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Petition to VUDPS & VUPD, David Tedjeske, Dennis E. Gallagher

Urge Villanova Public Safety to Install Extra Safety Measures in the I-1 Parking Garage

Over the past year and since the opening of the new Ithan I-1 Parking Garage, many accidents have happened. In the garage to be specific. These accidents are minor, but costly for college students like us. The traffic is horrible as well. Cars whip around the corners without even stopping or even looking. Some students are just waiting to get hit in their cars and are even scared to walk back to my car thinking that they might get hit as well. We want to suggest the possible installation of rounded reflection mirrors at each intersection and turn so that drivers can see other oncoming traffic. In addition, we are wondering if more security cameras can be installed to help with tracking down drivers who hit other cars and do a hit and run. Finally, we are wondering about electric cars. Electric cars pay an extra $50 to park in the garage. Most mornings when we are driving into the parking garage and have to park on the 5th floor due to the influx of cars, we see that both spots closest to the charging stations are taken by non-electric cars on all floors. There are students who drive an electric car and somedays they have nowhere to charge their car and their battery is run down to the point that they cannot make it home and so they have to leave their car overnight to charge and seek out a ride to school in the morning. There should be markings - either on the walls, the ground, or both - that state that that spot is reserved for an electric car. PLEASE sign this petition and show that you are as worried as we are about the situation in the garage!

Villanova University Students
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Petition to Gary Herbert, Rob Bishop, Jason Chaffetz, Mia Love, Chris Stewart, Orrin Hatch, Mike Lee

Make Illegal Tint a Secondary Offense in Utah

Why is dark tint illegal?Let me start by saying that I'm a person who completely agrees with enacting safety measures for our Police Officers. Whether you like them or not, their job is hard and extremely dangerous.The main reason that dark tint on the front windows and windshield is illegal is that it puts Police Officers in a more dangerous situation because they cannot see inside the vehicle. I offer two points listed below: A Police Officer approaches a vehicle during a traffic stop from the rear of a vehicle, which there are no laws that regulate tint. If darker tint is illegal because it puts a Police Officer in a more dangerous situation, pulling someone over solely for the reason of having darker tint does not make sense.   A Fair, Compromised Solution We petition the State of Utah to change it's laws regarding automobile tint as follows... Changing tint infractions to Secondary Offenses; you can no longer be pulled over just for having dark tint. The current limits still apply when being pulled over for other reasons. Changing tint infractions from Correctable Violations ("Fix-it tickets") to flat fines. When pulled over and given a tint ticket, you pay a fine. You are no longer required to remove the tint.   Benefits for Everyone Most, if not all, Utah Residents know that our State gets HOT during the summer. Darker tint has many benefits for Residents. Some of those benefits include reduced interior heat, less interior sun damage, increased privacy, increased safety from glare, and even lower chances of skin cancer due to reduced absorption of UV rays. Studies have shown that US Drivers have more skin cancer on the left side of their faces and Australian Drivers have more skin cancer on the right side of their faces. ( Changing the tint laws in the ways described above should also increase revenue from tint violations while reducing the time required when a tint violation is given out, as Police Officers or other Officials are no longer required to sign off on a Correctable Violation.   Ideas? Feedback? Support? Please leave any feedback, additional ideas, and support in the comments!  

Kamron Nelson
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