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Petition to Vanessa Eke, NHS SBS

Ask LanguageLine to reverse cuts.

The Deaf community is at risk of losing much needed access and support from British Sign Language (BSL)/English interpreters whose sustainability is being jeopardised. The various health, social care and community appointments that Deaf people attend on a daily basis could grind to a halt as the local BSL/English interpreters are forced to boycott the agency responsible for booking them - LanguageLine Solutions (LLS). "I'm self-employed and work on a freelance basis, so my income is never guaranteed. I don't get sick pay, or holiday pay, or paid training. That all comes out of my own income, but I accept all of this because the job I get to do day in, day out gives me such joy.Most of my work is medical interpreting, about 1/3 actually. This work comes to me via agencies, and the agencies are trying to break me. They want me to do the same amount of work for 1/3 less pay, just like that. No rhyme or reason, just because they decided, and there is very little I can do". (Read more here). To become fully qualified and registered professionals, BSL/English interpreters undertake an average of eight years training. From 1 November 2016, LLS reduced the minimum fee paid to interpreters by 30%. The cuts for London interpreters came in to force on 1st December and cuts to the Midlands is set to follow. The National Union of British Sign Language Interpreters (NUBSLI) are supporting their members' action to boycott. These imposed pay cuts will render the profession unsustainable in the long term and, as a result, create a void in the access to everyday services for Deaf people. We are asking LanguageLine Solutions to reverse these cuts.

Nicola Evans
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