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Petition to Chrysler Group Customer Care

Dodge: Recall the 2005-2007 Hemi motors with the defect- Premature Dropping Valve Seats.

I have a 2005 Dodge Magnum that I take extremely good care of. My car has had all of it's regular maintenance. A month ago I stopped at the lube shop to have the fluids and air pressure checked on my car before I headed out of town. The only fluid that was topped off was my windshield wiper fluid. When I tried to start my car to leave, it would not start. I had my car towed to Dodge. Two days later I was informed by my service writer that I needed a new motor. Dodge told me that I dropped a #4 valve seat. The service manager told me that this problem was "really, really, really rare" and that only about "1 in a billion" this happens to. I am crushed. I went home and have been researching this issue in depth. This is not rare like Dodge claims. I have come across 100's of other Dodge owners with the same exact problem who are now left holding the bag. Something has to be done about this. Most of the vehicles this has happened to are already out of warranty. Dodge is aware of the faulty valve seats that are basically (for lack of a better term) glued in. There is absolutely no warning this is going to occur. My car never got hot, never smoked, never burned oil, never hesitated, never ran rough; it always happens when a car is being started and that is why it hasn't been recalled, because it is not considered a "safety" issue. Interestingly enough, the new models have the valve seats pressed and pinned in so this issue doesn't continue to occur. Recognizing that there was a flaw in the Hemi motor and re-engineering it to fix the issue is admitting there was a defect. Dodge needs to recall the 2005-2007 Hemi motors and address the dropping valve seats. This is not fair and Dodge knows it.

Nikki Curiale-Garrison
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Petition to Vincent Van Quickenborne, Axel Weydts

Save Cars and Coffee Kortrijk

On may 21st the first Cars and Coffee event in Belgium was held in the city centre of Kortrijk. Because of some noise issues and unsafe driving by a couple of people present, the Mayor of Kortrijk and the city councel have communicated that the organizer of the event will be held accountable and the event can no longer take place. While I do not condone unsafe driving or acts of car hooliganism on the road, I feel that this is a total overreaction on the city's authorities part and none of the reported issues are particulary hard to resolve. As a participant of this event, I'm thus saddened and dissapointed by their swift decision to ban this event. Being a non-profit initiative, Cars and Coffee Kortrijk is free of charge for both participants and visitors, making attendance accessible to anyone, unlike some other events that occupy the city centre and are based on pure commerce. Such selfless acts of initiative should be supported and encouraged in an inclusive society, not oppressed. The primary role and function of a city is to provide a public space where people can come together to participate in common activities. An event like Cars and Coffee brings a lot of people interested in cars to the center of Kortrijk, much to the benefit of local hotels, restaurants and pubs. So sign this petition when you were in Kortrijk on may the 21st 2017, enjoyed your time there while visiting the event, thought it was a laudable initiative and agree that this event should be allowed to continue in the future, given suitable precautions and adjustments for safety and well being for its attendees.

Fred Lotus
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