacred rites is not a scandal — it’s what is right. I can’t imagine losing someone and then being interrogated about their or my own sexuality.Trying to deny LGBTQ people burial rites is just the latest example of Bishop Morlino’s divisive behavior. He has ordered priests to call on parishioners to stand against same-sex marriage, instructed priests to avoid monasteries that disagree with his worldview, and tries to infuse his personal politics into the pulpit.Bishop Morlino’s 14 year pattern of hate and abusing his power has no place in the Madison Diocese, let alone the Catholic Church. I’m calling on His Holiness Pope Francis to remove Bishop Morlino. With your support, he will hear our voices and restore love to our community and send a message that hate has no place in the Catholic faith.Signed,Amelia Royko Maurer

Amelia Royko Maurer
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Petition to Pope Francis (Head of the Catholic Church), Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis Most Reverend Bernard A Hebda, Bishop of Portland ME Most Reverend Robert P. Deeley, Archbishop of San Francisco His Excellency the Most Reverend Salvatore J. Cordileone, Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Christophe Pierre

Defend and Support Bishop Robert C. Morlino

We are asking that His Holiness Pope Francis not remove Robert C. Morlino from his role as Bishop of the Madison Diocese. Bishop Morlino exerts a charitable and unifying influence over the Diocese through his loving attempts to guide his flock in the Holy Catholic Faith.  Furthermore, he is a conscientious father whose attitudes and opinions about the LGBTQI members of his Diocese reflect perfectly the teaching of the Catholic Church as infallibly reiterated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (#2357).  His love and guidance for poor sinners in his diocese, be they gay or straight, is a beautiful reflection of Christ’s admonition to love thy neighbor, as well as one of Christ’s Seven Spiritual Works of Mercy— “to admonish the sinner”.    He supports guidelines instructing his priests to conscientiously guide his flock in matters regarding what the Catholic Church considers public sins.  He loves his flock, especially sinners, to such an extent that he goes out of his way to help them remove themselves from lifestyles which are destructive and which the Catholic Church forbids, not out of hate or bigotry, but out of love. We are all sinners, but Bishop Morlino loves us all enough to remain undaunted by the tyrannical constraints of political correctness and to inform us exactly what the Church teaches we must do to save our immortal souls. In other words, Bishop Morlino is a good shepherd to his flock, who loves all his sheep equally the way Christ would have, and cares deeply for their immortal souls. Finally, it is apparent that Bishop Morlino has enough love in his heart and strength of character to be concerned for all souls in his diocese, even when such concern is met with hateful rhetoric against his person.  He’s fearless, and we believe the Church is greatly served by his faithful ministry.  Bishop Morlino’s 14-year pattern and practice of faithfully fulfilling the duties of his office has caused Madison, WI to become one of the most Catholic dioceses in the country. It is for this reason that we are asking his Holiness Pope Francis to ignore the hateful demands of a small group of angry activists who flagrantly and publicly despise the Church’s teachings to such an extent that they want Robert C. Morlino removed as Bishop of the Madison Diocese for faithfully defending said teachings.  We thank God for Bishop Morlino.

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Petition to His Eminence, Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer

Pope Francis: Give Ahiara Diocese Justice - a "Pastor close to the people"

In 1987, Ahiara diocese, a rural enclave was created. An indigenous bishop was consecrated. Together with thousands of poor subsistence farmers, petty traders, teachers, etc., and a handful of priests, Late Bishop Victor Chikwe built a vibrant church in Mbaise. Over 20 years later, the Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA) would adjudge the diocese as the most efficient and most organized diocese in Nigeria. It was also adjudged the most organized and performs the best liturgical ceremonies in Owerri Province. Vocations grew exponentially - 700 indigenous priests, 1000 indigenous religious (50% has at least one doctorate while 25% has at least two doctorate degrees). The church also grew - 73 Parishes, 600,000 Catholics at home, 400,000 Catholics abroad. Ahiara diocese created an internship program that hosted representatives of other dioceses in Nigeria to understudy the efficiency and organization that set the Diocese apart. Our resilient Presbyterium understands the "parts", "mechanism", "coupling procedures" and general mechanics of the engine of Ahiara diocese. Our priests diligently thought others and partook in running, maintaining and troubleshooting this machine. The laity follows this Presbyterium because the sheep know the voice of a Shepherd and follow the Shepherd (Parable of the Good Shepherd: John 10:4). But 7 years ago, death robbed us of Bishop V A Chikwe. It threw us all into mourning. The seat of the Bishop is open. We waited on the Lord for another "pastor close to us" to "enter by the door into the fold of the sheep"... for "he who enters by the door is a Shepherd of the sheep." We trusted Mother Church - because the Holy Catholic Church is a Church of Laws. A few years later, someone "climbs up some other way" and the sheep "flee from him, because they do not know the voice of strangers."(John 10: 5) The Catholic Encyclopedia insists that the Canon law "is the body of laws and regulations made by or adopted by ecclesiastical authority, for the government of the Christian organization and its members. . . and has for its object the well-being of souls in the society divinely established by Jesus Christ". On this matter, the canon law insists that "at least every three years, the Bishops of an ecclesiastical province or, if circumstances suggest it, of an Episcopal Conference, are to draw up, by common accord and in secret, a list of priests, even of members of institutes of consecrated life, who are suitable for the episcopate; they are to send this list to the Apostolic See. This is without prejudice to the right of every Bishop individually to make known to the Apostolic See the names of priests whom he thinks are worthy and suitable for the episcopal office". (Can. 377: §2). The words "WORTHY" and "SUITABLE" stand out. Unfortunately, they are lacking in the selection of Bishop Peter Okpalaeke for Ahiara diocese. Over a period of 22 years, Late Bishop Victor Chikwe secretly sent 21 names to the Vatican for possible episcopal office should he suddenly die. He thought that those individuals were worthy and suitable. He built the diocese with them and created the most efficient and most organized diocese in Nigeria. What else was lacking on this team? Why throw in a log in the wheels of this progress? By dropping the list transmitted by Late Bishop Chikwe, and picking Fr. Okpalaeke from Awka diocese, "morality, convenience and safety" have been compromised. Awka diocese has insisted on a disturbing pattern of grabbing episcopal positions all over Southeastern Nigeria and beyond - seven bishops already. We know that the Holy Spirit is courageously just! The fallout of this crisis is that in the last 5 years, children have been starved of the sacrament of confirmation, and seminarians have been denied ordinations by our  Apostolic Administrator. We believe that these spiritual tools should never be used as "tools of war" in the Church of the Living God! To insist that no one among the 700 priests in Ahiara Presbyterium is "suitable and worthy" to be bishop amounts to bearing a false witness. It defies logic. It cannot represent justice, equity, and good conscience. We consider it repugnant. As a result, the faith of thousands of people in Ahiara diocese now rests in your hands. Like the Widow and the Unjust Judge, We say: "Give us Justice". We must submit that a  unique and monolithic community of a million Catholics deserve a say in deciding who must receive their collective personal spiritual sovereignty. We urge you, and urgently too, to give us a Shepherd that "comes in by the door"; a Shepherd that knows our voice; a Pastor close to us; and, a pastor from the Presbyterium of Ahiara diocese. The flock of the Highest God will scatter should someone- "a stranger" comes in by the window. The flock will flee and scatter. Let it not be in your own time. God be with you. Amen!  

Ahiara Diocese World-Wide Laity Council
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