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Petition to Wanda Adams, Rhonda Skillern-Jones, Manuel Rodríguez Jr., Michael L. Lunceford, Anne Sung, Diana Dávila, Jolanda Jones, Anna Eastman, Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca, Richard Carranza

Restore HISD budget to include current 2016 - 2017 magnet program funding

I have been told that if the proposed HISD budget passes, the jobs of the magnet program faculty throughout HISD will be in jeopardy.  It is not an overstatement to say that the Magnet Program (Fine Arts, Vanguard, STEM, Montessori, etc.) in its current form would cease to exist. (Consider the irony of Parker Elementary building a multi-million dollar, state of the art building with a 500 seat performance hall, and then crippling the music program the building was designed to house and support.) Here is the link to the budget that was put forth at a CLOSED DOOR school board meeting:  Basically, this budget proposal would reduce the magnet programs as follows: Fine Art: $350 per student to $50 per student, Vanguard: $410 per student to $0 per student.Montessori: $350 per student to $250 (elementary) $0 (middle school)STEM: $125 per student to $50 per student And the list goes on........ At this proposed amount HISD's magnet program, along with every other specialized program in HISD, at every level, would be unsustainable. Parents’ voices are the ones the school board listens to, and parents need to act immediately.  Let your school board representative know that this change is unacceptable. The board intentionally proposed this dramatic budget change very late in the school year, and they are counting on apathy and vacation time to sneak it past HISD parents. Imagine the shock of coming back next school year and being told that your child’s magnet teacher had to be let go and no one is being hired to replace them. Once again, parents’ voices are the ones the school board listens to, so please, please, please become vocal about this proposed budget and encourage other HISD parents to do so as well. HISD parents have saved its Magnet Programs before.  Unfortunately, but without a doubt, you are now being called upon to do it again.

Michael McSorley
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Donald Trump, Mike Pence

Don’t let Trump dump essential NASA and NOAA programs

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR FUTURE UPDATES! In 2017, most climate scientists would tell you that “any weakening of our technological, scientific and human capabilities related to weather and climate” will place American lives and property at risk. Yet the Trump administration recently announced that it was ready to take that risk by unveiling almost $990 million dollars in cuts to NOAA and nearly $200 million in cuts to NASA’s budget. Both agencies play a leading role in collecting and analyzing data vital to climate science. The Trump budget even calls for eliminating $250 million worth of NOAA grants that help coastal communities already dealing with rising seas, beach erosion, and other ravages of climate change. These targeted budget cuts are nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on climate science and the ability of jurisdictions to act in response to climate-related changes to coastal areas across the country. This administration filled with climate change skeptics wants to eliminate our ability to track and measure land and climate changes to our Earth as carbon continues to flood into our atmosphere. We can’t let this happen. If you believe that understanding and mitigating the effects of climate change is key to our future, please sign and share this petition. Let’s come together and tell Congress to dump the Trump budget -- not our essential NASA and NOAA science programs.

Nathan & Brittany
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