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Petition to JB Pritzker, Kwame Raoul, Jim Durkin

Action Alert: Illinois, Say "No" to toxic air.

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services (Federal agency) notified the village of Willowbrook on August 21st, 2018 that the company "Sterigenics" has been emitting a toxic gas called Ethylene Oxide. Sterigenics has been operating since 1984 at Willowbrook, IL locations.  “These elevated risks present a public health hazard to these populations, It is difficult to assess long-term public health implications from facility emissions because there has been no historical air monitoring in the community.” the report stated. The company is located in Willowbrook near many schools, and neighborhoods. Sterigenics International is located at 7775 S Quincy St, Willowbrook, IL 60527.  Ethylene oxide has been classified as a "carcinogenic(cancer-causing) to humans" by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2016, State of California 1987.  Effect on society: 1. Ethylene Oxide has been associated with breast cancer among women (US EPA 6 studies). 2. About 20,000 community members live around this facility and are directly impacted by this toxic gas (parts or all of Willowbrook, Hinsdale, Darien, Burr Ridge, 6 schools, 4 house of worships and 2 daycares) 3. Mild to moderate amount of chronic pollution of ethylene oxide is known to cause respiratory irritation and lung injury, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, an occurrence of cancer, reproductive effects, mutagenic changes, neurotoxicity, and sensitization. As a community, we care about our children's health and their future. What do we demand?:  -Complete shut down of Sterigenics, Willowbrook facility until we have a full understanding of the impact of "Ethylene Oxide" on the community for past 34 years. -Monitoring of air quality throughout Dupage County. This facility does not belong in the neighborhood. This facility maybe giving people cancer. Let's put people before profits. Let's set the correct example for the next generation. Everyone deserves clean air. Thank you, The People of The State of Illinois Source:

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Petition to The Honorable John Carney

Ban the use of all glyphosate based herbicides

Governor Carney Ban Glyphosate in Delaware! Glyphosate herbicides or Monsanto's RoundUp weed killer, the most widely used herbicide in history, has recently been proven to cause serious harm to life. Glyphosate has contaminated our planet, and is now found in our children's urine, mother's milk, our bloodstreams, and our food and water. In 2015 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization found that glyphosate “is a probable human carcinogen”.In July of 2017 the California State Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) added glyphosate to its prop 65 list of known carcinogens.In October of 2017, after over 1 million Europeans requested a ban, 72% of the Members of the European Parliament voted to BAN glyphosate and EU Member states have refused to renew the license.Sri Lanka and the Six Gulf States (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman) and Malta have banned glyphosate. Many others are in the process of doing so. France has banned glyphosate in public parks immediately and will phase out the use of glyphosate herbicides in agriculture and landscaping use over the next 5 years completely. We ask our great state of Delaware to protect our citizens as well. Glyphosate herbicides have also been found to be linked to various cancers specifically lymphoma, are endocrine disruptors, neurotoxic, and a cause of liver disease. Global studies show that we are routinely exposed to dangerous levels of glyphosate. Millions of citizens in Delaware come in contact with glyphosate daily. The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that our children are the most vulnerable to pesticides, we need to take action to protect the future of our state.  Over 1000 Americans are currently suing Monsanto, the manufacturer of glyphosate herbicides, for non Hodgkin Lymphoma. The Justice Department is investigating Monsanto for corruption, coverups, and collusion with the EPA in relation to the carcinogenic effects of glyphosate. Please join the Moms Across America, Organic Consumers Association, Institute for Responsible Technology, Thinking Moms Revolution, and thousands of others in ridding our state of glyphosate by signing the petition below: From Kelly A. Gillen To further support a Glyphosate Ban in Delaware contact

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