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Petition to Michel BARNIER, Theresa May MP

Joan and Lynn want a Green Card for Europe #EUGreenCard

Français - Español - Deutsch - Italiano - Polski We are two individuals, one from the UK and the other from the EU, campaigning for a Green card so we can work and live freely between the two states. Here's our story. Joan's story My name is Joan (John in English) – I am an EU citizen in the UK, a nurse and an award-winning NHS change-maker working to improve care for patients across the UK. I am also the father of three beautiful children. I feel scared about what will happen to my family and to me when Britain leaves the EU. I am worried about my kids’ education and our access to healthcare. I feel insecure about my long term rights to stay in Britain. I don’t want to be a second class citizen. The British government’s offer of settled status “deal or no deal” (unilateral guarantees) is a step in the right direction but it is not enough by itself. That’s why I’ve joined forces with New Europeans to campaign for a Green Card for Europe.” An #EUGreenCard would give me: -  physical proof of my settled status as an EU citizen in the UK -  guarantees of all my rights as an EU citizen in the UK -  permanent right to return to the UK -  backing of the EU -  peace of mind   Lynn’s story My name is Lynn and I’m a British national living in the EU. I’m a journalist and a translator and I don’t want to lose my right to freedom of movement. I also have a disabled step son who is very well looked after by the Spanish authorities. I am concerned about our access to care post Brexit. I don’t want to apply for Spanish citizenship which would mean giving up my UK passport and rights if my step son and I ever return to the UK. That’s why I’ve joined forces with New Europeans to campaign for a Green Card for Europe. An #EUGreenCard would give me:  - physical proof of my status as a Spanish resident -  free movement rights within the EU -  right to equal treatment -  recognition of my qualifications -  ability to retain my UK citizenship Help Joan and Lynn get what they need to sustain their livelihoods post Brexit. Join the call for an #EUGreenCard   Sign this petition Please note that a lot of the updates we send end up in spam filters - please make sure you allow emails from to stop this happening! And for information updates directly from New Europeans, sign up  

Joan Pons Laplana
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Petition to Theresa May MP, Council of the European Union, European Parliament, European Commission, UK Parliament

To revoke article 50 and stay in the Eu

We believe that Brexit is the biggest mistake this country could possibly make.  There are so many reasons: 1.  Our kids need to be part of Europe to have a more choices for their future we should not deny them any opportunities 2.  Being part of a bigger market force helps keep our food costs down and gives us high quality. 3.  Businesses will leave the UK  to ensure staying in the EU marketplace. 4.  Jobs, our job security depends on being part of the EU 5.   Business Travel and holidays will become more costly and take longer with borders  6.   Transporting goods both in and out of the UK will become more costly and affect everything we use more or less because Britain manufactures very few products. 7.  We need migrant workers for the NHS, community care and farming, isn't it better to get them from our neighbouring countries. 8.  We are more secure being part of EU. 9.   We have improved our workers rights and standards because of being part of the EU.   10.  We receive grants to help with roads, poverty, environmental projects 11.  Deprived areas of our country get major investment. 12.  The EU is our Biggest Customers for our Goods and Services. 13.  EU helps us by just by being part of a major voice in the world. 14.  Animal welfare rights, got to protect our animals our own government didn't transfer the major protection here of EU law.. 15.  Science and Education benefit from sharing knowledge and ideas. 16.  Euratom, medicines and medical research all better and cheaper within EU. 17.  We can campaign to change EU from within if we want to. If you feel we NEED to stay part of the EU and benefit from being EU Citizen as well as British then please lets get this madness stopped quickly and before we spend too much money on this nonsense.  There is so many better things to be spending time and money on as a country.  Please add your signature now and tell our government to stop Brexit before its too late.

Frank Smith
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