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Petition to Mark Deaville, Staffordshire County Council

Reverse the decision to cut Arriva Midlands funding - save Sunday services

Staffordshire County Council have made the decision to stop subsidies to Arriva Midlands which enables them to run evening and Sunday services from their Cannock depot (serving Cannock, Stafford, Huntington, Hednesford and Great Wyrley). This means all evening and Sunday busses will be withdrawn from April 1st 2018 and affecting hundreds of people, particularly the elderly, will be unable to travel during these times where there are no alternate operators.  Some elderly and disabled users may have little opportunity to leave the house, and by cutting bus services back this leaves even less opportunity. A regular user of one of the Cannock services relies on Arriva to care for his disabled brother; he still requires the same care on Sundays, but how is he able to travel to him?In addition to this, users paying as much as £520pa for a Cannock/Stafford region, or £800pa for West Midlands region bus passes will receive less value for money. This is unfair to hard working commuters who deserve to use their pass for leisure evenings and weekends.In Walsall and the Black Country, operators such as National Express and Diamond run regular services throughout the week, as frequent as every 7 minutes. The people of Cannock and Stafford have the same needs. *Simon Mathieson, of Arriva Midlands, said: "It will become financially unsustainable for us to continue to cover the overheads we incur opening our Cannock depot on Sundays and we have made the decision to cancel all services that run from our Delta Way depot on Sundays with effect from April 1.” Affected services, as of 26th March, include: 2E - Walsall to Hednesford (via Bloxwich, Great Wyrley, Cheslyn Hay & Cannock) No evening or Sundays; & not serving Hednesford or Pye Green 8 - Parkside to Moss Pit (Circular) No evening or Sundays 9 - Stafford to Highfields (Circular) No evening or Sundays 12 - Stafford to Doxey (Circular) No evening or Sundays 21 - Shoal Hill to Cannock (Circular) Complete withdrawal 25/26 - Cannock to Pye Green (Circular) No late evening or Sundays 60/61 - Cannock to Lichfield (via Norton Canes and Burntwood) No evening or Sundays 62/62S - Cannock to Lichfield (via Hednesford & Burntwood) No evening or Sundays and route change 63 - Cannock to Rugeley (via Hednesford & Pye Green) No evening or Sundays 70/70A - Cannock to Wolverhampton (via Featherstone & University) No evening or Sundays 71/71A - Cannock to Wolverhampton Withdrawal - to be replaced by Select; no evenings or Sundays 74 - Cannock to Stafford Hospital (via Huntington & Town Centre) No Sundays 75A - Stafford to Cannock (via Dunston & Penkridge) No evening or Sundays 76A - Stafford to Wolverhampton (via Penkridge) Complete withdrawal 825 - Stafford to Lichfield (via Hixon, Little Haywood & Rugeley) No Monday-Thursday evenings or Sundays ALL of the above will no longer run on Sundays or evenings (except 825 on Friday & Saturday evenings and some evening 60 services). Arriva have published the specific changes to routes here -  Please sign this petition in an attempt to convince Staffordshire County Council and Cabinet member for Commercial, Mark Deaville, to reverse their decision and maintain funding for these vital services. Thank you. ==== As of July 2018 National Express WM now run a Walsall-Lichfield service via Burntwood 7 days a week. ==== ==== As of September 2018 a further four routes will be withdrawn - 826, 827, 835 and 837. ====* Accessed 15/02/2018^Image property of Reiss Laventine (thank you)

L Murphy
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Petition to West Sussex County Council

To change the number 17 bus route, so it goes through Steyning

Most students that live in Partridge Green, will either go to Steyning Grammar School or a Horsham School.There is already a bus to Horsham, but nothing to Steyning. For Sixth Form Students, we would have to pay £600 a term to get the school bus to Steyning, or we are having to rely on our parents to get us there. If our parents are busy, we will have to try and get the school bus, even though we haven’t paid.During school holidays- we have no direct public transport to Steyning and Steyning have no direct public transport to Partridge Green- unless we get an overpriced bus to Henfield and then the bus to Steyning, vice-versa.But it is easy for the bus to detour through Steyning. There should be a slight change to the Number 17 Bus route, like this... Horsham-Cowfold-Partridge Green-Henfield-Steyning-Shoreham-Brighton. Instead of the 17 going through Devils Dyke area, it should go through Steyning instead.If this change was applied- it will impact not only myself, and students, it will also have a large impact on the village, as we can travel to Steyning every 30 minutes, where there are tea shops, a Sussex Produce Company and Cobble Stone walk. Partridge Green has relatively nothing to do, and we don’t want to go to Brighton or Horsham everyday or spend extortionate amounts on the overpriced buses and especially changing buses to get somewhere else for once. Students also cannot just rely on parents to get us places.I understand that there is a bus to Shoreham that goes through Steyning every Thursday but Steyning Sixth Form students do not just go to school each Thursday and it still means having to rely on 2 buses or our parents, to get us to Steyning.Please sign this petition to help change the Number 17 Bus Route.Thank you :)

Siena Chipol
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Petition to Reading Buses, Reading Borough Council

Stop crippling Caversham bus cuts

For the second time in a year, Reading Buses has proposed to make substantial cuts to all bus services in Caversham. This follows earlier cuts and changes to some routes, back in February. The proposed cuts would see a reduction in bus services on routes 22, 23, 24, 25. This comes at a time where congestion is higher than ever before and there are now talks of the council (owners of RB) introducing a congestion charge, similar to central London. Therefore, the council are making driving into Reading as unattractive as its ever been, and yet they are also making public transport a less available alternative. Did I mention the council have also previously refused Uber to operate within the town? At a time when we should be seeing a viable alternative to cars, instead we are offered what will become a hugely compromised public transport network. Reading Buses has money to spare; they continue to invest heavily in other routes (namely the 17). But what is the use of high-tech lights, and charging ports and new information screens when there are no services for those high-tech buses to run on. And there's less and less information for the new screens to show. Reading Buses should prioritise a basic service before claiming it cannot afford to run it. Buses are a crucial part of any European city or town, and Reading is not an exception. In fact, the town currently prides itself on its bus network, though soon that may not be the case. If Reading Buses is struggling to get passengers on the bus, more and more cuts are certainly not the way forward; instead, providing a frequent and fast service makes the bus far more attractive and, most importantly, practical. By making Sunday services once every two hours all day, it becomes entirely impractical to simply go to the local shops by bus. Why would anyone bother? If Reading wishes to see the rate of growth it enjoys today, it cannot become complacent or, even worse, start taking steps in the wrong direction for its residents. Problems like congestion will not be solved in this way; they will only get worse. And residents will be let down by an appalling public transport service, if these cuts are to be implemented. Ultimately, it is a loose-loose situation for everyone on both sides. Please sign this petition to stop these cuts. RB has failed its passengers by not providing a consultation of any sorts, and there has so far been very little information. And these changes are intended to begin at the beginning of September, meaning there is very little time to sign! Reading is a growing town, so it's fundamentally wrong for its bus network to be shrinking. Ironically, RB boasts that in a country of declining bus travelling, the company is continuing to see growth. But Reading Buses needs to start supporting that potential for growth, otherwise it risks following the countrywide trend. If action isn't taken now to stop these cuts, a declining service is inevitable.

Cameron Moorcroft-Towers
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