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Petition to Yaz Mubarakai MLA, Hon. Paul Papalia CSC, MLA

Reinstate direct flights between Perth and India

We ask the Western Australian State Government and Minister for Tourism Paul Papalia to continue to aggressively pursue direct flights from Perth to India. The Western Australian Government has held discussions with India's Ministry of Civil Aviation about the potential for new nonstop flights between India and Perth. Air India already runs nonstop flights between India and Australia, from the Australian capital cities of Sydney and Melbourne. Nonstop flights between India and Perth existed until 1997– let’s reinstate them! WHY ARE NONSTOP FLIGHTS A GOOD IDEA? Indian visitor numbers to Western Australia increased by 38% between 2015 and 2017 and in addition to this, almost 50,000 people born in India live in Western Australia (Census 2016), the third biggest overseas-born demographic in WA. There has been 65 per cent growth in the Indian-born population living in WA in the past six years. Visiting friends and relatives help to fill the aircraft on the way back to India. Furthermore, the biggest source of international students for Perth is India. Western Australia could be capitalising on this massive opportunity to attract more international students, thus bolstering our local economy and tertiary institutions 144,000 passengers already travel between India and Perth annually, and over the past three years traffic has risen almost 17 per cent a year. A nonstop service would also aid growth in business and trade, particularly around WA fresh produce. What’s more, Boeing data shows that traffic trebles when a nonstop service is opened on a route. PLEASE JOIN MY CALL by signing and sharing this petition to WA Minister for Tourism Paul Papalia and the Western Australian Parliament, and send a message: Please pursue direct flights between Perth and India to provide convenient fast travel for thousands of people annually and invigorate tourism, trade and international education in Western Australia.

Rohan Amlani
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Petition to Cabinet Office Honours and Appointments Secretariat, Theresa May MP

Remove Sir Philip Green's knighthood

In recent times, one of the most recognisable British brands in history (BHS) has gone into administration, leading thousands of jobs to be put at risk. What makes such a thing worse is that those hard workers will have their pensions put at risk, leaving them with financial uncertainty in later life. The reason for this is the huge pension deficit of £580 million that has been accumulated by former owner Philip Green, in order for him to spend it on his lavish lifestyle. He also spent it on his wife Tina Green, a Monaco resident, meaning she has a significantly lower tax liability than the £150 million she would have to pay if she was a UK citizen. To make things worse, he is doing very little to solve the issue. Despite being one of the richest people in the country (with a wealth of £3.22 billion) he doesn't seem to care very much, only pledging £80 million to solve the issue. From such evidence, it is clear that he doesn't seem to care for the lives he's potentially wrecked, nor for trying to solve it. As such, there's been an understandable backlash, including from former Dixons chairman Sir John Collins, who has advocated for Green's knighthood (of which Collins himself previously supported) to be removed. He has a point. Between Green's terrible abuse of BHS' pension fund, his tax avoidance and his continued abuse of his overseas workers it is clear that he doesn't deserve his honour, and it should be revoked as a result. Update: Following recent revelations about the alleged sexual assaults that Green has committed (not to mention his attempts to censor the press over it), I have decided to re-open this petition. To add to his already long list of reprehensible behaviour, it is now possible that Green is a sexually abusive bully, akin to the likes of Harvey Weinstein. If this isn't a good enough reason to remove his knighthood, I wouldn't know what is.

Edward Howard
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