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Community I still need 85 signatures! I've given to many causes, but lately it's really hit home.  My cousin, Jason is a veteran, SDPD officer, husband, and father of 2 young boys. At 35, just a year older than myself, was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer. His sites below, and this one, is designed to update friends and family about his treatment, recovery, and "ass-kicking" of cancer. Please consider giving to his gofundme page below!  I'm trying to grow awareness, and bring his pages to more people. Please sign, and help spread my petition. Invite friends to like this Page "Cancer, what a pain in the ass. So exactly one week ago (Sep 2016) I heard the C-word come out of my doctor's mouth while lying in the recovery room with Danielle next to me. My first thought was 'great my doctor is drunk', then fast forward two days later and that same doctor is confirming the diagnosis and saying words like chemotherapy and colostomy bag. Well I had one thing to say to cancer. "Nope." I didn't give you permission to be in my body so you sir, can F-off; I don't have time for you. I'm 35 years old with two kids to raise and beautiful wife to convince daily to stay married to me. What I can't believe even more than the diagnosis that kicked me in the ass...(see what I did there, you're welcome ) is the unbelievable response from everyone around me. From family, friends and complete strangers. If you know me personally, you know I'm not one who's shy with words and expressing how I feel about something. I can honestly say the out-pouring of love, prayers and support has left me speechless. I've checked the site periodically and get updates from Greg and sometimes I just stare at the screen and cry. I don't cry because I have cancer or because I have to do chemo, I do it because seeing how people will rally around you and help another person is truly awesome. Not just cops helping another cop, or friends from high school lending a hand to an old buddy, but people helping another person in need. I know whole heartedly I have an amazing network of people who won't stand in front of me or behind me but instead will stand right next to me while I fight this. Thank you is a simple polite two word phrase that gets thrown around a lot but from the inside of my soul I want to say thank you to each and everyone of you for agreeing to stand next to me while I take this journey. Take care of yourselves, take care of each other and be well.Help spread the word!"   @savetheass  

Amy Bartlett
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