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Petition to Movie Theaters

Movie Theaters - Open Captions (Subtitles) Are for Everyone!

Shortcut url: ) What are open captions (subtitles)? Open captions are on-screen text dialogue. Open captions let deaf and hard of hearing people enjoy movies the same way as hearing people do. (Many hearing people also benefit from open captions, as seen below.) Some people with hearing loss do like closed captioning equipment, but given a choice, the majority will choose open captions because closed caption equipment has multiple issues: often uncomfortable may cause eyestrain dizziness headaches malfunctions drop lines show the wrong captions may repeat lines batteries die may be unsanitary can't stay in place without being held can not be used by some people due to vision impairment. As a result of the above issues, most users of captions prefer open captions.  OPEN CAPTIONS ARE FOR EVERYONE! Captions also benefit many others, as discussed in the research article "Video Captions Are for Everyone:" Kids learning to read People with autism People learning English as a second language People with auditory processing disorder or issues People with sensitivity to noise (hyperacusis), tinnitus, or meniere's Some people with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Some people with down syndrome or learning disabilities People starting to lose their hearing Veterans with battle-acquired hearing loss People who have difficulty understanding dialogue when there is noise, mumbling, whispering, or accents.  People with roommates or parents with young children  Plus, many young adults today grew up exposed to closed captions (mom and dad always turned the closed captions on the TV) so now they are in the habit of using captions or actually prefer captions! And many people like watching streamed movies and TV shows with the subtitles on.  Some theaters are very willing to show open captioned movies. Unfortunately,  many theaters are not willing to offer open captions despite pleas from people with hearing loss. When open captioned movies are requested, requests may be denied or only poorly attended time slots are offered. When blockbusters open, generally less than 2 percent of theaters nationwide will offer them open captioned. This happened with Joker, Avengers Endgame, and Star Wars RoS. It is also common for requests for open captioned screenings on opening weekends to be denied. There is an effort under way to get laws in states and cities to require open captions as an additional option in movie theaters. Hawaii already has such a law, which took effect on July 1, 2019. Your signature demonstrates to legislators how much demand and support there is for open captions in movie theaters! Currently there are bills in: Virginia Washington, DC Vermont We call on movie theaters to give open captions a real chance with better dates and time slots. Make open captions a standard option alongside closed captions. Most importantly, we call on movie theaters to stop looking at open captions as being only for deaf and hard of hearing people, and start looking at open captions as being for everyone! **************************************************************** Open Caption Petitions are Around the Globe! Even if you don't live in those countries you can still sign their petitions because what if you visited those countries and wanted to see a movie there? Marvel Studios - Open Caption the Eternals for Everyone! Australia: OC at Hoyts UK: More Reasonable OC times Canada: OC in Canadian Theatres

Jamie Berke
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Petition to Dianne Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Julia Brownley, Jared Blumenfeld, Rick Perry

No more kids with cancer: clean up the Santa Susana Field Lab

When my daughter Grace Ellen was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer, at age four, I thought that our family had the worst, most devastating luck. But after spending months in the hospital with her, we learned that she was one of over 50 children who may have been poisoned by one of the worst nuclear meltdowns in America. Sign to demand that California's EPA and the Dept. of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) enforce the AOC cleanup of the Santa Susana Field Lab and prevent any more children from getting cancer. Grace Ellen’s form of cancer was incredibly aggressive. At age four she was put on several clinical trials, had ten times the normal amount of chemotherapy, and spent two years fighting her cancer. A year and a half later her cancer came back and she underwent a bone marrow transplant. She was unable to walk or eat or drink, and had to fight for her life in the hospital isolation floor. Her childhood was stolen from her, and it haunts me to know her cancer might have been avoidable. She, like the other 50 children, grew up within 20 miles the Santa Susana Field Lab, land which was developed in the 1940s to conduct nuclear research. In 1959 an uncontained partial meltdown of a sodium reactor caused such a devastating radiation leak that many consider it to be the worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history – and it was completely covered up for years. Our community has up to 60% higher cancer rates, 20% higher invasive breast cancer rates, we have the reports to prove it. It is the Department of Toxic Substance Control’s job to clean up this mess. They know our children are sick and dying, but they aren’t taking any meaningful action against those who own the land – Boeing, NASA and the DOE. The Woolsey Fire, which began on Santa Susana Field Lab, may have exposed millions of people in Southern California to the chemical and radioactive waste from the site, via ash and smoke. It proved once again that we will not be safe until the site is 100% cleaned up. I will protect my children even if I have to tear down mountains with my bare hands – and I am one of many parents fighting for our kids. To win this, we need DTSC and CalEPA, with the support of California's elected officials, to enforce the AOC cleanup once and for all. Will you join us? 

Melissa Bumstead
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Petition to Food and Drug Administration

Ban Harmful Chemicals in Hair Dyes and Straighteners Linked to Higher Breast Cancer Risk

My name is Natasha, and I am an activist for a women's health and environmental charity--but that’s not the only reason why I’ve made this petition. For more than 15 years, my mother sought medical attention for a lump on her right breast. However, her primary care physician neglected to send her to a specialist for further examinations of her lump, claiming that it was just calcification. She had to be her own advocate, found a new PCP, and insisted on further tests. At age 60 my mother, Luisa, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment, following her double mastectomy surgery this past August. In 2007 her younger sister, Betty, died of breast cancer at age 43. Genetic testing found no hereditary explanation for my mother’s diagnosis, but rather that the disease was contracted through environmental factors. For decades, my mother often used permanent hair dye and chemical straighteners, due to a lack of awareness of the harmful ingredients they possessed.  Hair products are made up of more than 5,000 chemicals, many of which contain carcinogens. Most of these harsh chemicals are rarely listed on the product labels, making it nearly impossible for consumers to know exactly how they can impact their health. Researchers suspect the link between hair dyes and chemical straighteners, and an increased association of breast cancer, can be traced back to the toxic ingredients in hair products that we inhale and absorb through our skin during use. In December 2019, new research found that women who used permanent hair dye or chemical straighteners were at higher risk of developing breast cancer--and this disproportionately affects women of color like my mother, who consume more toxic hair products than anyone else. Use of hair dye is associated with about a 45 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer among Black women (compared to a 7% higher risk for white women). That is an unacceptable health risk. One in eight U.S. women are diagnosed in their lifetime with breast cancer, and about 41,760 women in the United States are expected to die in 2019 from it. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Black women. Black women--who continue to be medically overlooked in a myriad of ways--are also diagnosed at a later stage and consequently die at a higher rate after diagnosis. I won’t let this happen to my mom without a fight. This is why I am urgently calling on the Food and Drug Administration and leading hair product manufacturers to act now and ban all toxic chemicals from hair dyes and straighteners.  These alarmingly toxic chemicals are harmful and not needed in hair dye and chemical straighteners, and their life-threatening impacts are thoroughly preventable. Fortunately we are seeing more and more corporations embracing chemical-free options, and we would like to urge the FDA to take action to ensure that women’s lives are protected from unnecessary cancers. In order to save lives, it is therefore crucial that we urgently bring about change so that these harmful substances are removed from commonly used hair products.  In the meantime, I appeal to women who use those products to avoid buying them. Boycott these companies who continue to put these carcinogenic products into the hands of women--in spite of the scientific evidence of their role in increasing breast cancer risk. These companies are killing women slowly. Please sign and share so that together we can stop harmful chemicals from ever ending up in hair dyes and straighteners in the first place. Thank you for fighting for my mom, and for women everywhere. Natasha  Link to NIH study: Campaign hashtag: #ToxicFreeHair

Natasha Piette-Basheer
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