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Save Portland Community Centers

1.    Portland Parks and Recreation does not agree with the cuts. Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R) was asked to cut 5% from their 2018-19 budget. In response, PP&R delivered a list of prioritized cuts with a letter that stated, "We are united in our belief that we do not support the City taking more than 1% of the reductions offered." Any further cuts "dig deep into core PP&R services and values [and] have significant service-level impacts for the public." 2.    We need more time to solve the problem Even the Friends of Woodstock Community Center, which has supported operations through a contract with the City since 2004, was not given notice of any financial troubles or the proposed closure before it went public. Had we been notified at the beginning of the fiscal year that there would be a deficit, we could have mobilized to raise funds and find ways to increase revenue. 3.    Three out of five closures are coming out of the Southeast Who is looking out for our community? According the budget process webpage, not one of the PP&R Budget Advisory committee members represents the Southeast. 4.    Community Centers house affordable, local preschools. PP&R preschools serve families that rely on quality early education for their young children that is low-cost and easy to get to. Studies show that early childhood education has long-reaching effects that benefit the community as a whole. With the recent influx of families with young children and expectations for more to come, what is the plan to accommodate these needs? 5.    Community Centers serve surrounding neighborhoods too Woodstock Community Center draws participants from Brentwood Darlington and Lents. Sellwood and Hillside serve surrounding neighborhoods in the same way. The City of Portland has committed heavily to investing in neighborhood involvement and developing 20-minute neighborhoods, but a budget cut causing closures to community centers is counterproductive to this goal. 6.    Indoor spaces matter A community thrives on public spaces. While Portlanders clearly enjoy their outdoor spaces for recreation, the indoor spaces are equally important, particularly for families and seniors. Community centers like Woodstock, Sellwood, Hillside, Fulton, and even the Laurelhurst Dance Studio fully represent the mission of Portland Parks and Recreation to "help Portlanders play - providing the safe places, facilities, and programs which promote physical, mental, and social activity," and they should be maintained as such.

Friends of the Woodstock Community Center
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Save the SHINE program - Keep Federal funding for this vital senior program #SHINEon

Every single day in the United States, 10,000 seniors become eligible for Medicare.  Most seniors depend on Medicare for all or part of their health insurance coverage. They choose from a dizzying array of plans with varying costs and coverage levels-- including 20 prescription plans and nearly as many Medicare Advantage plans.  Comparing options and choosing the right plan can be difficult, time-consuming, and downright confusing. That's where SHINE comes to the rescue.  SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) provides free, unbiased, and personalized assistance to elders as they navigate the medicare maze.  Last year in Florida, more than 175,000 seniors took advantage of SHINE to choose the right Medicare plan. Many saved thousands of dollars, thanks to the SHINE program and its volunteers. SHINE isn't only available in Florida.  It's a State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP), funded by the Federal government. While the programs may have different names, every state has a SHIP program to help its seniors make those difficult Medicare decisions.But Federal lawmakers are threatening to eliminate the funding for all State Health Insurance Assistance Programs like SHINE. What will happen without this vital program?  Seniors would have nowhere to turn for unbiased, one-on-one advice. They would lose advocates who help them understand their benefits, assist with claims and appeals, and answer their questions about issues like long-term care. For many of the 10,000 Americans who become eligible for Medicare every day, State Health Insurance Assistance Programs like SHINE are a lifeline to education for one of the most important choices they'll make in their lives. In Southwest Florida, SHINE is overseen by the Area Agency on Aging.  We at AAASWFL are urging you, on behalf of the 4 million seniors that live in Florida, to tell our U.S. Senators to vote to continue funding this vital program.  If you've personally benefited from SHINE, tell them about your experience.   Together, we can all do our part to keep SHINE's light burning bright. #SHINEon

Area Agency on Aging for SWFL
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Don’t let Trump dump essential NASA and NOAA programs

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR FUTURE UPDATES! In 2017, most climate scientists would tell you that “any weakening of our technological, scientific and human capabilities related to weather and climate” will place American lives and property at risk. Yet the Trump administration recently announced that it was ready to take that risk by unveiling almost $990 million dollars in cuts to NOAA and nearly $200 million in cuts to NASA’s budget. Both agencies play a leading role in collecting and analyzing data vital to climate science. The Trump budget even calls for eliminating $250 million worth of NOAA grants that help coastal communities already dealing with rising seas, beach erosion, and other ravages of climate change. These targeted budget cuts are nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on climate science and the ability of jurisdictions to act in response to climate-related changes to coastal areas across the country. This administration filled with climate change skeptics wants to eliminate our ability to track and measure land and climate changes to our Earth as carbon continues to flood into our atmosphere. We can’t let this happen. If you believe that understanding and mitigating the effects of climate change is key to our future, please sign and share this petition. Let’s come together and tell Congress to dump the Trump budget -- not our essential NASA and NOAA science programs.

Nathan & Brittany
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