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Petition to Warner Brothers, Y'all, Paul Rugg, Bruce Timm, Steven Spielberg, Tom Reugger, Amblin Entertainment


ON SEPTEMBER 9TH, 1995 A SHOW WAS BORN, OR AS THE BIBLE PUTS IT "In the beginning, there was light."  That light, my dear friends, was "Freakazoid." A show about a GOOFY computer virus stealing the body of a 17 year old incel named Dexter Douglas and using him as a vessel to FIGHT CRIME in, to put it bluntly. This whole scenario began by the said 17 year old being S U C K E D into cyberspace after his FAT cat "asdfghjkl'd" all over the keyboard. Even the cat somehow knew Dexter needed a friend other than his pillow with a picture of his crush taped to it The poor boy... Where was i going with this? Oh, right- THE SHOW WAS MEANT TO BE DARKER, BATMAN-ESQUE, LIKE BRUCE TIMM (and Paul Dini)HAD FIRST ENVISIONED IT, UNTIL STEVEN SPIELBERG SLID IN AND SAID "lets make it like animaniacs!" (Which wasnt all that bad of a decision mind you~)AND THEN KIDS WB SLID IN AFTER HIM AND SAID "and then lets market it to 5 year olds!! Then lets mess up the time slots so that its even less desirable to watch!" THUS the show went off the air in 2 years. (although cartoon network showed reruns for a bit!) I reiterate, its N O T because the show sucked, but because the target audience wasn't watching it and a bunch of other factors were wacky. The show was mostly popular with older kids and adults (per the humor that children truly wouldn't understand) Not only this, but the show ITSELF was a big slew of messiness but NOW ☝️  Guys Now there's T I M E It can be tried again!  IT COULD BE RESURRECTED AND PERFECTED BUT ONLY IF YOU DEMAND IT! (As stated by Paul Rugg himself! SEE??) SO many plot holes SCATTER across this cartoon, and within the cult following it currently has, many have attempted to fill them. There's even been discussion of a comic series which would definitely delve DEEP into the BOWELS of this ENRICHING LORE, but who's got the resources for that? :'T MORE THAN THIS, the show has MEME POTENTIAL unlike anything thats been seen before! It was WAY ahead of its time! Imagine if it was pitched to the RIGHT audience this go around?? TEENS AND ADULTS!  I'M HERE FOR IT! Maybe if we're lucky, we might even get something more story based this time! More character development! AND WE CAN FINALLY FIND OUT WHAT DEXTER DOUGLAS THINKS OF HAVING HIS BODY SNATCHED BY A COMPUTER VIRUS, AND IF THE TWO OF THEM EVEN GET ALONG!  Could there be potential for a darker subplot here?  WE WILL NEVER KNOW UNLESS THERE IS DEMAND FOR THIS REBOOT!  Animaniacs is getting a reboot. Looney toons has gotten 8188493193938939392949483 reboots So why not freakazoid?? Hes a legitimate DC character, in the same universe as Batman and Superman and whoever else, he probably wanted to be in the Justice league but they beat him up and called him a loser :') LOOK, I JUST DONT SEE ANY REASON WHY THERE CANT BE A REBOOT. THE STARS AND PLANETS ARE ALIGNED, THE WEATHER IS RIGHT, THE TASTE IS SWEET, THINGS ARE BEING REBOOTED LEFT AND RIGHT, If things go well, if its done correctly, this cartoon could END ALL PAIN AND SUFFERING IN THE WORLD.  IT WILL END POVERTY IT WILL END HUNGER IT WILL END RACISM IT WILL CURE DEPRESSION AND CANCER JUST SIGN THE F**KING PETITION WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE? YOU CAN ONLY GAIN HERE! YOU CAN ONLY W I N! THIS COULD BE THE SHOW TO STAND OUT FROM THEM ALL!  HELP A BROTHER OUT AND SIGN THIS THING, YOU SHOULDA DONE IT YESTERDAY!  Please? Like literally, thats all we need here. No money, no anything, just signatures :') <3 H u g b e e s

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