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Petition to National Football League, Roger Goodell

Demand the NFL Intervene to End Dysfunction in DC

To Roger Goodell.  Recently, two sportscasters at 106.7 The Fan (WJFK) in Washington DC went through the entire morbid history of the Washington Redskins under owner Daniel Snyder. To view that information, please click in the link below: Almost 20 Years of Turmoil I'd also like to share a revised letter that I wrote to you in November 2014: Hello, Mr Goodell I have some thoughts I wanted to share with you about the situation with the Washington Redskins. As a fan, I'm beyond appalled and beyond fed up with how Daniel Snyder has continuously mismanaged a once much respected franchise. For the last 17 years, we have had to endure one bad decision after another by an owner who clearly doesn't have the expertise, willingness, or even the competence to manage an NFL franchise successfully. In 1999, Snyder yanked this team away from the family of the late Jack Kent Cooke, and it has been downhill ever since for the Redskins.  Under Snyder, the Redskins have only won 43% (125-162-1) of their games and have only made five post season appearances. Each of those times, they didn't even make it past the first round. I don't know specifically what kind of authority you have over the owners, but I'm beginning to wonder if the NFL needs to at least consider intervention with this situation. I've seen and heard many disturbing stories over the years about fans who are giving away or even destroying their merchandise because they have had enough of seeing their team not only have one losing season after another, but also become the laughing stock of the NFL. Another example I wanted to share is this. A native DC newscaster, who has been a fan for 40 years, publicly decried the team and turned in his fan card. Another lifelong fan, whose father once played in the Redskins' Marching Band, went on YouTube and burned most of his Redskins equipment as he officially declared, "I'm done!" The way I see it, when things like this begin happening, then the situation has gone beyond the point of just being a concern. Probably the most heart-breaking stories I’ve heard are about generations of families who have finally reached the end of their rope and have decided to no longer renew their season tickets. I can’t say that I blame them. Why would I want to waste my money to go to a stadium where I see more fans of the visiting team than my own? Home field had a special meaning here in DC at one point. I’m 50 years old, and I grew up watching Redskins games from my home in Richmond, VA. I remember how passionate and loyal this fan base was back when Head Coach Joe Gibbs, GM Bobby Beathard, and the late owner Jack Kent Cooke were running the team. I remember how many consecutive sellout crowds we had at RFK Stadium. Before the 1987 NFL Strike, I believe the count was close to 160. All of that is a distant memory now, and we will never see days like that again under the current ownership and management. It is also very difficult to create a winning atmosphere when the owner himself can't stop meddling with decisions that should be made only by the coaching staff. In 2012, for example, the Redskins finished the season 10-6 and won the NFC East. However, that success was overshadowed by something that not too many people knew.  Mike Shanahan was about to walk out on his job because he was fed up with Snyder's preferential treatment of QB Robert Griffin III.  That kind of favoritism and meddling by an owner is completely unacceptable and unprofessional, and it continues even today. The recent, secretive, and controversial termination of General Manager Scot McCoughlin right before the start of the NFL Combine raised many eyebrows about just how critical the situation in the front office has become. I think you should also remember that Jay Gruden is the eighth head coach for the Redskins during the 17 years that Snyder has owned this franchise. If you do some basic math, then that averages to a coaching change almost every other season.  You're never going to convince me that such a high turnover rate in the Head Coach position will be conducive to producing a winning team. None of the head coaches who have at least tried to work under Snyder have stayed for the duration of their contracts. Believe it or not, Jay Gruden is the very first head coach to recently be granted a contract extension under Snyder, but even that accomplishment has been overshadowed by many other current problems on the team. The fate of QB Kirk Cousins still hangs in the balance., Replacing some key wide receivers who moved on to other teams and securing contracts with some promising free agents are just a few of many problems yet to be resolved. I'm not an official spokesman for the fans, but I believe I can at least unofficially speak on behalf of them. WE ARE FED UP WITH THE INSANITY!!!! We have an owner who refuses to acknowledge that he needs to manage things differently. He doesn’t seem to care that he is continuously making one bad decision after another, and it’s us fans who suffer the most. He also doesn’t seem to care that he is hurting and angering a very loyal and passionate fan base whose patience is beginning to grow very thin with one losing season after another under his direction.  I think “Conduct Detrimental to the Team” should apply to more than just the players and the coaching staff. It should also apply to the owner. defined rolls. These jobs must also be filled by people who are specifically qualified for them  If these kinds of guidelines aren't already in place for all NFL teams, then I think they should be. I look at it this way, Mr Goodell. You’re the Regional Manager of 32 “stores.”  You oversee the operations of these stores. Well, there is one Store Manager in DC that has been badly mismanaging his establishment for a long time. Are you going to do anything to deal with it, or will you allow the drama and embarrassment to continue indefinitely for a team and for a fan base whose patience and loyalty have been tested almost to its limits? Those are my thoughts for the day, sir. Thank you for your time.   Scott Kennedy  

Scott Kennedy
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Petition to Redskins Fans

Boycott the Redskins Until Dan Snyder Sells The Team

For the last two years Redskins fans have had more hope, happiness and WINS than ever since our last Super Bowl in 1991.  With a young quarterback that we drafted, a young promising head coach and a loaded offense we have made the playoffs and flirted with the playoffs in back to back years and it was thrilling.  But now we’ve lost our top two receivers, our GM and our possible franchise QB is demanding a trade.  Will firing Bruce Allen fix things? No. Will begging the best QB we’ve had since 1991 to stay with a boat-load of money even though he’s requested a trade help? No.  Will drafting a QB and signing a big name free agent help renew our hope? No.  Only one thing will fix the emotional torture the Redskins fans have endured over the last 18 years and that is for Dan Snyder to sell the team.  Until Snyder sells we are boycotting the team and hope thousands of people will join us. Hit Snyder and the Redskins where it hurts most, the bank account.  Don’t buy one piece of Redskins gear, attend one game, or click on any link associated with the team’s website or social media accounts.  Only something this large in scale could ever move Snyder to sell. I am a third generation diehard Redskins fan. I am raising my three kids as fourth generation fans.  My grandfather moved to DC in the 1930’s and quickly became a fan and raised all of us to be passionate Skins fans.  Our family is so crazy about the Skins that the first song my kids learned how to sing was “Hail to the Redskins.”  But due to the complete and utter dysfunction Redskins fans have witnessed over the last 18 years of Dan Snyder’s ownership, it’s time to take our team back and boycott the Redskins until Snyder sells.  We have had renewed hope hundreds of times during the last 18 years only to be back in the same place we find ourselves now, an embarrassment of the NFL with no hope in sight. Let’s take back our team, take back the Redskins and #BoycottTheSkins until Dan Snyder sells.

Tom Manatos
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