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Petition to Cabinet Office Honours and Appointments Secretariat, Theresa May MP

Remove Sir Philip Green's knighthood

In recent times, one of the most recognisable British brands in history (BHS) has gone into administration, leading thousands of jobs to be put at risk. What makes such a thing worse is that those hard workers will have their pensions put at risk, leaving them with financial uncertainty in later life. The reason for this is the huge pension deficit of £580 million that has been accumulated by former owner Philip Green, in order for him to spend it on his lavish lifestyle. He also spent it on his wife Tina Green, a Monaco resident, meaning she has a significantly lower tax liability than the £150 million she would have to pay if she was a UK citizen. To make things worse, he is doing very little to solve the issue. Despite being one of the richest people in the country (with a wealth of £3.22 billion) he doesn't seem to care very much, only pledging £80 million to solve the issue. From such evidence, it is clear that he doesn't seem to care for the lives he's potentially wrecked, nor for trying to solve it. As such, there's been an understandable backlash, including from former Dixons chairman Sir John Collins, who has advocated for Green's knighthood (of which Collins himself previously supported) to be removed. He has a point. Between Green's terrible abuse of BHS' pension fund, his tax avoidance and his continued abuse of his overseas workers it is clear that he doesn't deserve his honour, and it should be revoked as a result. Update: Following recent revelations about the alleged sexual assaults that Green has committed (not to mention his attempts to censor the press over it), I have decided to re-open this petition. To add to his already long list of reprehensible behaviour, it is now possible that Green is a sexually abusive bully, akin to the likes of Harvey Weinstein. If this isn't a good enough reason to remove his knighthood, I wouldn't know what is.

Edward Howard
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Petition to CEOs of the FTSE350 Companies

Big business must do more to build an equal society

Business has the power to change the world for the better, but persistent stories of low pay, discrimination and a lack of respect for the environment often make it seem like part of the problem, not the solution. As the workforce of the future students and young people can push your future employers to do better, to create a fairer, more sustainable world by making better purchasing decisions. We call on the FSTE 350 to take their responsibility to people and planet more seriously and to work with, learn from and support the growing social enterprise movement, simply by changing who they buy from. Social enterprises, which are set up to trade for a social purpose, offer a better way of doing business. From homelessness and substance abuse to mental health and social care - social enterprises are working on the front-line creating opportunities and reducing inequalities. They are showing traditional businesses how social impact and profit can go hand in hand. Join the social enterprise revolution and ensure business plays its part to ensure our generation has a better future. Sign this petition, which will be delivered to the CEOs of the FTSE 350 - the largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange comprising of both the FTSE 100 and the FTSE 250.  With your support we can show them that their future employees and customers care about the impact they are having. That they want them to step up and use their influence and purchasing power to build a fairer world.   Dear CEOs of the FTSE 350 Students are the workforce of the future and business has the power to change the world. We believe in equality. Every business should ensure that people are able to rise to the top regardless of their gender, race, religion or background. We believe in environmental responsibility. Every business should make a positive contribution to ensuring that the next generation does not inherit an ecological disaster. We believe in community. Every business should respect the places that they work in and give something back. We are losing trust in business. Stories of low-pay, discrimination and a lack of respect for the environment are all too common. Businesses appear to be making our situation worse, not better. Soon we will be entering the workplace. We want to work for companies that care about more than just the bottom line, that have a social mission beyond short-term profits. We want to work in and with social enterprises. We want more businesses to become social enterprises. These are firms which are set up to make a positive social and environmental impact. They reinvest their profits back into their business to further their mission or into projects which deliver their mission. This is a smarter way of doing business. Social enterprises are more diverse than private firms. 41% are led by women and 12% by people from an ethnic minority background – double the level in the rest of the private sector. Social enterprises are also more innovative than private firms. This is no coincidence. Diversity is good for society and good for business. There can be no more excuses for businesses failing to deliver. The FTSE 100 currently spends around £10m on Corporate Social Responsibility every year. Wouldn’t it be better if they used the hundreds of billions that they spent doing business every year to make a positive difference. They can do that through spending their money with social enterprises and becoming more socially responsible themselves. As business you have the power to build a fairer world. We call on you to support social enterprises so that our generation has a better future. Yours sincerely,  Your future workforce.

Social Enterprise UK
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