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Petition to Larry Merlo, CVS Pharmacy

Tell CVS to Donate, Don't Dump

For about a year, I’ve walked up and down the streets of New York City in the evenings to save perfectly good food and other items from CVS’s trash, which I then gift to friends, family, and people in need. I find it ridiculous - and frankly disrespectful - to see how much CVS wastes when millions of people, including CVS’s own employees, struggle to put food on the table. CVS, as a policy, throws out excess, slightly damaged, or about-to-expire merchandise. In CVS's trash in New York I've found unopened toothpaste, bars of soap, tissues, and shelf-stable food like Oreos and oatmeal (which safely can be eaten months after the best by date*). All of this should have been donated. Over the course of several months I've emailed CVS's CEO Larry Merlo about this multiple times, and as direct result have spoken to regional management about this multiple times. They've promised to donate more, but nothing has changed. I'm hoping this petition can pressure CVS to make donation their default. Tell CVS to #donatedontdump Donate to a local shelter, food pantry, or church. CVS has a national partnership with Feeding America, but still a lot of food and usable merchandise is thrown out. CVS should not only allow regional managers to form partnerships with local charities, but should reward them for doing so (make it part of their performance appraisal, for example). If donation is not a possibility, allow employees to take home food and other usable items that would otherwise be thrown out. Employees, most of whom make minimum wage, are forbidden from taking home or donating excess merchandise to those in need, and might be fired for doing so. CVS should allow employees to take home items that would otherwise be thrown out. Thank you for your help! I hope you'll sign and share this petition. -Anna *Legally, only baby formula needs to have a best by date. Best by dates on all other products are voluntarily put there by manufacturers and often only indicate product quality, not product safety. If anyone were to get sick from donated food, CVS would be protected from legal liability under the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. In addition, there have been no recorded lawsuits related to food donation.

Anna Sacks
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, United Parcel Service, Governor Greg Abbott, Texas State Senate, Donald Trump, U.S. House of Representatives

Provide Air Conditioning for your UPS Driver

UPS drivers are battling the sweltering heat. Parcel volume and demands on workers are high, but the summer temperatures are even higher. And there is no A/C in UPS trucks. I used to drive for UPS in Texas and the conditions were so bad that half the time I couldn’t even see because sweat was dripping in my eyes. But I was expected to keep delivering at a fast pace. When I expressed my concern that I might be getting dehydrated, the supervisors told me to eat a banana. Drink pickle juice. More water. Eventually, I just had enough. UPS does not care about our safety. They claim safe work methods all day long and then throw us on a truck with 500,000 miles on it and no A/C. It seems like they’re just trying to save money. Some drivers are hospitalized for dehydration and come within 20 minutes of losing their lives! It is illegal to leave a child or an animal in a vehicle in these conditions, shouldn't the same be applied to us? It's an oven in the back of that truck and looking for the right package at a stop can be very challenging sometimes. I know from experience how miserable and dangerous these working conditions can be. Join me in telling UPS it’s time to put their people before their profits and add air conditioning to their trucks.

Matt Zaner
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Petition to Josh Silcox, Anna Steffens, Brian Trusheim, Scott Patton, Joan Kavanaugh, Erin Loverher

Tell Aldi to Go 100% Gestation Crate Free

Many of us are loyal Aldi shoppers who appreciate the grocery chain’s quality, low-priced foods, commitment to sustainability, and desire to serve its customers in meaningful ways. That’s why it is especially disheartening to learn that unlike almost every other major grocer in the U.S., Aldi still has not committed to stopping its pork suppliers from locking up mother pigs in tiny “gestation crates” for virtually their entire life. Please sign our petition. Urge Aldi to take the responsible road like so many other retailers and commit to a 100% gestation crate free supply chain by 2022. Gestation crates are widely recognized as cruel and inhumane. They confine a mother pig throughout her 4-month pregnancy in a space so tiny it’s roughly the same size as her body, so narrow she can’t even turn around. The mother pig is subsequently transferred into another crate to give birth, re-impregnated, and then put back into a gestation crate. This inhumane cycle repeats, pregnancy after pregnancy, for virtually their entire lives, adding up to years of immobilization. Almost every leading company in the food industry has listened to public opinion by adopting a policy to phase-out purchasing from operators using gestation crates —from restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Cracker Barrel, and Quiznos to other cost-conscious retailers such as Costco, Trader Joe’s, Kroger, and Walmart. As one of the largest grocers in the U.S., it is time for Aldi to do the same and acknowledge that animals ought to be allowed to move. Aldi says it cares about what its customers want. Please sign and share this petition and let Aldi know that you care about the animal welfare practices of their pork suppliers. Ask them to commit to phasing out the use of gestation crates for a mother pig’s entire pregnancy from its supply chain within a specified timeframe.

Crate Free Illinois
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Petition to Movie Theaters

Movie Theaters - Open Captions (Subtitles) Are for Everyone!

Open captions are for everyone! #OCMOVIESNOW #OPENCAPTIONSNOW #OPENCAPTIONS ( Shortcut url: ) (Links to other Open Caption petitions globally at bottom.) What are open captions? Open captions are on-screen text dialogue. Open captions let deaf and hard of hearing people enjoy movies the same way as hearing people do. (Many hearing people also benefit from open captions.) Some people with hearing loss do like closed captioning equipment, but given a choice, the majority will choose open captions because closed caption equipment has multiple issues: often uncomfortable may cause eyestrain dizziness headaches malfunctions drop lines show the wrong captions may repeat lines batteries die may be unsanitary can not be used by some people due to vision impairment. As a result of the above issues, most users of captions prefer open captions.  Some theaters are very willing to show open captioned movies. Unfortunately,  many theaters are not willing to offer open captions despite pleas from people with hearing loss. When open captioned movies are requested, requests may be denied or only poorly attended time slots are offered. As an example, the Avengers: Endgame movie.  Several requests from open caption organizers for OC screenings of this movie on opening weekend were denied. The same thing will probably happen with the next Star Wars movie.  OPEN CAPTIONS ARE FOR EVERYONE! Captions also benefit many others, as discussed in the research article "Video Captions Are for Everyone:" Kids learning to read People with autism People learning English as a second language People with auditory processing disorder or sensitivity to noise Some people with attention deficit disorder Some people with down syndrome, learning disabiities, or auditory processing issues People starting to lose their hearing Veterans with battle-acquired hearing loss People who have difficulty understanding dialogue when there is noise, mumbling, or accents Plus, many young adults today grew up exposed to closed captions (mom and dad always turned the closed captions on the TV) so now they are in the habit of using captions or actually prefer captions! And many people like watching streamed movies and TV shows with the subtitles on.  There is an effort under way to get laws in states and cities to require open captions as an additional option in movie theaters. Hawaii already has such a law, which took effect on July 1, 2019. Your signature demonstrates to legislators how much demand and support there is for open captions in movie theaters! We call on movie theaters to give open captions a real chance with better dates and time slots. Make open captions a standard option alongside closed captions. Most importantly, we call on movie theaters to stop looking at open captions as being only for deaf and hard of hearing people, and start looking at open captions as being for everyone! **************************************************************** Open Caption Petitions are Around the Globe! Even if you don't live in those countries you can still sign their petitions because what if you visited those countries and wanted to see a movie there? Marvel Studios - Open Caption the Eternals for Everyone! Australia: OC at Hoyts UK: More Reasonable OC times Canada: OC in Canadian Theatres

Jamie Berke
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