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Petition to Jeff Bezos

We Demand Amazon Take Down Racist Ads

In this day and age, no people should have to be subjected to racial slurs and demeaning and dehumanizing stereotypes. Yet the biggest online giant in the nation, Amazon, does it without blinking an eye.  Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post, can single-handedly end this practice and we demand that he do so immediately. Please require your sellers to remove racial slurs such as Chinaman and images which reinforce the racist stereotypes of Asian Americans as sinister, evil and a menace to society. If these sellers do not cooperate, we ask that you ban them from the Amazon platform. This ad from Bristol Novelty uses the racist slur "Chinaman" in its headline to sell a Chinese beanie. Another ad from the same company does it again to sell a "Chinaman Tash." The derogatory term "Chinaman" has been used derisively to refer to people from China and other East Asian countries and has historically been used in a negative context, unlike Englishman or Irishman. The "Chinaman Tash" also props up the offensive Fu Man Chu stereotype, as does a similar product from Forum Novelties.  The fictionalized Hollywood character  demonizes Asians and, at one time, was even derided by the U.S. State Department, which considered China an ally during WWII. Bezos would not allow his Washington Post to refer to Asians as Chinaman, we ask that he do the same on Amazon. We also do not believe these offensive images would be published in the Post without historical context. Again, we ask Bezos to ban such images from Amazon. Failure to do so would be a slap in the face to Amazon's Asian American customers and all those who believe all people should be treated with respect.    

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Petition to T-Mobile, T-Mobile Media Relations

T-Mobile Employees Fair Wages Fair Treatment

When we first began working for FX1 Mobile/T-Mobile, the enviornment was great. We did not dread coming to work. I mean, it was the kind of job you enjoyed coming to. Recently, however, there has been some unfair changes. In the past few months, we have been told that on an 11 hour shift, you are not allowed to sit down. The managers sit all day every day while at work, but the mobile experts and sales leads are expected to stand for 11 hours straight.They have also taken a huge portion of our monthly commisions away, cut our work weeks down, and taken away any and all oppritunities for overtime. They took the lower priced plans for people who can not afford huge downpayments, and gave us no incentive to sell to them. T-Mobile has stopped caring about people and started only caring about money! They cut all this down, but they did not cut the sales pressure or the expectations. If anything, they have raised since. They are not taking into consideration that we are people. We have families and houses support. We are now living paycheck to paycheck and it has stopped being worth it. I would like to see if we get the signatures maybe we can make a change in a postitive directions. We would just like to see something be done because everytime we have tried to reach out or say our part we are ignored and pushed to the side. Please help us get the recognition we deserve! 

Fx1 T-Mobile
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