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Petition to Jennifer Hawkins, OC Board of Supervisors

Stop the Killing of Karma the Dog(safe)/ Change leadership at Orange County Animal Services!

With the dog's life saved, we are now looking to change leadership at Orange County Animal Services.  As Karma is now safe in a sanctuary! Karma, a young, healthy, sweet Husky mix was taken from her loving family by Orange County Animal Care on May 25th, after adults in the family were alleged to have been engaged in a dispute. A judge then ordered Karma to be executed because they determined she is part wolf. Now, animal advocates worldwide are trying to convince authorities to spare her life. Please sign this petition urging the OC Board of Supervisors and OC Animal Care Chief Veterinarian Jennifer Hawkins not to kill Karma. Her family loves her and would gladly have her back. But if Orange County is unwilling to free her because of concerns that she is a wolf hybrid, let her live out her days at an appropriate sanctuary equipped to care for such dogs. For four months now, Karma has been in isolation with no access to run, take a walk, stretch her legs, or breathe fresh air. She’s allowed no visits from her owners. Karma is a wonderful and friendly dog. She is friendly and has never shown any indication that there is reason to question her loyalty to humans. Karma is also a licensed service dog, having helped her owner with the effects of PTSD. Only first generation wolf hybrids are illegal in the state of California, and counties are allowed to determine their own policies regarding second or third generation hybrids, of which Karma is one. When Karma was taken by Animal Care, officials looked into her history and found an extremely low wolf content on her DNA test. Karma is anything but wild, far from vicious, and she should not be condemned to this terrible fate when her breed is perfectly legal in the state.   Five dog rescue groups have stepped forward and said they are willing to take Karma. Why would Orange County stand in their way? Please help us convince the OC Board of Supervisors and OC Animal Care Chief Veterinarian Jennifer Hawkins not to kill Karma. Urge them to release her to a suitable facility.  

Michael W.
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Petition to Lakewood City Council (Dan O'Malley), Lakewood City Council, Lakewod City Council, Lakewood City Council, Lakewood City Council, Lakewood Animal Control, City of Lakewood, Mike Summers

Allow Child with Cystic Fibrosis to Keep Her Dog, a Pit Bull

  Aleeah is a 4-year-old girl with cystic fibrosis. Recently, she, her father, and their two dogs moved in with Aleeah’s grandma in Lakewood, Ohio to get help with Aleeah’s care. Every day, Aleeah endures two brutal breathing treatments, which consist of a compression vest hooked to a machine that shakes Aleeah’s chest vigorously for 15 minutes. It promises to help her breathe, but such treatment is scary for a young girl. Luckily, Aleeah always has her beloved friend, Scrappy, by her side. Scrappy is one of her dogs and her most devoted companion. She sings “The Scrappy Song” over and over during her treatments to keep her happy. Unfortunately, this happiness may end because the city is threatening to take Scrappy away from Aleeah due to an outdated ban on pit bulls. Scrappy is as gentle as a lamb and has never hurt anyone. Please join me in calling on the Lakewood City Council to reverse their archaic breed-specific legislation and allow Scrappy to stay with Aleeah. Aleeah’s family is currently awaiting results from Scrappy’s DNA test: if he is found to be at least 50% pit, the city can take him away. This would be so traumatic for Aleeah, who counts on Scrappy to see her through the dark moments in her battle with this vicious chronic disease. Since Lakewood’s breed specific legislation was enacted in 2008, many studies have proven that there is no scientific basis for it -- viciousness is an individual trait, and treating dogs as “breeds” is ineffective and inhumane. Furthermore, such legislation was never meant for cases like Aleeah’s; a case where the owner so clearly needs this dog for her physical and emotional wellbeing. We can’t let them be so black-and-white on this issue. Aleeah will be devastated if she loses Scrappy, and why would they want to punish Aleeah? Please, let’s join forces and show the Lakewood City Council how much support Aleeah and Scrappy have in their community and beyond. Please demand that they allow Scrappy to stay with Aleeah.

Darwin Dogs
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Petition to California State House, California State Senate

Stop insurance breed discrimination to keep pets out of shelters and in homes

Up to 99%  of pit bulls that enter a shelter are killed. Part of the problem is homeowners are finding it more and more difficult to obtain homeowners’ insurance that accept their breed of dogs.  In recent years, several insurance companies have blacklisted dog breeds they consider dangerous, making it all but impossible for dog owners to get the insurance they need to protect their home. Now Pit Bulls and similar dogs are filling up California shelters, breaking up families and costing the state millions of dollars. It is time that California joined Pennsylvania and Michigan and prohibit breed specific insurance exclusions so we can stop the needless separation of families and the eventual euthanasia of innocent dogs. I’m Dawn, a volunteer at Chako Pit bull Rescue in Sacramento, California. Every year we take in homeless pit bulls in danger of being euthanized at shelters. Many of these dogs were surrendered when their owners faced the heart-breaking decision of giving up a beloved family member in order to keep a roof over their children’s heads.  Too many children have cried, heartbroken, as their parents rip them away from their favorite companions, and even grown men have broken down because they can no longer keep their best friend. The worst part is knowing that in most of these cases, these dogs will never find another home and will unfortunately be put to sleep. In fact, having to move and being unable to find a place to rent that will accept their dog is the top reason people give for surrendering their dogs to a shelter. These pet unfriendly lists can hurt Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers, among other breeds, even though study after study has proven that there are no dangerous dog breeds. There are just irresponsible owners who haven’t properly trained or managed their dogs.   Insurance company breed blacklists are not only wrong and unfair, but they are also misguided. If insurance companies want to reduce risk they should require dog owners and their pets to go through obedience training or provide proof of Canine Good Citizen certification. Requiring homeowners to show such proof, rather than denying them coverage outright, reduces the chance of dog bites and liability for all parties involved while keeping dog owners in their homes and dogs out of shelters. There are better ways to minimize insurance risk than forcing families to give up their dogs. Pennsylvania and Michigan have protected homeowners and their dogs from discrimination while also ensuring that insurance companies don’t face an unfair burden. It is time California does the same by creating legislation that prohibits breed specific insurance blacklists.  Help us at Chako Pit Bull Rescue keep families in their homes and dogs from being euthanized and tell the California Legislature to ban breed-specific insurance policies.

Chako Pit Bull Rescue
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