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Petition to Elected Officials, Community Leaders, Municipal candidates

Denounce Soldiers of Odin in the Peace Region

On September 20th, 2018, South Peace Community Resources Society (SPCRS) held their annual Take Back the Night event in Dawson Creek. Take Back the Night is an international event held annually to reclaim the streets for those who feel unsafe walking at night, including women and femmes, LGBTQIA2S+ folks, racialized minorities, and others who fear discrimination, harassment, or abuse in their communities. Events often include marches, rallies and vigils intended as a protest and direct action against rape and other forms of violence. Take Back the Night was originally a women-only event but has since expanded to include men and children in many communities, including Dawson Creek. It was recently reported in the Dawson Creek Mirror that the Soldiers of Odin, an anti-immigration and Islamophobic vigilante group, marched in the Take Back the Night event for the second year in a row, alongside elected officials and other community leaders. It seems there is a Peace Region chapter of this group, actively operating and recruiting in Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Chetwynd, and Tumbler Ridge. More information about the Soldiers of Odin can be found here, and in many other news articles: The Soldiers of Odin are cognizant of their public perception and have been redoubling efforts to pass as a concerned, non-profit citizens group trying to “clean up” our communities, but the groups ideology, hierarchical organization, and skewed perception of the world speak volumes. It is vital that we speak up against hatred in our communities, and refuse to work with or support the Soldiers of Odin in any way. Therefore, we the undersigned: Call upon all elected officials, municipal candidates, and community leaders to publicly denounce the Soldiers of Odin, and to not associate with the group at any time in the future. Some ways you may consider to doing this are to issue a press release, post on social media, share your thoughts in an email or newsletter, or speak publicly about this issue. We encourage you to take a firm stance against hatred in our community.

Stephanie Goudie
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Petition to City of Vancouver, Kennedy Stewart, John Horgan

Make Vancouver bid for a Major League Baseball team.

Vancouver has a long and storied history of loving baseball, and the MLB is interested in expanding by two additional teams. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has stated that it would be ideal for there for there to be an expansion team on the west coast. Portland is the most likely choice for most, but why not Vancouver? Of course, there would need to be much work done to achieve this, but it would be possible. More importantly, it would be wildly successful. The Vancouver Canadians routinely sell out their stadium of well over six thousand fans, and that is just for single-A baseball. Imagine the hype an MLB team would generate around not only Vancouver but all of western Canada. A prime example of this is the annual series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Seattle Mariners in Seattle. During this series, despite being on the road, Seattle is flooded with Blue Jays fans from all over western Canada, prominently from the Vancouver area. Vancouver placed bids in past MLB expansions, most recently for a team in 1998; however, the proposals were not taken seriously. The primary reason for this was the lack of a proper stadium. BC Place stadium was insufficient for baseball back then and would be absurd for it now. Building a new stadium wouldn't be easy, but it would be worth it. So with expansion around the corner, and with Vancouver having both an amazing fanbase and a geographical advantage, we must ask again; why not Vancouver?

Jeremy Hughes
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Petition to Premier of British Columbia John Horgan, David Eby, Michael Lee, Sonia Furstenau

Say NO to ICBC injury compensation caps!

This petition was started and promoted by car accident survivors and their families from real estate/construction, mining, markets/finance, unemployed, stay at home parents, retired, doctors etc ......We come from various backgrounds, political beliefs and income levels. WE ARE VOTERS WHO WILL STOP CAPS and we need your support to do so. Protect your rights, life and health if you get hit by a bad driver!!! -Caps mean paying a tiny, pre-set, “one-size-fits-all” amount for car accident injuries.  -If you or anyone you care about has been injured in a car accident you must sign this petition.  -If you are a driver, cyclist, pedestrian or transport user you must sign this petition.  -Injury caps mean: good drivers pay for bad drivers.  Injury caps mean all British Columbians will pay to subsidize bad drivers.  -You will be stuck with “insurance” that is much worse than what you have now and you will be paying the same or more for less coverage!  -Injury caps harm everyone!             -Injury caps deny access to justice because only the wealthy can afford to challenge the caps. -Injury caps hurt business owners and the self employed. ICBC will not easily pay for business losses caused by auto accidents.  Often, pain and suffering damages are the only recourse for a business owner/self employed person who suffers from auto accident injuries. -Injury caps hurt retired people who do not have income losses but have pain and suffering caused by bad drivers. -Injury caps really hurt pedestrians, cyclists and children who will not benefit from promised rate freeze (which is just a promise anyways) -Injury caps do nothing to address the core issue affecting the cost of claims: the explosion of accidents caused by bad driving. Say NO to ICBC injury compensation CAPS! SIGN AND DISTRIBUTE THIS PETITION CTV News Coverage of the May Surrey Protest Against ICBC Injury Caps: Video: Dr. Barre explains the dangers of Caps and "minor" injuries Please contact your MLAs at the following link and ask them to STOP ICBC CAPS: Please join our Facebook for interesting discussions and updates:        

Car Accident Survivors and Supporters for Fair Auto Insurance in BC
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Petition to John horgan, Dan Ashton, hon.harry bains, donna barnett, hon.lisa beare, Garry Begg, Mike Bernier, Shirley Bond, Jagrup Brar, Stephanie Cadieux, Spencer Chandra Herbert, Rich Coleman, Doug Clovechok, chow, Raj Chouhan, hon katrine conroy, bob D'eith, Judy Darcy, Katrina Chen, dan davies, jong, mitzi dean, adrian dix, Doug Donaldson, David Eby, Mable Elmore, sonia fursenau, Scott Fraser, Eric Foster, Rob Fleming, Mike Farnworth, Simon Gibson, Rick Glumac, George Heyman, Marvin Hunt, anne kang, ravi kahlon, jas johal, Carole James, joan isaacs, Ronna-Rae Leonard, British Columbia, Justin Trudeau, the coulson group, Clifford J. Coulson, Wayne C. S. Coulson, wayne coulson

The Coulson Group To Protect BC

We band together when Christy Clark made these same mistakes, we stood together then, its time to stand together now. We keep voting in these people and allow them too take over our province. Choices like who fights our fires and saves our homes, life's and communities should be just as much our choice as it is theirs. Something they don't seem to recognize. Who votes them in ? who gives them their power ? we do. Just as easily we can take it away.   The Coulson Group Company has a big fleet of fire fighting aircraft, they are on the leading edge of fire fighting technology . People say they aren't approved to fly for Canada, but why would they spend money when the b.c government doesn't want them.  The Mars was certified by Transport Canada Each And Every Years Of Use !  The agency counted 170 new fires Wednesday on top of 130 tallied a day earlier. Environment and Climate Change Canada said on Twitter that more than 30,000 lightning strikes were recorded Wednesday. August 06th there have been 1,502 fires that have happened this year alone and 101,326 hectares burned which is 250,381.999 Acres.  When is enough ?  20 New fires today August 07th , how much are they going to burn ?   302 wildfires larger than 0.01 hectares and all wildfires of note in British Columbia as of midnight (00:00 PST) August 05,2018 After last year’s record-setting wildfire season in BC, a Vancouver-Island-based company says the province is missing out on an opportunity to make a bigger impact this time around. Fighting fires from the air at night really makes an impact, according to Coulson Group president Wayne Coulson. “One of the things we see, at night of course, when you take the heat out of a fire, the sun goes down and the relative humidity climbs,” Coulson said. “That seems to be when the fire is the weakest. So there’s periods of time, and of course it depends on the weather, when that fire lays down and you’re able to go attack it.” The Fireliner will have a flow rate of 2,200 gallons per second. “Our competitive advantage with both the C-130s and the Boeing 737 is the flow is so heavy that we can do direct attacks on top of the fire,” he said. The company plans to bid on contracts in the United States, Australia, South America and Europe. Coulson Aviation is also building a fourth C-130 in Arizona. Coulson said he hopes that the newly elected government in British Columbia might mean more opportunity to bid on local contracts. Most recent B.C. contracts under the Liberals have gone to the same company, Abbotsford-based Conair Aerial Firefighting. “It’s our hope that with the new government and balance of power that we do get opportunities for our aircraft in the province of B.C.,” Coulson said. Coulson Group of Companies also operates the Mars bombers — the largest water bombers in the world. The Martin Mars was retired from firefighting service in 2013, but was brought back in 2015 for the forest-fire season on a $600,000 contract. Coulson planned to sell the retired air tanker, since neither the B.C. nor Alberta governments had requested its support, but is still looking for buyers. Its Hawaii Mars, which was damaged during the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh airshow In 2016, Was Back In The Air 2017.      

British Columbians
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