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Petition to Kathleen Ganley

Keep convicted KILLER Asmar SHLAH behind bars

Asmar SHLAH has been convicted of the brutal and cowardly murder of my son Lukas Strasser-Hird. He has already been given a timid slap on the wrist for his brutal crime of only 12 years behind bars before parole eligibility. This in itself is a slap in the face to our family and especially my innocent son. Now the killer wants to get bail and go free before his appeal after serving just over a year of his sentence. HE HAS BEEN DENIED 3 TIMES ALREADY. Again, the fact he is allowed to continually appeal should make all Canadians question what is going on in our justice system?  HE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO SHOP HIS OUTRAGEOUS UNBELIEVABLE STORY AROUND TO ANY JUDGE THAT WILL SYMPATHISE! What about actual justice?  What about the victims who have the real life sentence we serve in cruel silence? Why are convicted criminals given more rights and consideration than victims?  Our loved one is DEAD and we are concerned about the rights of those that killed him? That is backwards and THAT is barbaric! Walk a mile in my or his mother's shoes and you will understand the definition of cruel and unusual punishment.   We humbly ask all Canadians disgusted with the idea a convicted killer, arrested fleeing the scene with his shoe soaked in my son's blood from stomping and kicking him while he was dying on the ground begging for mercy, should be out free after serving only a year of his pathetic sentence. This guy is a liar, a coward, and most of all, a convicted killer.  He is not innocent, he is the whole reason my son is dead, and he participated fully in his murder hence the GUILTY VERDICT.  Another convicted in the case told police he was stomping him screaming at him 'i dare you to hit me again' as he was dying on the ground.  Is it in the PUBLIC INTEREST to have this guy get away with MURDER?   And the chance of him running is very high.. of course, they will say he didn't run when he was on bail before he was convicted...  That is when he thought he had it in the bag and was going free for his murder.. now that he is convicted, of course, he is a flight risk! DENY BAIL FOR CONVICTED MURDERER ASMAR SHLAH AFTER A MEASLY YEAR IN JAIL!

Dale Hird
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Petition to Campus Art Committee

Tesla statue at the University of Calgary Campus in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

By signing this petition, please support the initiative of the Calgary Tesla Society to raise a statue to Nikola Tesla at the University of Calgary Campus. Nikola Tesla was a man with an ultimate dream to provide free electricity for all humanity. With his numerous inventions, he has not just improved but made possible life of common people in the modern era. The intention of raising a statue to a great inventor and humanist is to inspire young people to think big and selfless, as Tesla did, on important enterprises like energy and its wireless transmission. He is the best role model to students, future engineers and physicists, scientists, researchers and inventors.Tesla is the father of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system, radio, wireless technology and many more crucial inventions.  University of Calgary supporters of that initiative are: Schulich School of Engineering, Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering Student’s Society. The bronze tribute created by Terry Guyer, renowned sculptor and painter, features Tesla holding a wireless light bulb.The proposed location is a site between ICT (where the Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering is located), Science B (where the Department of Physics and Astronomy is located) and the Engineering Complex. Please share this petition with your community by printing this poster. Nikola Tesla : "The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine."

Calgary Tesla Society
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Petition to Brian Mason

Revise the Legislation on Window Tint/Glazing in Alberta

Window tint/glazing laws in Alberta are out of date and used as a cash grab to stop safe and responsible drivers. The volume of which tickets are being assigned show that window tint is providing value to the people of Alberta. By keeping their car cool, using less energy, and blocking out sun from their eyes. like California have embraced the benefits and safety concerns of citizens and even encouraged window tinting to reduce energy usage. As long as the net light transmission of 70% or higher on the front sides of the vehicle. (CALIFORNIA TINT LAW ENACTED: 1999) Alberta is so strict, that "A person shall not install, replace or cover the window glazing in a windshield or in a left or right side window of a motor vehicle that is beside or forward of the driver with a transparent, translucent or opaque material." This is in comparison to places like Ontario that utilize the 35% light transmission guideline. - - Why are tinted windows illegal? If the vehicle is involved in a collision the glass is designed to break into small pieces, the window film doesn’t allow this to happen and the glass can become a large sharp object, possibly causing injury to the occupants. - Windsheilds generally already contain a layer of film inbetween the panes that holds the glass together into one large chunk. It's more likely that during a minor collision, tint will hold the glass in place enough to reduce the chance of glass shards/beads flying into the face and eyes of the driver. During more serious incidents, it's unlikely that the tint film will have any effect on the glass breaking and forming into large shards.  Tinted windows decrease the vision depth that a driver observes through the window, reducing his/her perception of objects through the window. Actually, this was proven incorrect in most cases with people that have good vision. This is where window tint should be used at discretion. If you can't see through it- it's too dark guys! Hum Factors. 2000 Summer;42(2):327-36.Effect of aftermarket automobile window tinting films on driver vision.LaMotte J1, Ridder W 3rd, Yeung K, De Land P. - Thanks to Reddit User U\BlackStrain for the open URL.  Police officers are unable to observe how many occupants may be in the vehicle during traffic stops. With the legislation today, where rear window tint is allowed. They are still unable to see how many occupants are in the vehicle during traffic stops. At a check-stop, the front windshield should be able to provide an unobstructed view of the passengers in the car.  Civilians are unable to identify occupants should the vehicle be involved in a hit and run or possible road rage incident. We're asking for tint to be looked at and regulated in a fair manor. There's little denying that full 5% tint on the front windows is likely a bad idea. But a light tint would provide some relief from the sun, some protection in an accident or theft, and still allow people to view through the glass easily.  One of the biggest issues in Alberta right now is that law enforcement are being forced to enforce laws that make no sense. I have nothing against police officers, most of the ones I have dealt with have been wonderful people. I'd really like them keeping me safe, not wasting their time pulling over safe and courteous drivers just because outdated legislation has it out for window tint. It's legislation like this that causes citizens to be in uncomfortable and unfriendly situations with law enforcement. We should be working together to build a safe and functional set of guidelines to protect and engage everyone in our community. Thank you for your support!

Jason Ackerman
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Petition to Mayor and Councillors

I support a new Sports & Entertainment venue for Calgary.”

Dear Calgarians…we’re falling behind and City Council needs to hear our concerns. Whether you are a Flames fan, Stampeders fan or a fan of concerts, it’s time to make your voice heard. When the news of CalgaryNEXT was announced in August of 2015, we were excited at the prospect of finally having a world-class home for sports and entertainment.  Almost 2 years have passed and it seems like we are no closer to getting new sports and entertainment facilities in our city. So, what has happened? From what we understand Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (“CSEC”) has put the CalgaryNEXT proposal on pause with the promise from the City that a Victoria Park, Plan B option would be discussed. Residents of Calgary who were anticipating this exciting project have been left in the dark.  We’re now leading up to the civic election and if there isn’t progress soon it may not be until 2018 before any movement is made.  As Calgarians, we need you to stand tall and have your voice heard.   As hockey fans, you deserve MORE than to see your beloved Flames play in the oldest arena in the NHL. Some great memories were made there, but let’s face it we need a new building. As football fans, you deserve MORE than to see your Stamps play in a stadium that is well past its life cycle. As music lovers, you deserve to see your favourite artist without having to travel 300km to the north.  The Saddledome’s roof acts as a deterrent for acts like Garth Brooks, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars who have been overlooking Calgary as a viable venue and taking their shows to Edmonton instead. And as Calgarians, your money should be staying here in this community, supporting our bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. rather than supporting our neighbours to the north. The Mayor recently stated publicly that 99.999997% of Calgarians are against new sports infrastructure for Calgary.  We want to show the Mayor and Council that this number is not accurate. Here is where you can help. We understand that the financial structure of the project needs to work for all parties involved but if you agree that Calgary needs new sports and entertainment infrastructure we would ask that you consider signing this petition. If our sports and entertainment infrastructure is not a priority for City Council now, it may be another 10-15 years before we see a new arena, stadium or fieldhouse for Calgary. We owe it to ourselves to show not only that we care about our sports and entertainment but our need to improve our community as a whole. Make your voice heard by signing this petition today. Sincerely, Sean Fraser - A proud Calgarian  

Sean Fraser
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