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Petition to John horgan, The Honorable Roméo A. Dallaire, Elizabeth May, Leader, Liberal Party of Canada/Chef, Parti libéral du Canada Justin Trudeau


  “HANDS OFF OUR FRESH WATER" Past, Present and Future  Mankind has worked hard to master nature -- water specifically. We've bent rivers and even reversed their flow; we've drilled into the deepest aquifers and are still busy emptying them despite the poisons they hold; and we've created technology to even conjure it up from thin air. Yet despite this willful attempt at mastering water, we're finding that our human rights to clean water is slipping  through our fingers. The world should start paying attention to a more basic issue: Industrial development and Fracking is an incredibly water-intensive process, and there isn’t that much water to go around Water depletion, exploitation, privatization and contamination has become one of the most important issues facing humanity this century. Tar sands take 3 barrels of water to process every barrel of oil extracted. Ninety percent of this water becomes so toxic that it must be stored in tailing ponds. Unfortunately these ponds regularly leach pollution into the third largest watershed in the world.  The pollution in our water resources are having serious and wide-ranging effects on the environment and human health. The immediate effects of water pollution can be seen in water bodies and the animal and plant life that inhabits them. Pollution poisons and deforms fish and other animals, unbalanced ecosystems and causes a reduction in biodiversity. Ultimately, these effects take their toll on human life. Drinking water sources become contaminated, causing sickness and disease. Pollutants accumulate in food, making it dangerous or inedible. The presence of these toxic substances in our food and water can also can lead to reproductive problems and neurological disorders. Freed of the distractions, we will be left with a single question. Do we obey corporate dictates that grant a foreign company more rights with a license to pollute the water in Canada? Or respect traditional teaching of Indigenous peoples, for the right to clean water that's missing from our Supreme Court, and of our conscience, calling us to incorporate the right to protect it? The answer will tell us everything about the kind of country we will have." I believe It’s time for us as a nation to recognize the right we take for granted is not recognized with a legal binding charter declaration in Canada  . Water toxicity experts estimate that roughly 10 per cent of Canadians are at risk of being exposed to lead through their drinking water as Americans in Flint, Mich., grapple with an ongoing drinking water scandal. The Flint water crisis in 10 points 1. While the Children in Flint Were Given Poisoned Water to Drink, General Motors Was Given a Special Hookup to the Clean Water.2.For Just $100 a Day, This Crisis Could’ve Been Prevented.3. There’s More Than the Lead in Flint’s Water.4. People’s Homes in Flint Are Now Worth Nothing5. While They Were Being Poisoned, They Were Also Being Bombed.6. The Wife of the Governor’s Chief of Staff Is a Spokeswoman for Nestle, Michigan’s Largest Owner of Private Water Reserves.7. In Michigan, from Flint water, to Crime and Murder, to GM Ignition Switches, It’s a Culture of Death.8. Don’t Call It “Detroit Water” — It’s the Largest Source of Fresh Drinking Water in the World9. ALL the Children Have Been Exposed, As Have All the Adults, Including Me.10. This Was Done, Like So Many Things These Days, So the Rich Could Get a Big Tax Break. Research funded by the Canadian Water Network estimates that about 60,000 households in major cities across the country still have lead service lines connecting the home to the municipal water supply. Senior researcher Graham Gagnon says each member of those households could find themselves consuming lead, which the study says is unsafe for human consumption in any quantity. Gagnon, who serves as director for the Centre of Water Resources Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, says lead service lines can also be present in smaller communities and in larger buildings such as schools. Exposure could also come about through buildings using fixtures, faucets or other components containing lead. But Gagnon and others say Canada’s cities have recognized the risks and made a concerted effort to decrease the number of lead pipes in their systems in recent years. Gagnon believes such efforts may protect those cities from the sort of lead poisoning crisis unfolding in Flint, though adds communities that haven’t launched replacement projects are at greater risk.Continue Reading >>  Justin Trudeau's neoliberism is all about defunding service's  to promote privatization ...  Out of the fire and into the pan   Canada's PRIVATIZED  "PUBLIC WATER" "The Harper government has gutted every regulation and law we had in place to protect our freshwater supplies. Now this deregulation is locked in as corporations from Europe as well as the U.S. can soon claim to have invested in an environment without water protection rules and sue any future government that tries to undo the damage." -Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, Council of Canadians. Harper government shuts down Canada's 'groundbreaking' freshwater research station  "Stephen Harper pulled the plug on Canada's greatest freshwater defender and scientific achievement: the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA)"  Stephen Harper's government is using free trade deals to allow foreign interests to privatize our Canadian water supply, and is using foreign policy to make sure that we have NO RIGHT TO WATER. >  Harper’s water privatization >  Why is Harper Letting the EU Profit From Canadian Water? >  "Rather rather than providing the funding needed for First Nations water infrastructure needs, the Harper government has instead seen privatization as a quick fix for the water crisis in First Nations communities and has promoted public-private partnerships through its federal budgets." >  Stephen Harper Conservative's effort to privatize Canada's municipal water and wastewater systems, and the threat this poses to the accessibility of safety public water for all Canadians. >  Why is Harper Selling Canada's Fresh Water Supply to corporations?  "About three years ago, the Harper government tied funding to municipalities for new water infrastructure to public-private partnerships. Most people don’t know about it, but it’s quite dangerous because it locks municipalities to a private model"  Council of Canadians Condemns Harper's Sponsorship of Water Privatization Conference >  'Why Canada's Water Is At Risk' by Maude Barlow National Chairperson, Council of Canadians >  'Fractured Land' depicts First Nations' fight to save water from oil and gas industry  "So, at one extreme you have indigenous, tribal societies trying to stem the race to disaster. At the other extreme, the richest, most powerful societies in world history, like the United States and Canada, are racing full-speed ahead to destroy the environment as quickly as possible." — Noam Chomsky >>  "First Nations people – and the decision of Canadians to stand alongside them – will determine the fate of the planet." Why A legal Binding Charter declaration for clean water ?  Our Right to Water that when water is a human right it creates three obligations for a nation: the obligation to respect, the obligation to protect and the obligation to fulfill.  The obligation to respect means the government can’t take action or make a policy that interferes with its citizens’ right to water. So, for example, no one can be denied water for drinking and sanitation because they cannot afford water fees or taxes.  The obligation to protect means that countries must ensure no one else interferes with the water rights of their citizens. For example, they must not allow private companies or local governments to pollute water supplies or prevent citizens from accessing water.  The obligation to fulfill means that countries must take any additional steps necessary to meet their citizens’ need for water. That could mean, for example, improving or increasing public water systems. Banning fracking practices , Safe guarding our ground water and aquifers. Water is Life , Do you foresee a day when clean water is a legal binding  human right ?   If not now than when ? If not us than who?  My name is Michael Dallaire.                             I believe there's magic on this planet,  its contained in water and in the mind  body and souls of my brothers and sisters we all share this magical thread that connects mankind to the web of life . LETS WATER THE REVOLUTION   Whereas: Canadians human right to water is recognized with a legal binding charter right declaration; The obligation to respect means the Government of Canada can’t take action or make a policy that interferes with its citizens’ right to water. For example, no one can be denied water for drinking and sanitation because they cannot afford water fees or taxes; The obligation to protect means that the Government of Canada must ensure no one else interferes with the water rights of their citizens; and The obligation to fulfill means that the Government of Canada will take any additional steps necessary to meet their citizens’ need for water.   We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, respectfully call upon the House of Commons in Parliament assembled to help elevate, develop and execute a legal binding declaration recognizing clean water as a Canadian human right. It’s time for us to recognize the right we take for granted is not secured for future generations. We ask the Governments of Canada to harmonize its political actions with its moral values, with  a declaration recognizing clean water as a charter right.          

Michael Dallaire
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Petition to Deepak Chopra, Stephen Harper, Jo-Anne Polak (Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, Canada Post), Deepak Chopra, Douglas Jones, Stephen Edmondson, Lisa Raitt, Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair, Elizabeth May, Gilles Duceppe

Don't let Canada Post end door to door delivery / Sauvons la livraison à domicile

(Le français suit) AUGUST 20, 2015 - UPDATE: Since the election has been called for October 19, the 5 federal party leaders have been added as recipients of this petition because this is now an election issue. I wonder, has anyone at Canada Post ever tried to to push a stroller or a wheelchair or a walker through the snow? I don't think they realize the impact of ending door-to-door mail delivery when it comes to the parents of young children, to the disabled, and to the elderly, especially in winter.  What about the sweltering summers? Or miserable thunderstorms and heavy rain? The garbage that is going to happen around them and who is going to clean it up? Millions of Canadians were surprised and angry to learn they may have to travel kilometers to get their mail. I am the mother of two young boys. My youngest has cerebral palsy and uses a walker or wheelchair to get around. For me, Canada Post’s decision would mean having to bundle them up and struggle through the snow with a wheelchair just to get our mail.  And I am just one of thousands of Canadians who must already overcome mobility challenges on a daily basis. On top of that, 8000 employees are going to lose their jobs because of this decision! And, we’re hearing that these new “superboxes” might not be very safe. My grandfather, god rest his soul, was a WW2 veteran and became a mailman. They take their work very seriously otherwise they would not brave the weather. My current mail carrier is also proud of the service she provides for the community. Why change something that is working well for communities across Canada? This has to be stopped. A lot of people need home delivery because of their circumstances. Please sign the petition and share this with as many people as you can. The more people we get, the more solid the chances will be that Canada post and the government hear our voices!!  --- Je me demande, est-ce que quelqu'un à Postes Canada a déjà essayé de pousser une marchette, ou faire avancer une chaise roulante, ou marcher avec une canne, dans la neige? Je ne pense pas qu'ils ont conscience de l'impact de la fin du service postal à domicile sur les parents de jeunes enfants, sur les personnes aux prises avec des handicaps et sur les personnes âgées, particulièrement en hiver. Des millions de Canadiens ont été surpris et fâchés d'apprendre qu'ils devraient se déplacer parfois sur des kilomètres pour aller chercher leur courrier. Je suis la mère de deux jeunes garçons. Mon plus jeune souffre de paralysie cérébrale et doit utiliser une marchette ou une chaise roulante pour se déplacer. Dans mon cas, la décision de Postes Canada me force à habiller mes deux enfants et à me démener à pousser une chaise roulante dans la neige seulement pour pouvoir aller chercher mon courrier. Et je ne suis que l'une parmi des milliers de Canadiens qui doivent surmonter des défis de mobilité à tous les jours. De plus, 8000 employés vont perdre leur emploi en raison de cette décision! En plus, on entend parler du fait que ces "superboîtes" ne sont pas très sécuritaires. Mon grand-père, Dieu ait son âme, était un vétéran de la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale et est devenu facteur par la suite. Ces gens prennent leur travail très au sérieux, sinon ils ne braveraient pas les conditions météorologiques. Ma facteure est très fière des services qu'elle fournit à sa communauté. Pourquoi changer quelque chose qui fonctionne si bien pour les communautés locales partout au pays? Il faut arrêter cela. Nombreux sont ceux et celles qui ont besoin du service à domicile en raison de leur réalité particulière. S'il vous plaît, signez la pétition et partagez-la avec le plus de gens que vous le pouvez. Plus nous en parlerons, plus nos chances seront bonnes que Postes Canada et le gouvernement nous entendront!!

Susan Dixon
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Petition to Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May, Gilles Duceppe

Open Canada to Syrian refugees!

I am an emergency nurse who has served in many humanitarian medical aid missions in the Middle East. I have lately spent 3 months providing care in Syria during the crisis. I have witnessed the unspeakable atrocities of the war in Syria firsthand. I’ve seen the terrible suffering and displacement that is happening everyday and I know that Canada is not doing enough to help civilians find safety here within our borders. That’s why I started this petition. I want to know what the party leaders running in the upcoming election intend to do to help Syrian refugees. I am asking them to commit to accepting and admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees into Canada by December 31, 2015. The Syrian war has been ongoing for more than 4 years now. More than 240,000 Syrians, mostly civilians, have lost their lives. The war and the political oppression have resulted in the displacement of more than 11 million, internally and externally. The modern world has not witnessed such an immense influx of refugees since the second world war. This is an international humanitarian crisis in every sense of the word. Canada, the country of human rights and freedoms, has admitted less than 1500 Syrian refugees since the crisis began in 2011. Given the millions out there, this is simply NOT enough. The current government has pledged to bring in more refugees but little has actually been done. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, including women and children, who are in desperate need of food, shelter, and above all, in desperate need of a peaceful place to live. Historically speaking, Canada has always taken a solid and proactive stance on humanitarian action and has stepped in to take in refugees of war and political oppression. So I keep wondering, what is stopping Canada now? Countries like Turkey, Lebanon, Germany and Sweden (to mention few) have all stepped in and taken in a large number of refugees. So why is Canada in stand-by mode? The situation is very dire and cannot wait any longer! This is a massive humanitarian crisis that requires Canada to act, and act immediately and at a large scale. Millions of displaced civilians are in need of a peaceful place to live, and in need of it now, not next year or the year after. Unless we act, history will remember us as the nation who witnessed the atrocities of war, but chose to stand by and watch as the Syrian refugees desperately tried to flee to lands of peace. This is not who we are as Canadian. We are the country of humanitarian zeal and we value human life above all. So let us be true to our values: open our country to the Syrian refugees. We promise we will open our hearts and homes to them. Please sign and share my petition to add your voice to this call to action.

Nada Sidani
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