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Petition to Debi Bishop, Gerald Glennon

End Your Partnership With Dolphin Quest

Please consider our signatures as our official intent to refrain from staying at Hilton Hotels or Kahala Resort while in Hawaii or partaking in any of the shopping, dining, or tours they provide, until the partnership between your resorts and the captive dolphin facility, Dolphin Quest, is severed. As we learn more about what is required of these dolphins to survive in dolpinariums, we see that it is irresponsible to strip them of nearly all of their physical, social, and psychological needs for our benefit.Studies prove that dolphins are cognitive beings with self-awareness similar to that in humans. In the wild dolphins’ lives revolve around their social structure and bonds. They care for eachother’s young, co-operate while hunting, aid and console those in distress, partake in their population’s own varying cultures, and pass down information throughout generations, just like we do. But in captivity they are all thrown together, partaking in social dynamics that don’t exist in their wild populations, ones that can cause alarming and aggressive behaviors. Hawaii’s captive cetacean industry is responsible for over 146 reported deaths, all documented by the overseeing governing body National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), with causes of deaths varying from “drowned,” “suffocation,” “killed by another dolphin,” “food poisoning,” and trainer error. We strongly feel that this is a poor representation of Hawaii’s long standing cultural relationship with the ocean and its inhabitants and we are not the only ones. Public opposition continues to grow towards the captive marine mammal industry. What was once a huge draw for business and tourism is now becoming a negative association. Multiple countries and states have banned the public display of whales and dolphins. Just this past year, Jeff Stone of The Resort Group decided to cease all plans to put captive dolphins in the upcoming billion dollar investment Atlantis Resort in Ko’olina, stating they are committed to “respecting and celebrating the unique history, culture and ocean heritage of Hawaii.” And regardless of its lack of Swim With Dolphin Programs, Maui is still rated the #1 island, not just in Hawaii, but in the world by Trip Advisor.With such beautiful and diverse ocean wildlife providing opportunities for visitors that include world class whale watching and scuba diving just steps from your hotels we hope you will consider taking a similar route to those standing up to the practice of keeping marine mammals captive during the inevitable sunset of this industry. Mahalo nui loa for your time!

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Petition to Joel Manby, Brad Andrews, Chris Dold, Dan Brown

SeaWorld: End Your Dolphin Breeding Program!

SeaWorld has announced that they will be ending their captive orca breeding program. We applaud them for their decision and thank them for doing the right thing. We now urge them to end their dolphin breeding program, and keep heading in the right direction to a captive mammal-free park (with the exception of TRUE rescue)! Dolphins in captivity live in sterile crowded environments, often forced to perform several times a day for food. Some of the dolphins at SeaWorld are also forced to participate in swim-with programs. [Click here to learn more about swim-with-dolphin programs and why they are bad for dolphins AND people.] Dolphin captivity also teaches children that it is okay for us take large, intelligent mammals and force them to do what we think is best. We should be teaching our children about conservation and protection instead, as well as the many threats that all marine-life face in our dying oceans. SeaWorld claims that their breeding programs help to save dolphins from the drive-hunts in Taiji, while partially true as currently do not purchase these animals from Japan, they are still participating in holding these animals captive. SeaWorld is setting an example to other captive facilities around the world by breeding and keeping these animals in tanks. They should be showing the rest of the world that they can change their business model and be successful! We are asking SeaWorld to give the same treatment of their captive orcas to the dolphin breeding program. It's time to phase out the dolphin shows and the breeding program. They are continually making amazing drastic steps to improve the parks and the well-being of the animals in their care. We would love to see them include dolphins in any future plans. Some of the dolphins could also be released back into the wild, which would further promote their rescue and rehabilitation plans. It would truly speak volumes to see them do the right thing again! As we said in our last petition regarding the orca program, the only true way to end captivity is to end the breeding program! Please do the right thing for the dolphin in your care! Sources: Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project Animal Welfare Institute  Captive Animals Protection Society

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Petition to David Ige, Brian Schatz, Kaniela Ing, Nicole Lowen, Joseph Souki, Ronald Kouchi

End Dolphin Captivity in Hawaii.

The Hawaiian waters are home to several species of cetaceans (dolphins and whales). However, not all of Hawai‘i's cetaceans are living in their natural habitat. Two of the eight major Hawaiian Islands have facilities where these animals are confined to a life of captivity, offering marine mammal performances that prohibit their natural behavior. O‘ahu and Hawai‘i Island currently have facilities that offer marine mammal performances, having chosen not to follow in Maui County’s footsteps -- Maui County, which includes the islands of Moloka‘i, Maui, Kaho‘olawe, and Lāna‘i, banned the exhibition of cetaceans in captivity in 2002. And larger governments have taken a stand as well: both New York state and South Carolina have passed legislation regarding marine mammal captivity, and at least 14 other countries have also banned such practices. From boat tours to hotel balconies, Hawai‘i offers visitors numerous opportunities to see dolphins in their natural habitat. It is unnecessary to isolate them from their marine environment and make them perform abnormal behaviors that ultimately provide inaccurate education. Please join me in asking Gov. David Ige to put an end to the captivity of dolphins and whales for human entertainment on the islands of Hawai‘i by putting a moratorium on further facilities and refusing to allow other parks to replace cetaceans that have passed away. Sea Life Park alone -- one of the unfortunate places where tourists can see cetaceans in captivity -- has had a host of deaths for various reasons. According to the National Marine Inventory Report (2013), deaths included malnutrition, food poisoning, debilitation, drowning, and failure to thrive. Dolphins and whales in captivity simply don’t fare well, and we should end this terrible practice.   Cetaceans play a critical role in the ecosystem, and to remove them from it is a misrepresentation of their importance and of Hawaiian values. As Hawai‘i's state motto "Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ‘Āina i ka Pono" declares, the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness. Restoring this imbalance in our ecosystem, education, and ethics is essential for this generation and those to come. Join me and let’s tell Gov. Ige “enough is enough.” Ask him to put an end to cetacean captivity in Hawai‘i.

Lendy Leslie
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