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Petition to Brevard County Commission, Bryan Lober

Repair and open up the Sykes Creek Bridge PLEASE - NOW!

Sykes Creek Bridge, located on Sea Ray Drive, has been out of commission since Hurricane Irma 2017. There is no date in sight as to when the bridge will be fixed.  It is a deterrent to all customers of Island Dockside Restaurant, Harbortown Marina Canaveral, and other businesses on Sea Ray Drive. Every week, visitors are trapped on the wrong side of the bridge due to wrong GPS directions, which creates massive confusion, frustration, and lost business. This loss of business is detrimental to family-owned establishments like Harbortown Marina and Island Dockside Restaurant. In addition to limited access to serve our customers, We believe Sea Ray Drive is a necessary evacuation route in the event of an emergency.  As the owners of Harbortown Marina, we know our vendors, boat owners and employees are all forced to only one exit.  Traffic headed in a Northern direction is forced to enter/exit Highway 528, which does not have traffic lights and is crowded from the huge cruise boats in the Port Canaveral area. This area continues to rapidly grow and the bridge needs to be open to keep up with the traffic demands.  There are cruise parking lots being prepped on N Courtney Parkway, Smith Rd. and adjacent to the Barge Canal totaling 15+ acres.  This increase in traffic will overload 528 exits and entrance ramps with traffic.  Sea Ray Drive would allow more relief if the Sykes Creek Bridge was open. Please hear our plea and get this bridge fixed before something worse happens! -Jan & Michael Chnupa (Owners of Harbortown Marina)with support from Island Dockside at Harbortown and our local vendors VIDEO: Brevard County bridge still waiting for permanent repairs after Hurricane Irma    

Harbortown Marina Canaveral, Ltd. & Island Dockside Restaurant
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Petition to Emily Pierson

Saving Douglas!

Mr. Robert Douglas came into the Eau Gallie Choral Program at one of the most hectic times of the year. He is a driven, charismatic director who truly is invested in each one of his students. The department as a whole has benefited under his direction. Not only has the musicianship of the students improved, but the students have been taught to emote through the music and make each piece their own.  As a result of the prior director's absence, our department was in jeopardy of continuing the pusuit of music education. Mr. Douglas came in, taught the Disney Candleight music to the students, as they were chosen by Disney to be Honor Choir in the annual Candlelight Processional, organized an entire choir production for our annual PRISM concert, took the show choir to Solo/Ensemble where they received straight superiors under his direction, took Concert choir and a Womens choir to MPA and received Superiors, took that same Concert choir to State MPA, which has not been done in recent Eau Gallie history, and those students received and overall Excellent rating. Mr. Douglas also was the music coordinator and director of our spring musical The Music Man.  Mr. Douglas has grown a significant relationship with each student in the department and it would be detrimental to remove him. The quality of the department would be negatively effected and could possibly taint the reputation Eau Gallie has as a music demonstration school. The assimilation of our prior director would be much more difficult because the students have bonded with Mr. Douglas.  The purpose of this petition is not to slander or rid our previous director of her job, but to keep the man that has turned this choir into a famiy, and has become an important figure in all of our lives. This petition is to ensure the future growth and continued success of Eau Gallie's Chorus program.

Eau Gallie High School Chorus Program
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Petition to Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio Town Hall

We, the undersigned residents of Brevard County in the State of Florida, hereby petition Senator Marco Rubio to hold an open forum, in-person town hall within Brevard County as promptly as possible during late afternoon or evening hours to maximize attendance. His constituents have urgent, time-sensitive questions and concerns that they would like to discuss with him in light of recent governmental activity. This activity has caused a great deal of turmoil, worry, and strife among Sen. Rubio's constituency, and he must address this to properly represent us in the United States Congress. We request that an open forum, in-person town hall be scheduled immediately, in a centralized location within Brevard County. We suggest the Cocoa Beach High School Performing Arts Center, Viera High School, or a venue of similar size. We request that the town hall not be theme specific, allowing constituents to bring up any topic, question, or concern. We further request that the majority of the time be allotted to an open mic Q&A (at least 2 hours), allowing any constituent present to ask Sen. Rubio questions for him to answer directly. We ask that Sen. Rubio fulfill his senatorial duty to properly represent all of his constituents by abiding by this petition. It is our sincere hope that this petition leads to the Senator having a greater understanding of what his constituents’ concerns are. Furthermore, we hope that the Senator makes these town halls a recurring and regular method of engaging with his voters.

Speak Out! Brevard
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