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Petition to California Supreme Court Judge Brenda Penny


Addressing a Los Angeles Superior Court judge via a remote connection, Britney Spears on Wednesday afternoon made her most public statement to date about her long-running conservatorship. For over a decade, the pop star's life has been ruled by an atypical court-dictated legal arrangement that removes practically all autonomy from her life. Until now, she has remained mostly quiet on the subject. In a passionate statement to the judge, she pleaded for the conservatorship to end. According to tweets sent by observers on the scene, and some audio that was heard by NPR, Spears was sternly open and outspoken about her situation. "I feel ganged up on, I feel bullied and I feel left out and alone," Spears said. "And I'm tired of feeling alone." She detailed parts of her life that had been unknown. She said that she is being exploited and that she can't sleep, is depressed and cries every day. Spears recalled one incident in which she didn't want to do an additional run of shows in Las Vegas. She felt relieved when her handlers said she didn't have to do the shows anymore but suspected there would be consequences. Days later, Spears said her therapist told her that he heard she was being uncooperative. She said he then changed her medication regimen. In another shocking revelation, Spears said that she wanted to have another child but has been forced to keep an IUD in place. Throughout her statement, Spears reminded the judge that it was her work financially supporting the people controlling her — namely her father, Jamie Spears. "All I want is to own my money and for this to end," she said. The plea may be Spears' final public say on the matter. Through her lawyer, Samuel Ingham III, she said that the statement was all she wanted the public to hear and suggested that proceedings from now on be sealed. Jamie Spears, who has been in charge of Spears' conservatorship, said through his lawyer that he's sorry to see his daughter in so much pain and that he misses her and loves her very much. The hearing ended without resolution. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny called Spears' remarks "courageous" and said Spears would have to file a formal petition asking for the conservatorship to end before she could render a decision. Please support Britney Spears in her effort to regain control of her life by signing this “Petition to Request That The Supreme Court of California Grant Britney Spears Back Her Freedom And Independence From Her Current Court Ruled Conservatorship.”

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