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Petition to Debra Ortega, ROBIN KNIECH, City of Denver

End the Ridiculous Breed Ban and Killing of innocent dogs in Denver CO!

Yes, this is still happening in 2018! The breed ban on pitbulls in Denver was passed in 1989 and some may not even know it exsists! According to the Denver AC and Denver city website ; “The ban has been in place since 1989. The ban is in effect for American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, or Staffordshire Bull Terrier.Pit bull type dogs are defined as any dog displaying the majority of physical traits of any one or more of the above breeds, or any dog exhibiting those distinguishing (physical) characteristics, which substantially conform to the standards established by AKC or UKC .The ban is not the entire city (certain counties do not uphold it and some ever so often have proposals to try to overturn it in Court hearings like the Current proposal in Lakewood county), but the city and county of Denver do strictly enforce and ultimately terminate the dog if can’t be relocated in time” I know this is shocking to those of us who know Co to be a dog friendly state but if no one ever takes action nothing will be done. Below are the names and emails of both council women (yes women!!) upholding this ridiculous outdated ban killing these sweet babies for no reason. You can Contact: Robin Kniech at 720-337-7712 or and Debra Ortega at 720-337-7713 or ortegaatlarge@denvergovorg. Speaking to the AC of Denver they were polite but so matter of fact about the dog being put down that I more and more do think Mass killings of these beautiful dogs are being done behind close doors in one of the best and animal living states in the country! Sign the petition and end this ridiculous law now! Link to Denver city page with Breed Specific Legislation:   photo courtesy of, photographer 

Reene Phoenix
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Petition to Greensboro GA City Council

Stop Breed Discrimination in Greensboro GA! Educate, Don't Discriminate.

Summary of the New Breed Discriminatory Ordinance: This ordinance was passed unanimously on November 20, 2017. The ordinance applies to American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and mixed breed dogs that look like they are partially of these breeds. The ordinance does not indicate how much of the targeted breeds is acceptable in a mixed breed dog. Owners of targeted dogs must pay $50 to register their dogs with the police. No other pets in the city must be registered. While on the owner’s property, targeted dogs must be confined indoors or in a locked pen with a roof and a floor. If the pen does not have a floor, the sides must be embedded into the ground at least 2 ft. The pen must be located at least 25 ft from the property line. Targeted dogs must wear a fluorescent collar any time they are outside. Puppies born to a female pit bull must be registered, at $50 each, by the age of 6 mos. Visitors to the city who have dogs that fit the profile cannot have their dogs within the city limits for more than 59 minutes. Why We Oppose It: It’s unnecessary. The city can enforce the leash and dangerous dog ordinances already on the books, laws that apply to all dogs. Your dog could be next. When the ordinance was passed, the council discussed expanding the ordinance to include other breeds. The ordinance sentences dogs to lifetime isolation and confinement, based solely on how they look. We believe that dogs, like people, are individuals and should be judged by their behavior, not their appearance. The ordinance may create just what the city seeks to avoid: dangerous dogs. Isolating a dog from human contact is an excellent way to create an unsocialized, potentially dangerous animal. Also, the ordinance may cause owners to abandon their dogs rather than comply, which could result in more loose dogs and an increased threat to public safety. The ordinance will punish responsible pet owners who comply, while bad pet owners will ignore it, or acquire new breeds to exploit that are not covered by the ordinance. The ordinance will create an unfriendly environment for visitors and tourists with dogs, since dogs that fit the profile are only allowed within the city limits for 59 minutes. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to enforce. It’s hard even for experts to tell what breeds are in a dog’s family tree. Requiring a fluorescent collar for targeted dogs stigmatizes dogs that may be friendly, well-trained family pets. Many dogs, including hunting dogs, already wear fluorescent collars. The ordinance will discourage dog adoptions in Greensboro, since many rescued dogs are mixes and no one knows which dogs would be targeted by the ordinance. These organizations oppose breed-discriminatory legislation: The American Bar Association, The American Veterinary Medical Association, the Centers for Disease Control, the American Kennel Club, the ASPCA, The Humane Society of the United States, and many more. Americans should be able to love and care for any kind of dog they choose, as long as they are responsible. 21 states have already passed laws prohibiting this type of discriminatory legislation. What We Recommend Instead: Enforce the existing leash and dangerous dog laws already on the books, which apply to all dogs and dog owners. Concentrate on irresponsible owners and dangerous dogs, not dogs with a certain appearance. Make our community safer by focusing on the real problems: loose dogs, pet overpopulation, and irresponsible pet owners. Consider licensing all dogs in the city for a low fee, with a discount for spayed/neutered animals. This would build a database which would help reunite lost pets with their families, and assist first responders, who would know what pets were in residence when responding to an emergency. The city could use the licensing fees to fund low-cost spay/ neuter, vaccination, and, most importantly, education programs. Create a community task force. We are a group of concerned citizens willing to take action to help make our community safer for all residents and all pets! Members of local rescue groups, as well as other experts, including veterinarians, law enforcement, and animal control officials, are ready to help the city tackle these issues.

Diane Driscoll
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Petition to Jennifer Hawkins, OC Board of Supervisors

Stop the Killing of Karma the Dog(safe)/ Change leadership at Orange County Animal Services!

With the dog's life saved, we are now looking to change leadership at Orange County Animal Services.  As Karma is now safe in a sanctuary! Karma, a young, healthy, sweet Husky mix was taken from her loving family by Orange County Animal Care on May 25th, after adults in the family were alleged to have been engaged in a dispute. A judge then ordered Karma to be executed because they determined she is part wolf. Now, animal advocates worldwide are trying to convince authorities to spare her life. Please sign this petition urging the OC Board of Supervisors and OC Animal Care Chief Veterinarian Jennifer Hawkins not to kill Karma. Her family loves her and would gladly have her back. But if Orange County is unwilling to free her because of concerns that she is a wolf hybrid, let her live out her days at an appropriate sanctuary equipped to care for such dogs. For four months now, Karma has been in isolation with no access to run, take a walk, stretch her legs, or breathe fresh air. She’s allowed no visits from her owners. Karma is a wonderful and friendly dog. She is friendly and has never shown any indication that there is reason to question her loyalty to humans. Karma is also a licensed service dog, having helped her owner with the effects of PTSD. Only first generation wolf hybrids are illegal in the state of California, and counties are allowed to determine their own policies regarding second or third generation hybrids, of which Karma is one. When Karma was taken by Animal Care, officials looked into her history and found an extremely low wolf content on her DNA test. Karma is anything but wild, far from vicious, and she should not be condemned to this terrible fate when her breed is perfectly legal in the state.   Five dog rescue groups have stepped forward and said they are willing to take Karma. Why would Orange County stand in their way? Please help us convince the OC Board of Supervisors and OC Animal Care Chief Veterinarian Jennifer Hawkins not to kill Karma. Urge them to release her to a suitable facility.  

Michael W.
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