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Petition to Saskatchewan Municipal Board, Hon. Warren Kaeding, Jonathan Swarbrick, Sask Human Rights, Kelsay Reimer, Jeremy Harrison, Nicole Sarauer, David Forbes, Nicole Rancourt, David Vermette, Sheldon Green, Randy Mcafee, Keith Comstock

Fire the Government Bullies found responsible for the death of Robert Duhaime

Robert Duhaime was verbally abused and harassed to the point of his suicide Aug 31, 2017, by the local government in the RM of Parkdale, SK. Those responsible should step down or be fired without severence pay, and the RCMP should conduct a criminal investigation in the cause of Bob Duhaime's suicide. CURRENTLY, NOTHING IS BEING DONE.  In this CBC article, it explains how the Saskatchewan Worker's Compensation Board said, "There is now sufficient information to attribute Robert's mental health issues and his subsequent passing on Aug. 31, 2017, to his employment," and Robert "experienced interpersonal incidents that were excessive and unusual in comparison to pressures and tensions experienced in normal employment." The Sask WCB also says, "Mr Duhaime's most recent mental health issues will be considered first as an aggravation of his pre-existing condition and then an acceleration that led to his taking his life." At least three people were found responsible. Bob was belittled and tormented by these people, both by himself, and in front of colleagues. He was also called while off work, making it impossible to avoid the continued abuse. The CBC article goes on to include some dispicable quotes from Reeve, Dan Hicks: Asked if Robert was being bullied, he said "that would be a Yes and a No." "He said there are no plans to discipline the RM staff referenced in the claim, or to review the RMs policies and procedures related to handling of staff complaints and bullying." "Hicks said verbal disagreements at work are not acceptable, but they happen. He added that the individuals involved apologized to Robert.  Hicks said the RM does have a bullying policy. "There is a right way and a wrong way and I'm not going to sit here and tell you everything was done right but it wasn't the cause of his death," he said. Reeve Dan Hicks also victim blames: He "claims Robert also cursed at town staff, and that the bullying would not have occurred if his work had met their expectations of the role." Not that his work justifies this behaviour, but It has been noted on social media by people that knew Robert Duhaime that he would never have sworn at staff, and that he was very good at his job.  Those responsible for Robert Duhaime's death should be held accountable and voluntarily step down, or immediately be terminated from their position. Following that, RCMP should investigate if there should be manslaughter charges laid. 

Right The Wrong for Robert Duhaime
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Petition to Department of Education

reACT to Bullying

In June my local school district was in receipt of lyrics from a student’s Sound Cloud account. The lyrics were threatening in nature and included disturbing hate speech and many direct threats. The lyrics included the words “nigger, spics, homo, and retard”. There were songs about rape, beastiality, killing, and seeking revenge. In December I learned that our child, as well as 4 other students, were named specifically in a degrading and threatening manner. There was a song about our son named Ben the Retard. The school never informed the parents our children were specifically named and the child who produced these lyrics still attends the school.   If you sign this petition you are recognizing that at the heart of bullying is the school districts reaction to it. If they ignore and downplay bullying it will continue to thrive and grow, causing a climate of fear and making our schools unsafe. By signing this petition you are also saying to your school district you think they need to not only acknowledge incidences of bullying but they need to also reACT in a swift matter to protect our children. This petition is asking those in school administration to address shortfalls and to find solutions to the ongoing bullying problem including giving parents the confidence that they will not tolerate hate speech in any way or form. Our schools must show us that they are reACTing to each and every direct and indirect threat made to our children.Bullying policies mean nothing if no one reACTS  to them. If you sign the petition you are acknowledging this is a problem and your school district needs to be held accountable for the day to day safety of our children.  Our schools should be safe for all students. They should be places where everyone feels safe and free from harm. 

Mary Kahl
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Petition to Elizabeth Kaltman, Allison Kreutzjans, Chris Dodd, Howard Gantman, Joan Graves

MPAA: Don’t let the bullies win! Give ‘Bully’ a PG-13 instead of an R rating!

I’m speaking out for all those students who suffer every day at school. When I was in 7th grade, a few guys came up behind me while putting my books in my locker. They called me names and asked me why I even bothered to show my face at school because no one liked me. I ignored them because I was scared of what else they might say and who else they might tell if I stood up to them. When I went to shut my locker, they pushed me against the wall. Then they slammed my locker shut on my hand, breaking my fourth finger. I held back tears while I watched them run away laughing. I didn’t know what to do so I stood there, alone and afraid. I just heard that the Motion Picture Association of America has given an “R” rating to “Bully” -- a new film coming out soon that documents the epidemic of bullying in American schools. Because of the R rating, most kids won’t get to see this film. No one under 17 will be allowed to see the movie, and the film won’t be allowed to be screened in American middle schools or high schools. I can’t believe the MPAA is blocking millions of teenagers from seeing a movie that could change -- and, in some cases, save -- their lives. According to the film’s website, over 13 million kids will be bullied this year alone. Think of how many of these kids could benefit from seeing this film, especially if it is shown in schools? If enough people speak out and ask the MPAA to give Bully a PG-13 rating, maybe we can get them to change their minds. Will you sign my petition to the MPAA asking for a PG-13 rating instead of an R? From what I understand, the MPAA ruled by ONE vote that Bully deserves an R-rating because of “language,” robbing many teenagers of the chance to view a film that could change their lives, and help reduce violence in schools. This makes me really mad. It means that a film documenting the abuse that millions of kids experience through bullying won’t be seen by the audience that needs to see it the most: middle school students and high school students. Please sign my petition and demand that the MPAA give “Bully” a PG-13 so this important film can be seen by as many kids and adults as possible. Thanks! Katy Butler, Michigan high school student P.S.: You can learn more about the movie on Facebook and Twitter.

Katy Butler
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