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Make cheating in prize tournaments illegal and with real consequence

         In the US, there is no real consequence for cheating in prize tournaments. As a result, cheating in competition to get an unfair advantage has become common. When asking people why they cheat, the most common response is “everyone else was doing it”. As of now, the risk for cheating does not exceed the reward. In professional sports, for example, players and organizations caught cheating are usually fined. Most of the fines are small and easily paid off without hurting the athlete or organization. In this petition, I am hoping to make cheating punishable by law. If the risk exceeds the reward, the amount of cheating will naturally decline and hopefully cease entirely.              Why should you care? Cheating is destroying our society and the world at a devastatingly fast pace. It is getting worse each day, and I see no signs of improvement. We live on this earth in union. Each positive or negative action we make has an effect on the world around us. Cheating displays a lack of care which, over time, causes people to develop bad habits. For example, many people think it is okay to use their phone while driving. This does not only put their own life at risk, but also the lives of those driving around them.           Online gaming especially suffers from cheating. When caught cheating, the only repercussions are temporary or indefinite bans from the game. There are plenty of people who don’t get caught as well. Although you may deem video games useless, it has many positive effects. Video games can help you become faster, smarter, and improve your coordination and your mind mentality. However, cheaters steal these benefits away from honest people. Players who are cheated against become unmotivated to continue playing. Cheating is a huge problem in gaming tournaments. The gaming industry is growing. Prize money for the larger games such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike exceed $1million. With so much money on the line, one would expect there to be effort to ensure fair play. Sadly, there isn’t much. In Counter-Strike Global Offensive, only a handful of cheaters have been caught for cheating. The only punishments these players received were lifetime bans from competing in CSGO. If that’s the severity of the punishment, what’s to stop someone from cheating and winning money. No tournament organizers take action to truly stop cheating.               Most competitive players agree that there is cheating occurring at all levels of play. Some of these cheats cost over $10,000 to ensure the users won’t get caught. Cheating in games has a negative impact on not only the competitors, but on the spectators as well. Many fans watch in awe and admiration as their favorite players display actions that are not ever possible without cheating. Therefore, younger kids that witness these “amazing plays” try to replicate them. If these kids are not cheating themselves, they will never be able to. Thus, over the course of time, the honest individuals accept that they are not good enough and become demoralized. They believe that they will not ever have a chance to become great. No matter how hard they aspire to become great, the end result is inevitable.       The cheaters online are often getting away with no consequences. They are also hurting honest players. The people within gaming corporations that are in place of power have enough money and resources to attempt to stop cheating on their own. However, they do not care to do so because their main priority is to gain money regardless of how it may affect people. In perspective, I believe it is illegal to allow cheaters to win large amounts of money by cheating. The people that have the money and resources are not taking the necessary actions in order to combat against these frauds and cheaters. Unfortunately, I have witnessed this for nearly 20 years now. This in reality affects our poor world, which is already in turmoil. There are multiple websites offering cheats for every competitive game in existence. For example, if the NBA had rocket packs for only half the players in the league, players and fans would be enraged. A fact is that there are more competitive gamers than competitive basketball players. I am currently in search of a real law to be passed as it is needed. Please from the bottom of my heart, for others that are without words of their own, and people that may come across this, please help support this cause for a better future.

Jerom Ip
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Petition to Katy Dickson, Margo Georgiadis

Ms. Dickson: Make a Muslim American Girl Doll

Dear Ms. Dickson, My name is Salwa and I am a middle school Muslim American girl. My little sister Zahra is in elementary school and we grew up reading all the American Girl stories. As American girls today, we are fortunate to be successors to a long line of real American girls who were strong, smart, courageous, and even defiant. But lately, it hasn’t always been easy to be strong. We’re lucky to go to a school where we are accepted, but we also know that many Muslim American kids are not as lucky. A recent study found that 42 percent of Muslims with children in grades K through 12 reported that their children had been bullied because of their religion. Even worse, the same study found that in 1 out of 4 incidents of bullying against Muslim students, teachers and school officials participated in the bullying. It’s wrong that any American girl or boy should have to grow up fearful to be themselves. Now, more than ever, it is critical that all Americans come together to protect and support each other. My sister and I can’t think of a more powerful way to show that our country is welcoming than by having a Muslim American girl join Addy, Felicity, Josefina, Julie, Kaya, Kit, Rebecca, and Samantha as an official American Girl doll. Sign our petition to ask American Girl to make a Muslim American doll. We love how each story in the American Girl book series is about a different girl from a different time in our nation’s history. Each girl introduced us to a part of our country’s history that we didn’t know about, and what it was like to be a girl at that time and place. Addy showed us what it was like for African Americans escaping slavery and Kaya showed us what it was like to live on this continent before America even existed. We admire their courage and rebellious spirit, and that they would do anything to fight for what they knew was right. Each girl in the American Girl series has a distinct personality and story, but no matter what her circumstances, each of them is strong, smart, and curious. By creating a Muslim doll in the American Girl series, our hope is that those people who are scared of or unsure about Muslims can get to know us through the story of the Muslim American Girl doll. With this doll, American Girl can help create a world where people like Zahra and I are accepted, and treated like any other American girl. Sincerely, Salwa and Zahra

Salwa and Zahra Khan
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Petition to Granite CityCommunity Unit School District #9., Edward Ed A. Hagnauer, Granite City Community Unit School District #9

GCSD9 Bullying Issues & Procedures

Click Here To View The Fight Video *Graphic Video May Not Be Suitable For Certain Viewers*   November of 2017, a teenage female was viciously attacked by four young females in a front of a crowd of kids, traffic by-passers while being recorded on video. The attack stemmed from an earlier altercation which happened on school grounds, at Granite City Community Unit School District #9's Coolidge Middle School, located in Granite City, IL.  With no disciplinary actions being held on the children, except for one, and multiple attempts being made, the mother of the victimized child is pushing for new measures in the procedures of said school district's bullying issues.  "My daughter was jumped leaving Coolidge (Middle School) on Monday, now the students involved have not even received consequences other than one. So my straight-A student who doesn't even want to miss school when she's sick, is now terrified, and scared to even attend school. She's been let down by the system now for a zero tolerance, for bullying or fighting, seems to be as if it only applies for certain students. Now I return my daughter to school today, as one of the girls that attacked her on school property proceeded to yell down the hallway, and make more threats with teachers standing there. One thing I'm not getting, is how the HE** this is not being handled accordingly. I have contacted the school board, police, teachers and parents. No one seems to give a sh*t. Well now Fox 2 News YOU PAID FOR IT is being contacted. I need some help or advice on any other ideas anyone has. Please, parent to parent when your child is hurting and there is nothing you can do, it can and will put you in a spot to take matters into your own hands. But that will not fix the issue. The system is failing our kids daily, I for one, have had enough. I'm standing up and I'm hoping I have more friends and family that stand up too, ENOUGH is ENOUGH"    If you believe the school district should hammer down on bullying, fighting, and thier "zero tolerance" procedures & judge every case of disciplining students with the goal of HELPING our children, family & friends who may be students, then PLEASE SIGN & SHARE this petition to help us spread the word around the city & our surrounding areas.   

James Stevanus
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