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Petition to Brian C. Cornell, Target

Tell Target You Expect More And Want Them To Waste Less Food

The power of our collective action has convinced Whole Foods Market and Walmart to start selling ugly produce. Let’s now work together to encourage Target to combat food waste and increase fresh produce access by sourcing, selling and marketing ugly produce. Target says it listens to its customers so let’s give a clear message that we want it to do something simple, effective and good for the retailers’ and its customers bottom line. This can have a major impact, given it is one of America’s largest retailers with about 1,800 U.S. stores. Target already offers lower prices on “regular” produce at its stores and we applaud its efforts on fruit and vegetable prescriptions (FVRx) in Los Angeles and beyond. In the U.S. studies show that almost 90% of people are not eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables, the recommended five servings a day. Many American families simply can’t afford enough fresh produce. Yet, we throw away about 25% of all produce before it even reaches the grocery store due mostly to cosmetic standards from large grocers that dictate exactly how fruits and veggies should look. If produce fails to make the grade for size, shape, or color, retailers deem it "ugly" and refuse to sell it in their stores. Billions of pounds of good, healthy produce goes uneaten because it’s not pretty! But this food is perfectly edible. Studies confirm that the “uglies” are equally as nutritious as any produce you get in the store, and, can actually have more taste and nutrition! Stores in Australia, Canada, Europe, have seen success selling many different types of not quite "perfect" produce, offering it at an average of 30% off, and it has increased store traffic and total sales. Giant Eagle in Pennsylvania and Ohio, Hannaford in New York and Whole Foods Market in California have successful “ugly” produce programs, with multiple fruits and vegetables as well. Wouldn’t you buy “ugly” but perfectly delicious and nutritious produce for 30-50% off if you had the chance? So join us and the “ugly fruit & veg revolution” as we ask Target to be part of the solution, not the problem. Tell them to add an ugly produce program to their store aisles so you can save money, fight produce deficiency and help the environment all in one. Culinary Nutritionist Stefanie Sacks and I were successful in petitioning Whole Foods Market to sell ugly produce. And we have received over 150,000 signatures to urge Walmart to sell it as well. We delivered the petition and Walmart started two ugly produce efforts but didn’t commit to anything long-term (Whole Foods did commit). Now we are asking you to call on Target to help stop massive food waste by selling cosmetically “less than perfect” produce. #GetUglyProduce

Jordan Figueiredo
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Petition to Bernie Brenner, Neeraj Gunsagar

End TRUECar's relationship with the NRA

Drain The NRA is a movement that boycotts, protests and encourages divestment from the gun industry and its corporate partners. We were dismayed to discover that TrueCar advertises on the NRA's website and offers its car buying services as a benefit to NRA members. By partnering with the NRA, TrueCar is endorsing the gun lobby's practices of stopping sensible gun safety laws from getting passed and making large contributions to Congressional campaigns to ensure that politicians do nothing about the proliferation of guns and easy access to weapons of war.  By associating itself with the NRA, TrueCar is complicit in stalling gun safety legislation while we see more and more mass shootings in addition to the 315 people who are shot and 93 that die every day from gun violence. Drain The NRA is a new movement of mothers who want their children to come home from school or church or a concert. We're gun control activists who have seen firsthand the suffering that gun violence brings to families. TrueCar's relationship with the NRA spits in the faces of victims of gun violence and their loved ones. Those who sign this petition are asking TrueCar to no longer advertise its services to NRA members and remove its page from the NRA website. We will boycott, protest and divest from TrueCar until it decides to be on the right side of history, stand with the majority of Americans who want sensible gun safety laws and walks away from the NRA. 

Drain The NRA
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