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Petition to California, Tom Torlakson, Richard Pan, Jim Cooper

Parents of bullied kids have had ENOUGH!!

Bullying has become an all too familiar epidemic in our country. Every week, there is a new story in the news regarding bullying. (You can view my son’s story here:; You can view Cameron’s Story here: While our school district, Elk Grove Unified, has implemented PBIS programs, held many anti bullying assemblies, and slapped “no bully zone” banners all over their schools, the problem still remains. They are introducing in the coming months an anonymous online bullying reporting system, which is also a great step. But it’s not enough. Part of the problem is not only how bullying is handled, but how the victims are also punished for defending themselves, if needed.  Children like my son and Cameron are being suspended for what the district calls “mutual combat”. They expect your child, when being physically assaulted by another child, to not hit back. They are expected to walk away and find an adult. That is not always possible. In Cameron’s case, he had two other older kids attack him first. Cameron is physically disabled, as his left arm is paralyzed. He was taken down to the ground and beaten, and suffered a concussion. Yet he received the same suspension as his attackers.  My son was attacked by another student IN THE CLASSROOM. The other student jumped over 3 desks and started hitting him. My son blocked the punches, and after telling the kid repeatedly to stop, finally hit back. And he got suspended one day less than his attacker.  Mutual combat. This is not accurate, not right, and not fair. We are not enabling our children to stand up for themselves! We are constantly told to empower our children, to teach them independence, to help them help themselves. Yet in the same breath, this policy is telling our kids to cower down and either take the beating, as they can’t always get away to find an adult. These blanket, “one size fits all” type of policies are hurting our children. Children as young as 9 are taking their own lives due to bullying. When will it end?  By signing this petition, you are saying enough is enough! You are standing up for all the kids who aren’t just victimized by bullying, but further victimized by a system that does not have all children’s best interests at heart. You are standing up to the administrators who continually sweep instances of bullying under the rug instead of digging deeper. You’re saying no more to “no contact contacts” and “mediation” as their go-to way of solving the problem, when it’s just a bandaid solution.  If you are angry, fed up, tired, and have had ENOUGH, please sign today. I plan on taking all signatures to the California Department of Education, to show them how many parents in this state, and this country, have had ENOUGH. 

Lili DeVaney
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Petition to Blount County School System, Tennessee Board of Education, Tennessee State House, Lamar Alexander, Bill Haslam, Tennessee Governor, Tennessee State Senate

Let’s put an end to bullying!!!

Recently there have been many parents expressing their concerns about the bullying at heritage middle school as well as many other local schools in our area. Both Blount county and other districts. The bullying as become out of control. Kids are saying things that should never be said to another person, the bullying has become physical and in my opinion dangerous!!  My daughter has been told to end her life, that no one would care. How much every one hates her etc and that isn’t even all. Our school system claims to have a “no tolerance policy” yet NOTHING has been done!!    This is uncalled for and needs to be stopped! There is ABSOLUTELY no reason whatsoever that ANY child should FEAR going to school! I understand that bullying has always been around but this, this has gone to far!!!! I will NOT be the next parent to find their child hanging in their closet!!!  Its time the schools put their money where there mouth is and do something!!  I understand that this is deeper than the schools, I understand that this needs to be dealt with by parents also BUT the schools ABSOLUTELY can do something!!    So now its a call to action!!  When kids start being disciplined for their actions at school and parents see that things may change!!    This has to stop! Now!! Before it’s to late for someone’s child!     

Samantha Thomas
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Petition to Somonauk High School, Hinckley-Big Rock High School, Hinckley-Big Rock School Board, Somonauk School Board, Parents, Players

H-BR / Somonauk Soccer Petition - Investigate 2018 Season - Stop The Bullying!

We request the following from the H-BR and Somonauk school boards.  This petition is separate from the January 2017 Petition. This petition was created off of the information received that is posted under “updates”. We have been contacted about adding additional concerns and have updated some wording. Thank you for your support.  1. Protect H-BR and Somonauk players from bullying and ensure a safe and secure playing environment  2. Conduct an investigation into how H-BR administration mishandled issues this season, including bullying complaints from players / parents / coaches, threats, discrimination, poor communication, lack of scheduling of games and events 3. Reinstate girls soccer coach because she felt resigning was the only solution after trying to protect players from the bullying and trying to protect herself from verbal and physical threats throughout the season, and now threats to her teaching job 4. Consider revising contract with H-BR: A. Have Somonauk run the team and keep the co-op B. Consider terminating co-op contract and each school try to field enough players on their own or co-op with other schools C. Have the girls join the boys team at each respective school as they do in Sandwich and other area schools  This is the link to the old petition showing that H-BR administration has a history of allowing bullying and harassment. We understand some are concerned about retaliation if they sign the petition.  To sign the petition anonymously, uncheck the box after entering your name and email.  Thank you for your support.    

HBR Soccer Coalition
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