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Petition to Mark Zuckerberg

Tell Facebook: Our Data is our Property #OwnYourData

Mark Zuckerberg, change Facebook's rules and give us back control over our data, our digital assets, our property. #OwnYourDataMark Zuckerberg's social network Facebook, along with other digital platforms and big data aggregators, make billions out of us and our data - and they can not even keep it safe. They collect information about who we are, our friendships and how we view the world. They find out what we buy, what we do online, how we live our lives offline. Then they use our own data to sell to us - from pharmaceuticals to political campaigns. We're just now realizing the bad news: we're the product they're selling. Our data has been exposed without our real consent. Are these companies ripping us all off? If so, does this have to continue this way? I believe that if we act together, we can change the business model to the benefit of people globally. Sign up and share the #OwnYourData petition now, and let's take back our rights. I know about this topic intimately because I used to work for Cambridge Analytica - the data company which works on elections and commercial advertising campaigns. Now I'm blowing the whistle on the whole industry. The problem starts with the Silicon Valley tech platforms, which track our every movement and make us easy to target. It's time for us to own our own data. This is a human right. We should be able to decide freely how our data is used (and how it is not); stop anyone using using it to try and manipulate us; take it with us if we leave the platform; And to get paid for the value our data generates. To decentralize power and drive accountability, we're demanding that Facebook update its terms of service, and grant all its users these simple and fundamental data and property rights immediately. Facebook is already in crisis. Their stock price has fallen by almost $100 billion. Let's step up the pressure and make this happen while we have the momentum. The future is ours. I am the future, are you? Sign up now and share widely.

Brittany Kaiser
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Petition to Marti Hearst - President of ACL

Petition to Revoke Robert Mercer's ACL Lifetime Achievement Award

The positions stated herein are not partisan or politically motivated, but rather supported by a reporting of facts. We acknowledge that Robert Mercer's contributions to computational linguistics and natural language processing were significant. [1] However, the data firm founded by Robert Mercer, Cambridge Analytica, has done irreparable damage to the reputation of the field of computational linguistics. Robert Mercer's firm illegally, or at least unethically, acquired personal information, and used this data expressly to influence a foreign election. [2, 3] Robert Mercer's firm deliberately misled the population from which it collected data, exploiting their willingness to share personal information for purely financial and political gain. [4] Therefore, we believe that Robert Mercer's work and legacy runs counter to the values of the Association for Computational Linguistics, and thus the Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed by them should be revoked, to uphold the values of the the association. [1] [2] [3] [3],amp.html  

Adam Goodkind
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