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Petition to Secretary of State for Transport

Prevent motor insurers from penalising drivers for non-fault accidents

Most young drivers will agree that the amount they are charged for their motor insurance is sometimes unfair, but what is even more unfair is being penalised for accidents that were not their fault. Being a young driver at 18, insurance is pricey as it is, but having been involved in two accidents (both non-fault) in just over a year of driving, it makes it even worse for me. Putting in some information on comparison sites like, generating 2 quotes that are identical apart from the sole fact that the second has these two accidents declared, the first quote comes cheapest at £1800, and the second at £4000. Insurers have told me that being involved in non-fault accidents make me a higher risk to insure, which in my opinion is unthinkably stupid and makes no sense whatsoever. I don’t understand why insurers can walk all over drivers that are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time at no fault of their own, the effects can even be worse for the driver not at fault compared to the one at fault that has to make a claim. I believe that something needs to be done to put this in order - motor insurance is a legal requirement for all drivers, so why should we be faced with no options other than to pay up ridiculous amounts or have to give up driving altogether even if it may be crucial for our education/work?

James Crawley
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Petition to UK Parliament

'Notifications' and 'Non-Fault Claims' must not increase YOUR policy premium

If your vehicle gets hit, when is not your fault, insurance companies will likely increase your premium, even if you don't make a claim.This happens just because you notified the insurer of the event, as you're legally obliged to do so.It means that honest drivers are paying on behalf of irresponsible and dangerous ones.It should be illegal to take into account, or even register, any notifications and non-fault claims for policy premium calculations.Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) should then records only "fault claims".This will protect YOUR premium against any accident where you are not responsible of. If you came across a dangerous driver, or your car has been victim of vandalism, or you simply had bad luck, you SHOULD NOT pay for this on your policy. References:

Rosario Cutuli
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