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Petition to Mark Deaville, Staffordshire County Council

Reverse the decision to cut Arriva Midlands funding - save Sunday services

Staffordshire County Council have made the decision to stop subsidies to Arriva Midlands which enables them to run evening and Sunday services from their Cannock depot (serving Cannock, Stafford, Huntington, Hednesford and Great Wyrley). This means all evening and Sunday busses will be withdrawn from April 1st 2018 and affecting hundreds of people, particularly the elderly, will be unable to travel during these times where there are no alternate operators.  Some elderly and disabled users may have little opportunity to leave the house, and by cutting bus services back this leaves even less opportunity. A regular user of one of the Cannock services relies on Arriva to care for his disabled brother; he still requires the same care on Sundays, but how is he able to travel to him?In addition to this, users paying as much as £520pa for a Cannock/Stafford region, or £800pa for West Midlands region bus passes will receive less value for money. This is unfair to hard working commuters who deserve to use their pass for leisure evenings and weekends.In Walsall and the Black Country, operators such as National Express and Diamond run regular services throughout the week, as frequent as every 7 minutes. The people of Cannock and Stafford have the same needs. *Simon Mathieson, of Arriva Midlands, said: "It will become financially unsustainable for us to continue to cover the overheads we incur opening our Cannock depot on Sundays and we have made the decision to cancel all services that run from our Delta Way depot on Sundays with effect from April 1.” Affected services, as of 26th March, include: 2E - Walsall to Hednesford (via Bloxwich, Great Wyrley, Cheslyn Hay & Cannock) No evening or Sundays; & not serving Hednesford or Pye Green 8 - Parkside to Moss Pit (Circular) No evening or Sundays 9 - Stafford to Highfields (Circular) No evening or Sundays 12 - Stafford to Doxey (Circular) No evening or Sundays 21 - Shoal Hill to Cannock (Circular) Complete withdrawal 25/26 - Cannock to Pye Green (Circular) No late evening or Sundays 60/61 - Cannock to Lichfield (via Norton Canes and Burntwood) No evening or Sundays 62/62S - Cannock to Lichfield (via Hednesford & Burntwood) No evening or Sundays and route change 70/70A - Cannock to Wolverhampton (via Featherstone & University) No evening or Sundays 71/71A - Cannock to Wolverhampton To be replaced by Select; no evenings or Sundays 74 - Cannock to Stafford Hospital (via Huntington & Town Centre) No Sundays 75A - Stafford to Cannock (via Dunston & Penkridge) No evening or Sundays 76A - Stafford to Wolverhampton (via Penkridge) Complete withdrawal 825 - Stafford to Lichfield (via Hixon, Little Haywood & Rugeley) No Monday-Thursday evenings or Sundays ALL of the above will no longer run on Sundays or evenings (except 825 on Friday & Saturday evenings). Arriva have published the specific changes to routes here -  Please sign this petition in an attempt to convince Staffordshire County Council and Cabinet member for Commercial, Mark Deaville, to reverse their decision and maintain funding for these vital services. Thank you.* Accessed 15/02/2018^Image property of Reiss Laventine (thank you)

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Petition to Darek Koper

Auckland Transport: We need better bus services for East Park Residents.

Bus services that travel along Ti Rakau Drive from Manukau and Britomart do not stop near East Park. They drive right past it.  The closest bus stop to East Park on Ti Rakau Drive is outside Bunnings which is a 1000 metre walk away from the center of East Park. Auckland Transport staff recommend getting off at Botany Town Centre which is a 900 metre walk across one of the busiest six lane roads in Auckland to reach the centre of East Park. The next closest bus stop, after the bus drives past East Park, requires a change of bus at Botany Town Centre which can add between 10 and 30 minutes of time delay before the second bus reaches the next bus stop outside 325 Botany Road. That stop while closet is still 600 metres away from the centre of East Park and because it has no concrete between the footpath and the road and passengers in many months of the year have to walk through water and mud to get on and off the bus. in 2017 AT installed an excellent bus stop on Ti Rakau Drive, near 41 Spalding Drive. The bus stop had a safe concreted pad to enter and exit the bus, along with a great shelter with comfortable seating.  Sadly it was never put into use, the bus company refused to use it, saying it would be too hard to pick up or drop off passengers and then turn right into Te Irirangi Drive. Really? The bus stop has now been removed. The Chair of the East Park Residents Association has previously campaigned for better bus services. Thank you Graham. For more details see  Our local MP Jamie-Lee Ross has also recently approached Auckland Transport. Thank You Jamie-Lee.  Despite the action of our two local advocates, AT remains unmoved, they refuse to give East Park residents a safe, convenient bus stop on Ti Rakau Drive near East Park. We need a safe, sheltered, local bus stop on Ti Rakau drive close to East Park. We seek your support; please sign this petition to get better bus services for East Park.

Better bus stops for East Park
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Petition to First Norfolk & Suffolk, Steve Wickers, Iain Rankine, Chris Speed

Don't let our rural communities rot! Stop the changes to the First X1 EXCEL bus service.

From the 4th of February 2018, First is planning to reduce the X1 bus service from a half-hourly schedule to an hourly schedule for rural communities. The affected villages are Hockering, Terrington St John, Walpole Highway, Walton Highway, and Thorney. First published this announcement on the 10th of January, giving less than a month's notice to commuters of the impending changes. The announcement of the changes can be found here. If you look closely on their announcement, you may notice that First claim the changes will introduce time savings for the route, and hence allow it to arrive on time. You may have also noticed that First have added in new stops to urban areas. This appears to be reducing the service in rural areas to favour those living in urban areas. At the time of writing (2018-01-29), First have also failed to mention that Walton Highway is being affected by the changes on their announcement. It was only after people spent up to four days attempting to get an answer from First did they finally acknowledge that Walton Highway (the Highwayman stop) was also being cut to an hourly service. We believe that these changes need to be stopped. We have lived in Thorney our entire lives and it is a place that we are proud to call home. Being a village, however, means that it doesn't have all of the amenities that either of us require, making transport links into Peterborough vitally important. In the past two years, the bus service has become even more critical for one of us, having started a job in Cambridge in 2016. For my job, the First X1 service is my daily and only method for getting to Peterborough train station, then connect onto Cambridge. As it is currently a half-hourly service starting at 06:30, this provides me with the appropriate connections to get to work. For the other, the bus service has been a vital part of getting to sixth form. I rely on getting the 7:30 bus in order to get to school on time and, for a school student, I get up very early as it is. Any earlier, and I believe that this will affect my ability to learn and sit exams that have a profound impact on the rest of my life. And we're not the only two people who get the bus - Thorney is a diverse village. Elderly people like our grandad use the X1 service to access facilities and shops in both Wisbech and Peterborough and so is a key social connector along the A47 corridor. For many elderly people in Thorney who do not drive, the bus is their only means for accessing services which are no longer provided in the village, such as the post office and banking facilities. We're sure that the other communities affected are in a similar situation too.   - Emily Shipton and Harry Shipton Image by ZakNelson1995, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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