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Petition to Institute of Art and Law, British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum

Return the Maqdala treasures

Members of the British Military looted sacred symbolic treasures from Ethiopia exactly 150 years ago. King Tewedros at the time fought so hard against this, that he committed suicide leaving a 7 year old son behind. His son and some of the treasures were presented to Queen Victoria who is said to have been deeply saddened by it all. By the time the treasures were in the hands of British museums, powerful laws were made to stop board members gifting pieces to their network , locked the treasures into Britain. Other countries that have been able to restore valuable art like the victims of Nazi Germans. We can only do this by the power of public awareness and support. In 2008 I was crowned Miss Kenya UK and Miss East Africa UK. The same year Ethiopia's then president Girma Wolde-Giorgis wrote to the V&A, British Museum, British Library and Cambridge University seeking restitution of the Maqdala Treasure. Again, no success and the story has never gained momentum. However, the V&A want to 'shine a light' on this tragic story with an exhibition this April 2018, because finally they are 'open to the idea' of sending the treasures back to Ethiopia - but only on borrowed time due to the laws. What excites me is Queen Tewabech's dress and jewellery in The British Museum. She was the second wife of King Tewedros, a very spiritual woman. At a time where men and women were seen as equal, she is hardly noted.  Coming from a fashion background, being an East African Beauty Queen who highly honours the spiritual, ancient connection of African creativity (greatly influencing popular culture today), I feel youth culture should be engaged in a peaceful, productive conversation. Africans can not continue to contribute so much to global, trillion dollar creative industries, while many still suffer, as well as the world embracing the visuals but not understanding the ancient symbolism, rituals and spiritual importance. Please sign this petition so we can bring this to the forefront and work with British policy to try and return them to it's rightful owners- at the very least truly honour a nations culture, where all humans are said to have originated. Let's change History...and Herstory!  Thank you.  Warmly,  Vicky Ngari-Wilson 

Vicky Ngari-Wilson
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Petition to Guy Verhofstadt, David Davis, Charles Goerens

Do you want personal EU citizenship? Send a message to the European Parliament

The first round of the Brexit negotiations provided some assurances over citizens’ rights, but the fact that the continuation of free movement was not even discussed is a worrying sign. It may well come up during the next phase of negotiations, but there are no guarantees, thus it is imperative we pressure both British and European parliaments to make sure this issue is not sidelined. Freedom of movement is vital, whether the UK is officially part of the European Union or not. Associative European citizenship must be made available to those who either wish for or need it. The idea is that if Britain, or any other nation, exits the EU, individual citizens of that country who wished to retain a personal right to live and work across the EU should be able to do so - maybe or maybe not paying a fee for this status. The Pan-European is a new online media outlet that supports this proposal -  not just in the name of the 16 million Britons who voted to remain EU citizens and the 1.3 million Britons already living and working in the EU (many of whom were denied the right to vote under the UK electoral law), but in the name of all people who want to express their support for and belief in the European project at a time when it is threatened by the rise of nationalist parties in many member countries.  Get the latest on citizens rights, as well as European news and politics through our daily newsletter: The Pan-European's objective is to represent, inform and connect individual European citizens irrespective of their nationality or the political position of their country's government, starting with the fight to create the separate legal status of individual EU citizen for all who wish it. By signing this petition, you will be signaling your desire for Associative European citizenship, which we can then use to pressure the UK government and the European Parliament.  

The Pan-European
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