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Tell Congress: Pay for infrastructure. Protect our environment. Price carbon.

We badly need new infrastructure investment. Our roads, bridges, airports and water systems are deteriorating, and we need to invest in rural broadband. Our failure to make these investments threatens our safety and the U.S. economy. But the Trump administration’s plan to pay for all of this is widely dismissed as a non-starter. The White House wants 80 percent of the funding to come from state and local governments and the private sector. The best way to finance this important work is a simple and transparent carbon fee. A $49-per-metric-ton fee, increasing by 2 percent a year over inflation, would generate $2.1 trillion over ten years. Even after rebating a portion of the revenue to lower- and middle-income households to compensate them for slightly higher energy costs, there would still be more than $1 trillion left to fix our failing infrastructure. This is three times the revenue that would be generated by a 25-cents-per-gallon hike in the gas tax, which some in Washington are proposing! We have been subsidizing the burning of carbon for far too long. It worsens lung cancer, heart disease, asthma, and other health problems—and all that carbon dioxide is also heating up our planet. By putting the price of carbon at a more honest level, we could accelerate the inevitable transition to clean energy and reduce carbon’s increasingly high costs to society. Tell Congress today: Create infrastructure jobs and unleash energy innovation with a carbon fuel fee!

Partnership for Responsible Growth
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump

Make the Trump Administration Raise Carbon Taxes on Businesses

Image credit:     Imagine a deathly hot, dry world with no water or life. This is the eventual fate of our Earth if we don't do something about climate change. If there is even an 18/5 degree increase in temperature, climate change would become runaway, making Earth look like Venus. This is not just China exploiting us for money, this is real. Look at all of the numerous studies showing that the Earth is warming, and it is being caused by humans. Just take a look at the infamous "hockey stick" graph of global temperatures, and say that the temperature didn't start to rise in the 1800s at the same time that we began burning fossil fuels. It isn't China's fault. The blame is likely to be pinned on America if something doesn't change soon. China is trying to get ahead in the game, and if the Trump Administration doesn't take advantage, our economy could be destroyed when no one wants to buy our "primitive" fossil fuel burning technology. Hence, it could help our economy if we start now. Also, think of the habitat and animal losses. A prime example of this is the Tasmanian Tiger. It was an animal that lived in Australia until the early 1900s. It looked almost like a dog, and was the worlds largest carnivorous marsupial. However, when Europeans arrived, the tiger was extinct within 500 years. It was because of changing habitat and habitat loss. This could still happen to many animals today, like elephants and lions. How would you feel if most of the animals and plants alive today became extinct because of your actions? This is the question that many people need to consider. Therefore, the Trump administration should pay more attention to reports of warming temperatures, for the sake of our environment as well as our economy.

Samuel Joffy
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Petition to Kate Brown, Oregon State Senate, Oregon State House

Oregon Carbon Tax

Climate change is a very pressing issue in the world today.  Everyone will experience the effects of climate change, and many people already have.  Glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising causing the destruction of homes on many islands and in many coastal communities.  Weather patterns are changing leading to an adaptation in where certain crops can be grown.  This means many farms will have to switch the crops they produce, and some areas will no longer be able to grow crops at all.  If we allow the fossil fuel industries to continue to wield their financial power in order to exercise control over governments and politicians, it will only get worse.  Your children and grandchildren are likely to live in a world in which devastating natural disasters occur often and the only living animals are those that humans made sure would not go extinct. It is not too late to do our part, to make a difference, and to fight for a better future.  One way a number of communities are fighting is by paying a carbon tax.  If everyone, individuals and businesses alike, are legally required to pay a tax on the greenhouse gases they put into the atmosphere they will be motivated to reduce the pollution they produce.  We, the undersigned, want our state, Oregon, to start paying a carbon tax and leading the rest of our country and the world toward a future in which we can live in peace with the environment and no longer have to fear the effects of climate change.

Madison Celeste
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