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Petition to Donald Trump, James Inhofe, Dwight Evans, Mike Pence, Jack Markell

Hold Parents Responsible for Their Child Bullying Others

Hello Everyone, I am La'Cinda Trotter, let me Tell you my Story,  when I was a Teenager the other girls in school use to bully me for a reason that didn't make sense to me, My hair was Long, My last name, I was taller than everyone and because of my glasses and Complexion, Kids Don't realize how that impact you for the rest of your life,  Even when you try to put it behind you, something usually trigger it as an adult, My goal is to Stop the Bullies in their Tracks, So I started a Program in my City to Change Bullies into Supporters, thru the Arts, See I figures out that most children bully other children because of either their home life or maybe they are being picked on in their Neighborhood and That's why they bring it to school, But we as adults need to help them Realize that they are important also, So I propose that the program be allowed to Tour schools and Young as Kindergartner on up,  If we can stop the bullying now maybe we can stop the Murders When they Become a Teenager! Short Story My daughter is 14 and Was being Bullied up until she graduated this year from Jr. High, They Teased her because she's overweight, Have bumps on her face, Really no reason at all, Kids would throw food at her and she would tell the teachers and nothing happened  except the Teachers would tell her to go have a seat, So With that being said, I think that the first offense A parent should be notified, 2nd offence, parent's and Child will have to go to therapy and Pay a Fine of $250 and in school Suspension which would go to a fund for the Youth,  3rd offense, it will be place in  the child's record as a Bully until they either reach the age of 18 or They graduate whichever come first. WE NEED TO TAKE THIS SERIOUS BECAUSE KIDS LIVES MATTER!

Artist Against Violence
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Petition to Instagram, artists

@Instagram: Make a Stricter Guideline on Reposts

As an artist, I would like to see a safer art community on Instagram. Instagram should make clear rules to users who reposts or traced over an artist's fanart/art, edits, or photos without permission. Instagram should not skim over the account because it "follows" the guideline. Instagram should look deeper into the reported person's account, look at the person's dm, post, and read the comments that are posted. The reason why they should Instead of skimming a person's account and dismissing it as a "small thing," there is a high chance of bullying and harassment towards the victim who is getting their art reposted without permission. If Instagram make a stricter rule on reposted fanart/art, edits, or photos, it would provide a safer community for artists.  Rules that should be Enforce for Reposts 1) If a person's account is getting reported so many times, investigate the reported account. Most of the time the account will include stolen art/edit/photos or an account that bullies/harasses and claims it as a "constructive criticism" account.   2) Make a clearer guideline when it comes to reposted art. The person should not repost anyone's art/fanart/edit/photos. If the person is posting anything related to the following, make a notice that states "Is this your art?" If the person press yes, it is their own art. But, if the person press no, another notice should come up and reads, "Did the person give you permission to post their art? If so, provide proof." The proof the person must give is a screenshot. If they do not provide you that, don't let them post, until they are given permission to do so. If the person lies or repost someone's art, the first warning is to give them a warning. The second warning is suspending their account for  24-48 hours time period. The third warning is removal of account and permanently banning them on Instagram.  3) If the artist see their art/edit/fanart/photos on a person's account without permission or credit, they have RIGHT to get their art/edit/fanart/photos remove quickly without any hesitation.  

Mae Kagamine
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