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Petition to Department of Education, Dr.Jerry Thacker, Mike Seger

reACT to Bullying

In June my local school district was in receipt of lyrics from a student’s Sound Cloud account. The lyrics were threatening in nature and included disturbing hate speech and many direct threats. The lyrics included the words “nigger, spics, homo, and retard”. There were songs about rape, beastiality, killing, and seeking revenge. In December I learned that our child, as well as 4 other students, were named specifically in a degrading and threatening manner. There was a song about our son named Ben the Retard. The school never informed the parents our children were specifically named and the child who produced these lyrics still attends the school.   If you sign this petition you are recognizing that at the heart of bullying is the school districts reaction to it. If they ignore and downplay bullying it will continue to thrive and grow, causing a climate of fear and making our schools unsafe. By signing this petition you are also saying to your school district you think they need to not only acknowledge incidences of bullying but they need to also reACT in a swift matter to protect our children. This petition is asking those in school administration to address shortfalls and to find solutions to the ongoing bullying problem including giving parents the confidence that they will not tolerate hate speech in any way or form. Our schools must show us that they are reACTing to each and every direct and indirect threat made to our children.Bullying policies mean nothing if no one reACTS  to them. If you sign the petition you are acknowledging this is a problem and your school district needs to be held accountable for the day to day safety of our children.  Our schools should be safe for all students. They should be places where everyone feels safe and free from harm. 

Mary Kahl
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Petition to Viacom, MTV


In June, 2009 “16 andPregnant” aired on MTV followed by “Teen Mom” in December, 2009. We believe everyone involved in the creation of these shows started out with good intentions; to place a spotlight on teen pregnancy by showing the challenges young people face mentally, physically, emotionally and financially when bringing a child (ren) into the world. However, over the years the tone of the shows have changed, with the focus being high ratings and monetary gain for Network/show creators. The emotional and life altering toll it has taken on the young men and women is apparent; with the children being put in the most jeopardy. The shows now support and encourage racist views, irresponsible behavior, immoral behavior, favor based on bias, defamation of individuals who are in no way involved in the show, illegal behavior, drug use, domestic violence, DUI and bullying. While the Network proclaims these shows are based on “reality” several cast members have admitted publicly that the scenes are scripted. The producers encourage “public bullying” to support a fictional storyline. Some examples of the aforementioned: Kailyn Lowry repeatedly uses her platform to defame Chris Lopez her child’s father. Ms. Lowry has also driven without a seatbelt, talked on her cellphone without using the “handsfree” option. Ms. Lowry took a stereotypical, racist view in regards to what she believes her son, Isaac’s hair cut should look like, as she stated “White boys don’t get their hair cut like that”. Ms. Lowry physically assaulted Javi Marroquin, on camera and was allowed to remain on the show. Amber Portwood and her fiancé at the time, Matt Baier brought illegal drugs on set during the taping of a “reunion show”. Ms. Portwood physically assaulted her child, Leah’s father, Gary Shirley on camera and although she was charged, served prison time, she has remained on the show. Ryan Edwards has struggled with drug addiction on camera, was filmed by show producers under the influence of drugs, falling asleep while driving and was allowed to remain on the show although he put himself, his fiancé Mackenzie and the general public in harms way. Tyler Baltierra used an offensive racial slur (n-word) while video recording himself and posted the video on social media. MTV has allowed Mr. Baltierra to remain on the show. We find this particularly offensive due to the fact that MTV has not followed any African American teen mom, casting them on Teen Mom over the 9 years that the show has aired.  Leah Messer abused drugs while filming, DUI with her children in her vehicle while MTV filmed her actions. Ms. Messer jeopardized her safety, the safety of her children and the general public and she remains on the show. MTV has clearly not set any boundaries or guidelines for the cast; as they are fully aware of the influence the cast has on young adults. In regards to the cast bullying each other on social media; MTV has encouraged this to boost ratings and increase monetary gain. David Eason, husband of cast member Jenelle Evans-Eason was terminated from the show due to “homophobic comments” he made on social media. MTV has stated Mr. Eason’s comments “do not reflect the views of MTV” as the reason behind his termination.  While we agree that Mr. Eason’s comments are highly offensive, we also feel domestic violence, racial slurs, defamation, bullying, safety risks to the general public, illegal behavior and irresponsible drug use is also highly offensive. Any one of these offenses should warrant termination. The fact that Mr. Eason was terminated while the other cast members have remained with MTV despite their offensive actions/behavior shows partiality towards certain cast members...”favoritism.” MTV has encouraged a “bully like culture” amongst the cast and put the cast, crew and particularly children in harms way to boost ratings and increase monetary gain. MTV has showed bias by not casting Black “Teen Moms” to boost ratings and increase monetary gain. MTV has irresponsibly produced storylines to boost ratings and increase monetary gain without taking into consideration the negative impact it has had on the lives of the cast (particularly the children) and viewers. MTV has exploited “children having children.”

Leslie McMahon
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Petition to Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley, Kate Brown, John Lively, Earl Blumenauer, Greg Walden, Nancy Nathanson, Pete DeFazio, Suzanne Bonamici, Kurt Schrader, Andy Olson, Peter Courtney, Tina Kotek, Laurie Monnes Anderson, Alissa Keny-Guyer, Jennifer Williamson, Margaret Doherty, Jackie Winters, Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, Ginny Burdick, Jeff Kruse, Alan Bates, Chip Shields, Mitch Greenlick, Richard Devlin, Diane Rosenbaum, Peter Buckley, Oregon, Jessica, Susan McLain, Janeen Sollman, Paul Evans, Diego Hernandez

Make a Law that Private Schools Should Recognize Bullying and Enforce a NoTolerance Policy

My husband and I just recently pulled our son out of a Private Waldorf School because he was being bullied. There were several instances where one child in particular had kneed our child in the groin. This particular child would also act out in class and make it where our child was unable to focus in class. One day, our son was being bullied so bad by this child, he was in after school care and was self-harming and not one adult that was present took note of this. When bringing this to the attention of the principal they looked at me specifically and told me they would figure out why it wasn't noticed. This day in particular we were not notified of this instance by anyone other than our son. The next day our son was jumped at school by the same child. He was grabbed from behind on his shoulders so hard that he fell to his knees. His bully punched and kicked him in the leg and stomach. Other children joined in. His teacher at the time was on the playground at recess. We were not notified of this instance until our son was picked up from school and mentioned it to his father. The principal did not find it necessary to notify us. When we requested a sit-down with the parents and the principal it was denied and the principal told us it would be better if just the children sat and talked with the principal. This particular child that was bullying my son never had any kind of reprimand even though their school policy stated that the child would have a 2 day suspension until they figured out what to do. This child, in the same week, struck another child so hard they could barely stand the rest of the day. That child's parents were not informed of this situation either until they saw their child that day. This school in particular does not have a counselor on staff nor a school nurse and claims that all their staff is trained in First Aid/CPR. Yet there are multiple children being bullied and getting head injuries. When they obtain these head injuries they are "checked" by staff to see if they have a concussion or not. Nowhere, in their training that they have shared with us does it say they are trained to administer these types of assessments.  In the State of Oregon we have several laws that relate to Bullying in School. There is the House Bill 1555 that relates to no toleration of any type of bullying and ORS 339.351 as well as ORS 339.356 that have strict guidelines as to what bullying is as well as what policies need to be enforced. However, this does not extend to Private Schools. If public schools must have a Counselor and Nurse on staff as well as an Anti-Bullying Program we want the children in Private Schools to have the same. Children in Private schools should have the same mandated rights as children in Public Schools as well as the same mandated accountability process or similar. Children should be taught to be kind and KNOW what Bullying is and the fact that it will not be tolerated. Please help us create a Bill and ORS that will extend these laws and policies to Private Schools.  Thank you for your time!     

jesse Azzopardi
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