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Petition to Trey Gowdy

SC school children need our help and no child should risk being ran over for a bus stop

During the past week, there were 6 accidents involving children crossing the street while traveling to or from the school bus stop. 5 children dead. Chilling. There is no need to put our children in harms way. A crossing guard in Spartanburg SC was injured as well.  We need to stand up to petition a change in every bus route, no child should be faced with crossing a street with the dangers that have came to light this past week.  This hits too close to home and as a parent, why not take the opportunity to encourage change.  As a South Carolinian, I know we can rise up and do better. I cannot imagine the nightmare of loosing a child while they were traveling from their bus stop; an accident that happens right in front of your home. Instead of feeling helpless, I would like to see this change. This change would ask that no child crosses the street from their bus stop: that means no child can get off or get on the school bus if they cross a lane of traffic. I’m suggesting that bus transportation creates a bus route that allows every child to get on/off the bus with the doors facing his or her house/bus stop. The bus can be turned around or go around a block to make this happen. At the end of the day, would an extra 15+ minutes added to the bus ride really matter knowing that all the children are safer?A bus coming from a different direction and children can step right into the driveway without crossing the road is worth it. Let’s make children’s safety a priority! I know that this is a change that is extremely accommodating. We need to require buses to have routes that do not have children walk across the street. I felt called to make a stand and be a voice. I’m hoping it’ll reach the right people and we can do our part to stop children from fatal injuries, this is one small step to do our part. This is my first time petitioning for anything and I hope that, together we can help our kids. Thank you!❤️

Amanda West
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Petition to DOE , Michael LaRocco

Require Buses To Board Without Children Crossing The Street

Today, my little town faced a terrible, devastating tragedy. Three children, two six-year-old twins and their nine-year-old sister were killed while getting onto the school bus. Another child, age 11, was critically injured and airlifted to Fort Wayne. You can find more details here: This hurts my heart so badly, as I have a seven-year-old that rides a bus on the same roads, and this is a fear that haunts me every day. Even after countless safety talks and warnings with our kids, how can we know what a driver is going to do? What if he or she is texting and driving, or has a screaming child in the back causing distraction? Or what if the bus stop is at the top of a hill and an unaware driver isn’t able to stop in time? There are so many what-ifs that it can drive a parent crazy. And it is so easy to blame the driver. We all do it, even before we know any details, we instantly see hatred pouring from every direction. But amidst all the blame, I think it’s time for a solution, and really, it’s a pretty elementary change: Stop making kids cross the damn road. Simple. Create a bus route that allows every child to get on/off the bus with the doors facing his or her house/bus stop. Turn the bus around multiple times, if necessary. Go around the block if you have to. As a parent of a child that crosses a busy road in the afternoon, I would much rather tack on an extra 15+ minutes to the bus ride if it meant she came from a different direction and could step right into the driveway without crossing the road. I feel that this change is extremely plausible. We need to require buses to have routes that do not force children to walk across the street to board. I’ve never made one of these before, but I’m hoping it’ll reach the right people and we can put an end to these preventable deaths. Thank you! ❤️

Jessica Chambers
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Petition to Pat Shofill

Bring A/C into our school buses

Weather in Georgia is hot, no matter what time of year. Sometimes, it is extreme; yet we force our bus drivers to stay in their buses for literally an hour or more while temperatures reach well into degrees reaching the high 90’s or more. Also, public school students who take classes outside of their home school (Dual enrollment, Vocational/Trade classes, etc.) are barred from entering the school as well. One solution is to card everyone who is either a student or bus driver before they can enter the building; or, purchase air conditioning units for the buses. Here in Henry County, GA, school started again for the 2018-19 school year on July 30th. During the majority of the summertime, we have had temperatures of up to 95°. Now, consider the following; most school buses have no air conditioning, they hold upwards of 60-90 passengers, the engine is commonly inside of the bus, and the bus is entirely made of heat conductive metal. With all of those issues, you have a “perfect storm” for heat stroke and unsanitary swapping of sweat. GROSS!! Let’s take a look at the case of my bus driver. She gets to the school at about 3:30-3:40 pm and stays on the bus (with all of the conditions I listed above) until the end of the day, which for her is usually 6pm. She had a thermometer that read 108° on the bus! That’s hot enough to cause Heat Stroke. She had explained that she went home after driving and threw up for 10 minutes or more from the heat. She was facing the symptoms of heat exhaustion and nearly heat stroke, since the body only has to reach 104° before heat stroke starts happening. There are many solutions to this issue that wouldn’t require breaking security protocol that still keeps everyone safe. For instance, some schools ask for ID from students and bus drivers that would allow them to be documented as in the school and allows for them to be removed and not affect everyone else. Also, several options are available to add air conditioning to the buses, including in-wall and bulkhead styles. Cost is always an important factor in any decision, however, the cost would be most certainly outweighed by the amount of positive effects of purchasing air conditioning for the buses. Sure, the air conditioning is by no means cheap, but it would offer peace of mind that our students and bus drivers are staying safe from the extreme heat. Also, if a school system does not invest in air conditioning for buses, and heat exhaustion and heat stroke occurs, the schools may face possible legal trouble for any injuries or death as a result of negligence. Heat can be dangerous and deadly. We all need to take precautions and stay cool. Why can't the bus drivers, and students, stay cool and safe too? This topic is something that hasn’t gotten much public attention. But, thanks to my being an intern at the Safe America Foundation, I’ve been invited to be part of a discussion on this at the Fall Forum on Friday, November 2 at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta. By then, the temperature (on buses – much less in the open air!) will likely be a lot cooler. But, this is an issue that will ‘heat up’ again in the spring – so I hope public school officials – including the Georgia School Superintendent and PTA President – will consider joining Safe America’s ‘Forum’ and evaluating what’s a practical solution to this problem. (my thanks to Safe America – headquartered in Atlanta and Marietta – for caring to take this topic on.)  

Damion Olinger
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Petition to Dr. Lauren Allan, Mr. Kelly E. Seibert, Ardsley Board of Education

Our Concord Road School Buses Need Bus Monitors to Keep Our Kids Safe

We, the undersigned, write this letter to Superintendent Dr. Lauren Allan and the Ardsley Board of Education urging that the Board place bus monitors on our elementary school buses as soon as possible.  A large portion of Concord Road students use the school bus to get to and from school. The school bus stop is by far the most dangerous place for children traveling on school buses. According to the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute, “Four out of every five children killed at the bus stop while the bus was on the scene were killed while in the process of boarding or departing their school bus.” Without a monitor disembarking with the students at the bus stop, there is increased risk of preventable accidents and injury.  In addition to the safety concerns at the school bus stop, there are many other benefits of having bus monitors traveling with our children. At Concord Road, children may be on the school bus as young as 4 years old attending kindergarten without any prior bus riding experience. These children need help buckling their seat belts, sitting properly in their seats, and engaging appropriately with other children. They are not yet equipped with the skills to socialize unsupervised. As the children grow older, aggressive behavior and bullying, both physical and psychological, in the confined area of the school bus increases, which may lead to absenteeism from school, dropping grades and poor concentration in class. All these things affect the learning process and disrupt our children's educations. According to the National Association for Pupil Transportation's White Paper on Bullying, "School bus drivers are very limited in what they can do when a behavioral incident occurs on their bus because dealing with it could involve the safe operation of the bus." A report released by a manufacturer of school bus surveillance equipment quoted that over ninety-percent of the crashes involving school bus driver error can be attributed to the bus driver distracted by student misbehavior on the school bus. Traffic problems throughout the Rivertowns are widespread. Parents that don’t feel comfortable sending their kids on the bus, and don’t feel that their concerns have been properly addressed, are left without a choice but to drive their kids to and from school. Increased traffic without the infrastructure to support it, can cause many unnecessary accidents. The vast majority of our direct, neighboring school districts see the value of supervision and have maintained monitors in some capacity on their school buses: Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow (Kindergarten), Dobbs Ferry (K – 5), Irvington, Greenburgh (K – 12), Elmsford (pre-K – 6) and Pocantico Hills (pre-K – 8). While we understand the need to present a responsible, balanced budget to the community, the safety and well-being of our children must be paramount.Dr. Allan and the Board, we have entrusted our most cherished assets, our children, in your hands and we respect all that you do for them. On this occasion, we find it important enough to write to you to implore you to implement school bus monitors and continue the good work of keeping our children safe.

Sarah Martinez
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