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Withdraw the ban of my dad's attendance to The Echo Centre, Liskeard

  My father suffered a life changing stroke. He lost his ability to walk, he lost his job, he lost his confidence, he lost his independence; I think he felt he'd lost everything really. After many months in hospital, he went home and has made brilliant progress with the help of family, carers and also when offered the opportunity, by Cornwall Council to join a fantastic organisation called The Echo Centre run in Liskeard. They run workshops and activities to those who have suffered some sort of brain injury and although he was nervous at first, dad went along. Twice a week he was going, making new friends, learning new things, trying out activities he'd never tried before, all the time building his confidence back up and getting some kind of life back together for himself, maybe not the one he had before but he was getting himself back on track.  He started going swimming, which isn't easy when you've lost the use of the left side of your body. He even swam to raise money for charity.  I'd not seen my dad as happy and as confident as he was when surrounded by those at The Echo Centre for a long time.  Recently Cornwall Council have made cuts to people's allowances. They said he can't have carers anymore to help him get dressed and get breakfast in the morning; this didn't bother dad too much as he's made so much progress that he is incredibly confident and can just about manage alone when it's needed now. They also said his funding for The Echo Centre needed to be cut so he could only go for one day, again he wasn't too phased. He preferred the Thursdays anyway; more going on such as choir practice, swimming, a day fishing or a nice lunch out somewhere.  He's then told he can no longer go at all unless he pays the funding himself; a bit of a blow, the prices are worked out and the money is handed over. Yesterday, he receives a call to say that he is no longer allowed to go to The Echo Centre at all. Now, I would like to know if the busy body sat at a desk making this frivolous and simple decision realises what they have just taken away from a 61 year old man.  You have taken away his life again. He lost almost everything in a split second when that blood clot starved his brain of oxygen but over many months he has gained so much back with the help of the fantastic people at The Echo Centre.  He's made friends, he's gained strength both physically and emotionally. After being depressed and low, he smiles more, he has things to tell people about again, he's formed strong bonds with others who have suffered the same fate, he's been given opportunities that would otherwise never have been given to him in his condition.  Cornwall Council; your department is called Adult Care I believe? Then care. Your board of decision makers have jobs, have a fully functioning brain each and drive around to get places and do things they want to do when they want to do them.  My father has none of those things anymore, and the one place that helped him feel human again he has been banned from EVEN AFTER PAYING HIS OWN MONEY.   Everyone, please sign this petition to help me change the minds of those who have taken the one thing keeping my dad going, away from him.   Daddy, I love you and I am very proud of you. Xx Everyone, please sign this petition to help me change the minds of those who have taken the one thing keeping my dad going, away from him.

Amie Jones
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