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Canadian children are worth more than just 5% of cancer research dollars

When our daughter was 18 months old we were told she had a brain tumor, I had lived in ignorant bliss until then, absolutely unaware that a child so young could be fighting a monster so big.  We watched for two years as our daughter was pumped full of medications that were not developed for children but for adults, we watched her endure the horrendous side effects of these adult drugs on her tiny body, wonderful doctors doing all they could with the resources they had to save her.  The goal was to save her life, as parents it was all we could think about, please save our baby girl. Each week for two years she would receive these medications and eventually the tumor was smaller and no longer growing, she had survived, little did we know that the battle was far from over, little did we know that now 10 yrs down the road she would suffer such neurocognitive challenges, unrelenting pain, and nausea.  Having your child beg you to make it better and you having to tell them you can't. My daughter asked me if because she had cancer did that mean her child could get it, I didn't have the heart to add to everything else she was enduring to tell her that the same drugs that were causing her so much grief may also have taken away her ability to have children. When your child is going through cancer treatment you feel so very much alone, the world is racing by oblivious to your pain, oblivious to the reality that today their children are healthy and they believe untouchable, feeling the same as we all do the day before we hear the word cancer and our child's name in the same sentence.  the reality is, however, that unfortunately, we are not alone, up and down the hallways of hospitals are rooms where children lay fighting the same monster. Each with at least one exhausted parent watching over them. I have spent years wanting to make a difference, frustrated that it seemed to be only the exhausted families touched by cancer advocating for our children, demanding that the Canadian government give more than just the current 5% of cancer research dollars to childhood cancer.  As I stood in line a week ago to say goodbye to another precious child taken from us because of this monster that is cancer, I had an epiphany, us parents, the ones that are exhausted beyond comprehension are fighting not for our children but for yours, your child is healthy today but tomorrow without warning the monster could strike and he or she could become one of the 1700 children that will be diagnosed this year with cancer in Canada.  I know you feel that it would never happen to your child because I have at least 100 other parents in my life that I consider friends that all said the same thing until they heard the words "your child has cancer". We can't do it alone, we as parents owe it to our children to stand collectively in solidarity, demanding that the government of Canada take immediate actions in allocating more than 5% of cancer research dollars to Childhood Cancers.  We Are Parent's Hear Us Roar! Please sign this petition, help us show the government of Canada that we are serious    

Kim VanderSchelde
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen MP, Patty Hadju MP

Inclusionary Rights for Temporary Migrants In Canada

The Refugee and asylum program is government-sponsored immigration program in Canada. It aims to accept refugees, those fleeing from their origin country and entering to Canada by whatever means, or those who are in danger of persecution. It takes a long while for the government to examine and give refugee status to suitable refugee applicants.   Even though a large amount of them successfully obtain the refugee status, they still seem to have limited access to welfare resources compared to their Canadian counterparts, such as social services, job opportunities, and education. To some extent, the government does not provide enough aid for refugees to fit in the community. According to our research, the refugees have worse health condition and even mental health condition compared to Canadian counterparts, for instance, higher HIV infection rate and significant rate of PTSD. For the past 50 years, under Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP), workers from participating countries - Mexico, Jamaica, and other Caribbean countries - are eligible to apply to work in Canada; particularly, work that is strictly related to farm agriculture, for a maximum of 8 months annually (between January 1st to December 15th).  Many have argued that this program is used to employ people from other countries due to the labour intensive and harsh working conditions that many Canadian citizens would not take part in. Taking that into consideration, it’s no wonder why so many are outraged that these workers are not offered any sort of potential permanent citizenship. SAWP offers beneficial opportunities to those eligible to work through it, but is also equally beneficial to Canada itself as it fills consistent labour shortages.  However, with that said, by keeping workers at arms length with no offers for permanent residency, citizenship, and working rights only accompanied by a fear of deportation, this program becomes much more beneficial to Canada rather than the workers in this bilateral agreement. There are also serious issues that plague the Caregiver program, the foremost of these issues are based around the lack of citizenship status of the migrant workers involved, leaving them without protection from abuse. Although there is a pathway to citizenship built-in, the Caregiver program (formerly known as the live-in caregiver program) places these migrant workers, a majority of whom are Filipino women, into a racial and class-based hierarchy that is structured to marginalize them throughout their time as temporary foreign workers and beyond.The caregiver program employs migrant workers to fulfil canada’s domestic care needs, however the needs of these migrant workers are not met, with participants encountering violence and abuses of all kinds. We, the unsigned, petition the Canadian government to provide for more inclusionary rights for the temporary citizens of Canada such as access to healthcare, access to employment insurance, and the right to choose their own employer and to recognize the need for improvement in the Canada’s refugee resettlement system and temporary migrant worker programs.    

Maryann D.
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