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Petition to Activision, Infinity Ward

Make Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered a Standalone game

The Call of Duty franchise was at it's peak in the days of Modern Warfare and it is safe to say everyone is extremely pleased about the release of a remastered version this year 2016. However there has been a very poor decision made that will force consumers to spend more money than necessary for two separate games that are both arguably incomplete. We the COD community are pleading for a change in the business strategy that forces people that love the Modern Warfare game to buy Infinite Warfare with the remaster through a preorder. It would mean the world to be able to buy the game that we all know and love alone, without having to preorder and pay further for DLC or season passes that would include the extension of the other original maps that would seem to not be included as there are only 10 included maps with the remaster. We are grateful for the remaster, but we the COD community are for the majority wishing only for just that and we should be able to decide whether we want the new Infinite Warfare included not the other way around, forced through pre-ordering and this exploitative business strategy that is both harmful to fans and consumers and sets a worrying precedent for the gaming industry. In case it isn't clear, signing this petition is for the cause that we would like to have call of duty 4 remaster as a stand alone game. All the maps should be provided and no one should have to pre order infinite warfare just to get a remastered version. Please if you agree with this notion sign the petition and get it out there on the internet! Thank you for your time.

Andrew Ponsonby
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Petition to Activision

Activision to release Modern Warfare separately

Following the recent announcement of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (coupled with Modern Warfare remaster), Activision has since come forward and explained that the Modern Warfare remaster is ONLY available to those who buy the special edition of the new game. What is wrong with this? This is disgusting behaviour by a company who has a very large and faithful fanbase. Long term fans, like myself, have been crying out for a remaster of this game for many years and have also been pleading with Activision to move away from the oversaturated 'sci-fi' and 'future' setting. Instead of listening to fans and giving them what they want; Activision has opted to release a game in a setting which is completely unwanted, and in order to reach targets in terms of sales, slapped a £80 ($80) price tag on the version of the game they KNOW fans will buy. We CANNOT allow large videogame and entertainment companies get away with such behaviour, it is unethical and a clear use of the fanbase in a terrible manner. Let us remind these companies that if it wasn't for us; the gamers, the fans, the streamers etc,. there wouldn't be a business! The overall goal here is to inform Activision of the dissatisfaction within their community. If this petition turns out to be successful we will bring this to Activision with the intent on forcing change. Failure to change and allow for a standalone release could be met with boycotting of the game entirely.

Fair treatment for Gamers
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