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Petition to Donald J. Trump

Get Rick Rescorla the Presidential Citizens Medal

We need more signatures to tell President Trump to "Free the Medal" for Rick Rescorla! Please Sign, Share and Donate Now! "Free the Medal" is a call to action, to ask President Donald J. Trump to award Cyril R (Rick) Rescorla the well deserved and long overdue Presidential Citizens Medal. It has been nearly 18 years since the horrific terror attack on the World Trade Center September 11, 2001. It was a day that is burned in our minds forever. We remember where we were, what we saw, and how we felt. His heroic actions in saving over 2700 lives, before losing his own, prevented us from losing what would have been a total of over 6000 lives that dreadful day.  Rick Rescorla, pictured above while famously singing into his bullhorn, was the Vice President of Security for Morgan Stanley and conducted evacuation drills since the early 1990's, in preparation for such a disaster. His drills trained the Morgan Stanley employees, who inhabited 22 floors of the World Trade Center, to safely and calmly make their way down 44 flights of stairs to safety outside the building. He also trained them to help those who couldn't make the trip down by themselves, often helping carry disabled coworkers down flight after flight as Rick sang patriotic songs to distract and encourage them along the exhaustive dissent. Many employees testified that he sang to them during the actual attack as all but 6 made it out safely into the smoke billowed streets amid a frantic shower of paper and debris, tripping over bodies of those who jumped out windows from the floors above them. Please join us in reaching the President by signing this petition and honoring a real American hero now, while his grieving widow is still alive to receive it.

National Foundation of Patriotism (NFOP)
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Petition to Dianne Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Julia Brownley, Jared Blumenfeld, Rick Perry

No more kids with cancer: clean up the Santa Susana Field Lab

When my daughter Grace Ellen was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer, at age four, I thought that our family had the worst, most devastating luck. But after spending months in the hospital with her, we learned that she was one of over 50 children who may have been poisoned by one of the worst nuclear meltdowns in America. Sign to demand that California's EPA and the Dept. of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) enforce the AOC cleanup of the Santa Susana Field Lab and prevent any more children from getting cancer. Grace Ellen’s form of cancer was incredibly aggressive. At age four she was put on several clinical trials, had ten times the normal amount of chemotherapy, and spent two years fighting her cancer. A year and a half later her cancer came back and she underwent a bone marrow transplant. She was unable to walk or eat or drink, and had to fight for her life in the hospital isolation floor. Her childhood was stolen from her, and it haunts me to know her cancer might have been avoidable. She, like the other 50 children, grew up within 20 miles the Santa Susana Field Lab, land which was developed in the 1940s to conduct nuclear research. In 1959 an uncontained partial meltdown of a sodium reactor caused such a devastating radiation leak that many consider it to be the worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history – and it was completely covered up for years. Our community has up to 60% higher cancer rates, 20% higher invasive breast cancer rates, we have the reports to prove it. It is the Department of Toxic Substance Control’s job to clean up this mess. They know our children are sick and dying, but they aren’t taking any meaningful action against those who own the land – Boeing, NASA and the DOE. The Woolsey Fire, which began on Santa Susana Field Lab, may have exposed millions of people in Southern California to the chemical and radioactive waste from the site, via ash and smoke. It proved once again that we will not be safe until the site is 100% cleaned up. I will protect my children even if I have to tear down mountains with my bare hands – and I am one of many parents fighting for our kids. To win this, we need DTSC and CalEPA, with the support of California's elected officials, to enforce the AOC cleanup once and for all. Will you join us? 

Melissa Bumstead
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Petition to Environmental Protection Agency

Ban Asbestos in the US Now, Without Loopholes or Exemptions

My daughter was just 10 years-old when my husband, Alan, was diagnosed with a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, a deadly material which is still being used in the U.S. today. Families like mine have fought for decades to get the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban the use of asbestos, but instead the administration allows imports and use to continue. Alan’s disease was incurable – but it was also entirely preventable. Asbestos kills an estimated 39,000 people in the US every year, yet the EPA has not banned companies from continuing to use it. They are knowingly poisoning Americans. In 2004, Doug Larkin and I co-founded the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization to fight for families battling mesothelioma. We vowed that we would fight with all of our strength to prevent other families from going through the pain, devastation, and loss that we experienced. Emily and I were there with Alan when he took his last breaths. I lost my soulmate and my daughter lost her father because our government refused to stand up to greedy corporations.   The EPA has now spent decades of time and taxpayer dollars on asbestos research. They know it is deadly, yet hundreds of tons of raw asbestos are allowed every year to be used in our country. It’s long past time that the EPA banned this deadly material once and for all. Enough is enough.

Linda Reinstein and the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization
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