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Petition to The Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger

We want Tamar "Slay That Vocal" Braxton to play Calliope in the live action Hercules!!

Disney has been actively turning their animated classics into live-action films. Hercules is certainly up next. As a passionate Disney fan, film buff and aspiring screenwriter... it is extremely important to me that they get the casting for this particular film RIGHT. The Muses in particular. As a young black woman, the Muses in the movie Hercules were an amazing example of talent, class, humor and beauty. Black women were barely represented in animation at the time and representation DOES matter. The Muses were the epitome of what a "Strong Black Woman" is... it is important to me that the casting is done well for this film. I've talked this over with a lot of my friends, all of whom have backgrounds in entertainment (music, production, etc). We all are in agreement that Tamar Braxton should play the lead muse, Calliope if a love action film should take place... it also wouldn't hurt if her sisters played the other Muses. Tamar is funny, talented and is more than capable of capturing the SASS that character has!! Fan opinion does have value and hold weight... I need Disney to get this RIGHT!!! Hercules is a meaningful movie and a great story about overcoming obstacles, conquering monsters, etc.... but let's be real... The Muses set the tone, The Muses were often the comic relief and pacesetters.... The Muses were the REAL stars of that film. Disney.... we need you to not mess this up. I wanted to start this petition NOW so that you could get it right. 

Indya Wright
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