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Bringing Drew Burton to Justice For Stealing Our Money and Selling Our Personal Info

Over the last few months myself, Darren Protheroe and a few thousand people have been systematically cheated and robbed of our money in what we learnt was a Ponzi scheme perpetrated by a Mr Andrew Burton of Barrie, Ontario in Canada who set up an advertising website called where we was sold advertising for our businesses (we later found out it was a classic Ponzi scheme) and then we had our accounts terminated and hacked by the owner and then if that wasn't bad enough, we had our personal information sold to his parent company The Ads Leader, which is being run from his home in Ontario in Canada.  We believe thousands if not millions of innocent victims have been victims to this evil scam and we would like to see the owner Mr (An) Drew Burton investigates and brought to justice and have his assets frozen and a complete review and audit of his business books and you will definitely find a host of FRAUD, THEFT, STOLEN DATA and MORE.  We want answers and we believe this cause will hopefully bring justice to many people who fell for the biggest scam of 2017. Join our cause if you believe you have been victim to My24 and TAL and want justice done and the perp brought to account for his illegal crimes that have ruined so many lives. If your in any more doubt or still unsure, please visit this review by a top blog that labels My24hourincome as a scam and a typical ponzi scam Thanks for your time Darren Protheroe  

Darren Protheroe
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