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Petition to Prime Minister Theresa May and Parliament

BREXIT - The Electorate Demand "NO DEAL" and WTO Rules adopted.

All said and done, we didnt vote to give Government permission to negotiate terms of our Exit from the EU, we voted to either Leave or Remain. The results of the referendum were clear and the result was in favour of "Leave"Almost 3 years have passed and whilst the date of our departure from the Union is fast approaching we are no nearer to regaining Sovereignty and freedom from the grasp that the EU has on the UK. Whatever people may think in terms of any responsibilities we may have to fulfill pledges made before we voted to Leave, or to settle accounts that we have a moral and/or legal responsibility to fulfill, is not the point nor is this necessarily under question. What IS under question and IS VERY MUCH THE POINT, is that ANY deal that keeps the UK bound to the EU IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM,  is  WHOLLY UNACCEPTABLE.Right now we simply want OUT of the EU, completely and with NO CONDITIONS attached to our Exit. To this end, the ONLY solution is that we Leave under WTO Terms, with NO DEAL between the UK and the EU.Future trade relations and appropriate agreements can be discussed after our UNCONDITIONAL EXIT has been delivered. We have signed this Petition and hereby, (reminding Government, Parliament and ALL MP's that it is We, the people, by whom you are ALL Employed and whose Will you are paid to serve),  INSTRUCT Government/PM Theresa May and Parliament to carry out the mandate to Leave the European Union, (that the electorate, as a result of the 2016 referendum has issued), with NO DEAL AND UNDER WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION RULES.  This is to be effective upon and as of the legally enshrined exit date of 29 MARCH 2019. In addition to this we include also the stipulation that the United Kingdom reclaim FULL CONTROL of its Military, its Defence, including related Research and Development AND Production Facilities and Industries,Single-Point Command Goals of the European Project are to be Entirely rejected and the UK is to Reclaim Complete Sovereignty and Sole Authority over its Industries, Territories, Resources, Legislation, Judiciary and Governanceand without Predjudice to any other aspects of its Sovereignty as a Nation in its own right and of its own standing.These Stipulations are also to be effective upon and as of 29 March 2019.

Duncan White
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Petition to Cumbrian MPs

To urge Cumbrian MPs to listen to the will of the people

In 2016 the people of Cumbria voted 56% in favour to leave the EU. However, Cumbrian MPs are defying that vote in certain ways.  Sue Hayman, MP for Allerdale, said she wants to see a permenant Customs Union. This is not what leave looks like.  Trudy Harrison, MP for Copeland, Rory Stewart MP for Eden, and John Stevenson MP for Carlisle, supported the Prime Ministers Withdrawal Agreement in parliament which splits up the union by keeping Northern Ireland in a customs union and the single market. It also keeps us under the ruling of the ECJ. There are many more problems with the deal which you can read here: Tim Farron, MP for South Lakeland, wants to ignore the result of the first referendum because remain lost and to hold another one. This is also in his party's policy.  John Woodcock, MP for Barrow-in-Furness, says that a No Deal would be disastrous for the country, and previously supported Labour's position on a Customs Union when he was an MP for the Party. Please sign this petition to tell your MP that you do not want them to waver over brexit and for them to make your voice heard in Parliament, as all constituencies in Cumbria voted to leave Bar one, Cumbria as a whole voted for Brexit, 56%, and the Country voted to leave by 52%. Sign this petition to tell the Cumbrian MPs that you do not want to be subject to a Customs Union, single Market, do not want to break up the Union, do not want to be held hostage by the EU or still be under ECJ ruling like the withdrawal agreement does, do not want to sign away our fishing waters, do not want to give the EU excessive amounts of money which could be going towards our public services, and do not want to be under EU rules and regulation. Sign this petition to tell the Cumbrian MPs to respect the result of the referendum in 2016. Not partially, not half, all of the result to vote leave. 

Reece Harris
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