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Support Albany Research Center

IMPORTANT: This petition should not be signed on government equipment, read during duty time or sent to others using government equipment. Do not use your government email address or government phone in contacting your Member of Congress. Research is an integral part of our economy; scientific knowledge has played a critical role in making the United State a leader in innovation. We are writing to encourage you to protect critical funding for the Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), specifically that of the Albany, Oregon site.  This is formerly the Albany Research Center - the center for metals which started in 1943 under the Bureau of Mines. The history of the laboratory can be found here on page 127. Current projects, but limited to, include improvements of heart stents and body armor, refractories and materials studies, geological and geospatial analysis.  With the senate considering policies that could have long lasting impacts to this nation’s scientific innovation, we ask that you take account the local impact to Oregon. President Trump’s FY18 budget proposes: “As part of the Department’s effort to operate more efficiently, this Request includes a phased approach to consolidation of NETL’s Albany research operations into NETL’s Eastern sites and commissioning of a Mission Alignment study beginning in Q3 FY 2017 that includes: (1) Evaluation of alternatives for locating NETL’s Alloy Metallurgy Capabilities; (2) Study of Environmental Impacts Responsibility & Remediation at the Albany site; and (3) Analysis of Alternatives for Configuration of NETL’s Eastern Sites.” In addition, at the DOE budget hearing on Tuesday, June 20th, Secretary Perry stated: "As part of the Department’s effort to operate more efficiently, the Budget proposes the initial stages of footprint consolidation for the National Energy Technology Laboratory. In a phased approach, we propose to consolidate NETL’s Albany, Oregon site into the NETL’s Eastern sites and initiate a Mission Alignment study in FY 2017 to evaluate alternatives for the consolidation of NETL’s eastern sites." Furthermore, the Subcommittee Markup - FY 2018 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill meets June 28th to discuss energy appropriations. It is critical that we have our voices heard in this time. The NETL-Albany site has 37 federal and 81 contract employees as well as 25 interns who would lose their jobs. Research shows that, for every dollar invested in national service, there are returns of ~$4 in community-wide benefits. NETL Albany has a total economic impact [in Oregon] of $30M in 2016 and as much of $72M in 2009 for research and development performed by government scientists and through grants, contracts, agreements with university, small business, and other members of the community. NETL develops young leaders, provides valuable skills and experience to enter the workforce by providing research opportunities - specifically students from Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. Here at NETL-Albany, we believe in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) education outreach within our communities in Albany, Lebanon, and Corvallis, Oregon. We - the signed - ask for you, our local Congressmen and representatives - to support sustained funding in your Fiscal Year 2018 priorities and ensure NETL Albany stays open. Thank you for your support, American Federation of Government Employees Local 1104

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Save the French Program at Grant High School

The French program at Grant High School is in danger of being phased out. Despite strong enrollment in French programs at Grant and its feeder schools, only 2nd and 3rd year French will be offered to students in 2017/18, with no promises for the following year. French has been part of Grant High School's curricular program since Grant was founded in 1924.  Please sign this petition before the upcoming June 13th budget meeting to ask Principal Campbell and the PPS school board to prioritize a robust language curriculum for students at Grant High School by retaining the French program for all four years. This issue is bigger than Grant High School. It's about reversing the increasing trend to plug budgetary gaps by cutting language options in public schools. Please show your support for languages!  The district is facing tough decisions. According to a Willamette Week article back in March, Principal Campbell put staff on notice that Grant would be facing significant cuts, and that she'd take forecasting, programming, and the requirements to maintain the core curriculum into account when making decisions. We ask that you consider the school board’s decision making priorities in your comments in order to demonstrate how school language programs contribute to academic success and strong communities.  How has language study contributed to your success (or your children's success) in core competencies such as reading, writing, and speaking? How has your study of French contributed to your education (or that of your children) as a global citizen? Have you ever hosted an international exchange student or visited a Francophone country as a result of your kids studying French? Has studying French opened doors to other educational or career-related opportunities?  Why do opportunities for cross-cultural education matter to you and your family? Why is it important to retain the French program as a language option at Grant in addition to Spanish and Japanese?   

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