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Petition to Patty Hajdu, The Honourable Patty Hajdu, The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Dr. Theresa Tam, The Honourable Erin O'Toole

Demand that Canada's Health Minister reject dangerous breast cancer screening guidelines

Thousands of Canadian women will die if the new breast cancer screening guidelines are not revised. In December 2018, the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care issued guidelines on breast cancer screening for women of average risk. These guidelines are used by 43,000 Canadian family physicians in their interactions with 9 million women aged 40-74.  Here’s how the guidelines put women’s lives at risk: 1.  The guidelines ignore expert advice: There are no breast cancer experts on the Task Force. They consulted experts, but ignored their input. At this point, over 130 breast cancer experts have strongly criticized the guidelines.  2.  The guidelines ignore the importance of screening for women in their 40s: One sixth of breast cancer deaths and 24% of the years of life lost to breast cancer are in women diagnosed in their 40s. Even with statistics like these, the Task Force does not recommend screening for women in their 40s. As a result, 4,000 Canadian women will die over the next decade if this recommendation is followed. 3.  The guidelines advise against breast self-exams: These exams are an important measure women can take to increase early detection of breast cancer, especially in women with dense breasts. 4.  The guidelines exaggerate the harms of recalling women for additional testing after a mammogram: About 10% of women are recalled for additional images and this may cause anxiety. The Task Force considers this anxiety a harm and uses it to dissuade women from screening. The anxiety is not long lasting. Better safe than sorry. 5.  The guidelines ignore significant health benefits of early cancer detection: The Task Force does not acknowledge the benefits of avoiding chemotherapy, avoiding mastectomy and avoiding lymphedema. 6.  The guidelines ignore current data: The Task Force relies on outdated and flawed studies. The obsolete studies estimate that women are 15-20% less likely to die if they have breast screening. Current studies show that women who have mammograms are actually 40-44% less likely to die of breast cancer than those who do not. 7.  The guidelines ignore the risks of breast density: The risks of dense breasts have been known for 40 years. Dense breasts increase the risk of developing breast cancer and increase the risk that cancer will be masked on a mammogram. The guidelines ignore the benefits of supplemental screening for women with dense breasts. 8.  Women are being asked to make decisions about life-saving screening based on inaccurate information: Using the new guidelines women may make decisions that may ultimately lead to a late diagnosis, unnecessary suffering and a poorer prognosis. All Canadians should be outraged by these guidelines. Canadian women and their healthcare practitioners deserve to have accurate information about the benefits of screening. Please sign and share this petition. Tell Health Minister Patty Hajdu that the new screening guidelines for breast cancer must be rejected because they are dangerous and will cause loss of life. We appreciate the thought, but there's no need to pay to promote the petition.Your signing and sharing is all that is needed. For more information about the issues associated with the Task Force guidelines, please visit         

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Petition to Justin Trudeau, John horgan, Kennedy Stewart, Seth Rogen, Michelle Obama, Ryan Reynolds

Replace the revolving restaurant in Vancouver with a statue of Seth Rogan dabbing

The skyline of one of Canada's most famous cities should reflect great Canadian talent. Rather, today, the Vancouver skyline is disgraced by a poor man's space needle. With a less than exceptional dining experience, a mediocre view, and an eyesore inspired aesthetic, it's time we replaced the Revolving Restaurant in Vancouver with something better.    Vancouver is known for its many amazing qualities. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous mountains, and Ryan Reynolds. But it's also known for the talent that comes out of it. One of Canada's gems, Seth Rogen, is Vancouver's pride and joy. An accomplished actor, a prudent business mogul, and a fine connoisseur of marijuana. It is clearly evident then that in considering a replacement for Vancouver's skyline would be a statue of Seth Rogen dabbing.    The pros: - Not only would we be the best city in Canada, we would be the best city in Canada with a statue of Seth Rogen - Seth Rogan was in Pineapple Express and Knocked Up - He was rudely removed from our SkyTrain announcements. It's only fair that we give him this.    The cons: - Someone will have to trim the statue's beard regularly - People who love spinning while eating dinner will have to find a new hobby - Ryan Reynolds may want his own statue eventually. But we can cross that bridge later.

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Petition to Royal BC Museum Administration

Save the Third Floor of the Royal BC Museum

We find that the planned removal of Third Floor Exhibits related to settlement at the Royal BC Museum including the ‘Old Town’ and Captain Vancouver’s ship the HMS Discovery, amounts to an Orwellian political pogrom against BC’s history and has been devised in a way that is clearly politically biased and racist against Europeans and those of their descent.   We consider that the planned colonial closure of the excellent First Peoples Gallery is a disservice to the First Peoples of North America and their descendants, as their history, which spans more time by far in Canada than any other people is being downplayed and hidden from view to both those in the province and those visiting it from elsewhere.   We consider that the closure of Chinatown, a key part of the Old Town exhibit, does a disservice to Chinese Canadians and their descendants.  Chinese Canadians played a key role in the foundation of Canada as a nation and the display of their experience of life in early BC should not be hidden from public view and should not be forgotten. We feel strongly that erasing any part of history is bad for everyone and that nobody benefits from such a situation regardless of their views or background.  Destroying history is not something that we should be repeating in any form. We are fully open to and encourage adding new exhibits and information, including offering different lenses/perspectives on the past in both the museum buildings and the planned museum expansion at Royal Bay.  Other voices can easily be added to the exhibits via signage, talking figures, audio recordings, headsets etc., and through the use of space in the recent/modern BC history gallery.   However, we firmly oppose the planned destruction of the world-renowned and to many people of all ages and backgrounds priceless and cherished permanent exhibitions currently housed in the museum. The snap decision was made in a completely arbitrary fashion without consulting the public in a transparent and democratic process.  There has not been provided by the museum administration evidence of any broad or overwhelming public support for this extreme action taken against displaying a key part of British Columbia’s history. The decision is unfair and discriminatory and is politically motivated and pressured, rather than being genuine independent actions taken in the interest of preserving history.  The latter is the function and responsibility of a museum.   We do not feel that the displays in question are offensive as claimed, but rather are displays of important aspects of BC’s development as a province of Canada, which is the exact function of the museum itself to display. No specifics were given as justification, but only vague claims of ‘decolonization’.  This is not decolonization.  It is the hiding/erasure of history.  A detailed and well reasoned case against the historical displays has not been made to the public and as such their closure and removal is not justified in any way. Far from leading us into a bright new future as the political proponents of the purge have claimed, we feel that the removal of history is a dangerous journey down the abysmal and slippery slope of authoritarianism.  We have seen what has happened in numerous countries when history is hidden and/or destroyed and it is not something that we want to have happen here. Please repeal at once the imminent planned destruction of BC’s historic displays in the Royal BC Museum before it is too late.For more information contact

Sasha Izard
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