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Petition to Miami-Dade Congressional Delegation and Mayors, Senators Marco Rubio & Bill Nelson, Gov. Rick Scott


An Open Letter to Elected Representatives in Miami-Dade County June 30, 2018   As researchers, teachers, and employees in higher education across South Florida, we unequivocally denounce the Trump administration’s policy of “zero tolerance” in all its ramifications: migration should not be a crime, and jailing children is cruel, damaging and morally indefensible. We demand action from our representatives to: Decriminalize immigration; End immigration detention in favor of humane alternatives that are already proven successful; Immediately take all steps necessary to reunify families that have been separated including creating a national database of separated children and family members; Do whatever it takes to mitigate the psychological and physical harm caused to the thousands of victims of family separation, including young children and infants. South Florida is a place deeply shaped by immigrants from the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as by the Jewish diaspora. Without these refugees and economic migrants, documented and undocumented, the vibrant culture and dynamic spirit of our home would not exist. Our universities and the research they produce would be impoverished without the many faculty, staff, and students who have migrated here from all over the world. Our community also has a deep personal understanding of the suffering that leads people to leave their birth countries, the traumas of migration, and the inter-generational impact of separation, repression and violence. State-sanctioned and even state-perpetrated violence against children and families are unfortunately familiar to many in our community. More broadly, authoritarian politicians all over the world are using people’s anxiety about the global refugee crisis to increase their power. Therefore, it is more important than ever that we act with compassion and reason, rather than fear, racism, and xenophobia. The separation of children and infants from their families upon their arrival in this country is, by definition, child abuse. We refer you to a letter on these separations’ devastating and lasting effects written by scholars who specialize in health, psychology, and trauma, here. While President Trump’s executive order supposedly ends this practice, thousands of children remain in detention without their parents, across the country. This is unacceptable. The government has no plan for their reunification and no plan for their care. This appalling and heartless incompetence is going to be difficult to rectify, but it must be done. The Trump administration’s so-called solution to the problem it has created is to detain children with their families, in line with proposed bills by Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and Mark Meadows. Creating new forms of incarceration is not the answer. The American Association of Pediatrics categorically opposes the detention of immigrant children, whether they are with their families or not. There are alternatives to detention, and they work. The Family Case Management Program, which monitored and provided aid to migrant families whose cases were being processed, had a 99% success rate of families appearing for check-ins and court appearances and cost far less than imprisonment, before Trump abolished it. We all have an obligation to speak out, and we expect our local, state, and federal representatives to resist inhumane national policies, and make right their consequences. Standing up to the mistreatment of the most vulnerable is the definition of public service, and we are counting on you to do the right thing. -- Signed by the following verified Miami-Dade higher education professionals as of June 28, 2018. Note: We will add names as they are verified. If you wish to add your name to the verified list please note your higher ed affiliation in the comments section. Alexandra Timmer, Concorde Career Colleges, Inc. Jorge Duany, Florida International University Martha Schoolman, Florida International University Richard Tardanico, Florida International University Ellen Thompson, Florida International University Mariam Nassirnia, Florida International University Heather Blatt, Florida International University Moses Shumow, Florida International University Deanne Butchey, Florida International University Dan Bentley-Baker, Florida International University Debra Dean, Florida International University Kimberly Taylor, Florida International University Glenn Hutchinson, Florida International University Alexandra Cornelius, Florida International University Melanie Morales, Florida International University Craig McGill, Florida International University Jason Pearl, Florida International University Susanne Zwingel, Florida International University Karina Livingston, Florida International University Zenel Garcia, Florida International University Paul Feigenbaum, Florida International University Terrence Peterson, Florida International University Tenesha Avent, Florida International University Naisy Sarduy, Florida International University Luke Thominet, Florida International University Nathaniel Cadle, Florida International University              Judith Williams, Florida International University Jeffrey Rothkopf, Higher Standards SAT & Tutorial Christine Mosso, Miami International University of Art and Design Grisselle Príncipe, Miami-Dade Community College John Funchion, University of Miami Sallie Hughes, University of Miami Colee Splichal, University of Miami Giovanna Pompele, University of Miami Martha Otis, University of Miami Ikira Lorenzo, University of Miami M. Evelina Galang, University of Miami Kate Ramsey, University of Miami Tim Watson, University of Miami Rebecca Sharpless, University of Miami Felicia Casanova, University of Miami Manuel Rivera, University of Miami Romy Lerner, University of Miami Manohar Murthi, University of Miami Viviana Diaz Balsera, University of Miami Viviana Horigian, University of Miami Victor Deupi, University of Miami Pamela Geller, University of Miami Kathleen Sullivan Sealey, University of Miami Blanca Noriega Esquives, University of Miami Jessica Orr, University of Miami William Pestle, University of Miami Gema Pérez-Sánchez, University of Miami Caroline Bettinger-Lopez, University of Miami Louis Herns Marcelin, University of Miami Morgan Brown, University of Miami Sophia George, University of Miami Melvin Butler, University of Miami Anne Norris, University of Miami Brenna Munro, University of Miami Merike Blofield, University of Miami Tsitsi Wakhisi, University of Miami Peter Minnett, University of Miami Jafari Sinclaire Allen, University of Miami Kurt Voss-Hoynes, University of Miami Brian Haus, University of Miami Frank Corbishley, University of Miami Ashli White, University of Miami Jason Sylvestre, University of Miami Elizabeth Iglesias, University of Miami Natalia Rodriguez, University of Miami Christina Civantos, University of Miami Robin Bachin, University of Miami Melissa Scott, University of Miami Jyotika Ramaprasad, University of Miami Thomas Goodmann, University of Miami Logan Connors, University of Miami Steve Butterman, University of Miami Lucina Uddin, University of Miami Pamela Hammons, University of Miami Lindsay Thomas, University of Miami Simon Evnine, University of Miami Osamudia James, University of Miami April Mann, University of Miami Elizabeth Oldman, University of Miami David Abraham, University of Miami Marisa Omori, University of Miami Keith Waddington, University of Miami Ashmeet Oberoi, University of Miami Kathryn Freeman, University of Miami Anthony Barthelemy, University of Miami Winston Warrior, University of Miami Claire Oueslati-Porter, University of Miami Sam Phillips, University of Miami Emily Khan, University of Miami Hugh Thomas, University of Miami Eduardo Elena, University of Miami Hiep Tran, University of Miami Ivonne Schulman, University of Miami Miriam Lipsky, University of Miami Maria Gracia Pardo, University of Miami Lidiana de Moraes, University of Miami Elliot Williams, University of Miami Krista Goff, University of Miami Barbara Leibell, University of Miami Gina Maranto, University of Miami Chantel Acevedo, University of Miami Allison Schifani, University of Miami Roxane Pickens, University of Miami Keene Haywood, University of Miami Michael Mueller, University of Miami Brian Breed, University of Miami Susan Zabowsky, University of Miami Nikki Traylor-Knowles, University of Miami Heidi Carr, University of Miami Shara Toursh Pavlow, University of Miami Joshua Schriftman, University of Miami Nathalie Rodriguez, University of Miami Brendan Balcerak Jackson, University of Miami Louise Davidson-Schmich, University of Miami Alyse Lancaster, University of Miami Kenneth Broad, University of Miami Yadira Hernandez, University of Miami David Letson, University of Miami Katherine Komis, University of Miami Tracy Devine Guzmán, University of Miami London Wood, University of Miami Frank Stringfellow, University of Miami Samantha Dietz, University of Miami Victoria Dunleavy, University of Miami

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Petition to United States Department of the Interior, Donald Trump, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Please Stop ALL DEBT Forever!

We need help major robbery victims and it's getting covered up by a Federal Casino as we speak. They did illegal betting on me and human modding and lost so now they are strong arming my innocent family out of this life. We are innocent people from Michigan that got caught in this Illegal war in California being ran by major cons and drug dealers. The city of San Diego is corrupt and are being paid to cover this up. MY 29 YEAR OLD STEP SISTER IS DEAD AND AUTISTIC and was helping me report as she was begging for help as they came to kill her in a different state. Michigan ties. These claim to have worked for Russia and other countries royalty and kings and they destroy innocent and even criminals and set them up so that they cannot get away. They are running local court houses and have infiltrated our city with illegal drugs such as Crack and Fentanyl illegal they claimed to be multi million dollar richest families from the Middle East and they have conned and terrorized our ENTIRE city. There have been several people killed already and we are going bankrupt and homeless fast. These are your good people getting robbed. We have not received federal pay check to ourselves the entire time since we got here to San Diego from Orange County. We have been robbed for over 600 grand directly in debt and are in millions of damages done to this poor city. Innocent people are going homeless as we speak. The criminals were paired up with me in an LDS church and I was told to be his brother. I was doing what I felt was right under God and that was to be a good example for him and get him to go to college as asked by the criminals. Little did I know that I would be soon begging for a long and healthy life as my share of the deal, so to speak, as they were possibly prostituting us while after they had drugged us in a travel-lodge that we were forced into after an illegal Del Paso/Del Cerro house was foreclosed under their name with 1000's of dollars and everything that we owned. My families net worth was around $1,000. We were extremely poor. And now we have already been labeled as crime scene victims but these terrorists and their evil bank robbing network is on the loose and they are coming for every American and their money. They have the Fed paid out and on their side. They worked years to build up this terrorist attack and I have suffered extreme mental and physical abuse and sexual abuse also and was whipped in the back of the head with metal belts when I did not 'obey' and they poisoned us, let me mention more, I am still recovering from it not even fully sure what happened and we stopped several suicide attempts. Please help they got my mind and brain stuck in a world of extremism and I want my simple and happy life back with the money that we deserve. Wait it gets way deeper than this....they have my five year old god daughter whom they illegally adopted through a crack hole court house operation. Many multi million dollar companies have been stolen and destroyed. We should consider ALL of the personal information of ALL SAN DIEGO and possibly CA/MI residents STOLEN and SOLD on the black market for a while now. I have been begging for the help of our FBI and they are investigating and the casino Barona is a kill shop. They are doing things like Federal cover ups and human modding/strong arming around people to protect their illegal drug rings. Customers in threat and danger of getting killed freely on their floor. Children at risk of bomb threat and they stole my God Daughters information and may have been prostituting her and using her for drug deals and to steal from stores. They have robbed nearly every store in San Diego and have killed several people. They claim to have come from a house in Jordan where 150+ people never walked out of alive. Not sure if my God daughter is alive. This is a rigged seuicide attempt. Please help!! they Knocked out my mom uncousious and said she was dead by morning. 911 tool almost 20 minutes to arrive then he lied to the cops and got MY APARTMENT that we were forced in and I WAS HOMELESS and THEN when the hospital released my mom from the ER they let her sleep alone with the killers all night long and she did not even remember. The only reason that I knew how to revive her was because I would watch UFC to stay strong. My soon to be wife and I are getting married next month. Please refrain from letting this go and back into the direction that God, our Father in Heaven, would want for us the most. My girlfriend and I have used this to make us stronger and we have been teaching and training self defense for the past few years and we have been doing kick boxing and want to get into Marathon and Tri races. We will be your net positive if you let your plants grow like they were before we encountered these illegal strong arm systems. I never had a job they set me up the entire time and I survived. Unfortinatly so many did not. Fortinatly we can save the world. I am here to tell the truth it is DEBT that is destroying OUR country the USA. I am a proud Patriot (or so I like to try to be) and I am here to say that our entire country needs to file bankrupty at the exact same time and start off in a clean fair environment for our children to grow. I do not even know if mine is alive and she misses us dearly. My friend was deported after the criminals had robbed him too because he owed some federal money. It was not his fault. The bad guys used the church as a feasting ground for destruction and would often refer to themselves as 'Hitler or Satan' and they said that they are dirty and do not ever let them around our kids. by the way, all this happening next door to a preschool. So months go on sleeping near my porch wondering if they were going to kill us and show up on headline news. We are still alive and if you give our family the chance that we deserve we will help keep as many communities safe for the rest of our lives! by the way, I am innocent, I never wanted any trouble and I was forced into bank robberies also, 1000's of stolen checks wrote to gang members under my name. Fraud accounts and deals with Lexus dealership and banks. Wells Fargo is good they did the right thing the whole time. Not sure about anyone else. Chase seems legit too but fraud deals happened with corrupt bankers there. I witnessed Federal crimes and have had so many shrug me off like some lunatic, it is so offensive and abusive and never forget that we are survivors, 90% of people Probably would have died a long time ago in this position had they not been as strong as a kick boxer. We would even like to eventually teach what criminals are and what they are after so that both innocent people stop getting robbed and criminals stop getting away with it. I am here today to make a change because once you get into criminal debt there is NO WAY OUT! We were told to pay terrorist loans that were linked to killing people and illegal border crossing drug deals to Mexico because the phone representive read from a SCRIPT!!! a SCRIPT for lives. I do not think that this plays out very fair for the innocent now does it? There are MILLIONS of INNOCENT people in our country RIGHT NOW that are suffering and dying and guess what? The criminals GOT AWAY WITH IT AND THEY ARE LAUGHING AT US NOW. They would call our law enforcement dirty pigs behind their backs after sneaking and lying out of crime scenes. They would pin robberies on us and I would wake up with GANG MEMBERS whom were "Not afraid to go back to prison" and had M13 tattooed on their fingers looking for the criminals. They had all been robbed. These criminals want to go down with a real BANG they said and want to deal as much damage as they could before getting caught. They are not like normal people they have been sent to our country to destroy it and each person slowly and each system too. They said linked to every mafia/gang/and anyone that they wanted dead they had the shot callers ready to do it. So I was reporting this and people were ignoring me and LAUGHING at me at first. Then they thought that this was all a joke. My step sister died trying to save us and she was only 29 as I had mentioned. well that is not fair, I never signed up for a dead family. Several other dead family members. There are crack dealers controlling everything here and they have the court house 'bumped' out. I need an entire state to witness this like New York because it's going to keep getting covered up by illegal payouts. Remember our lives were bet upon. I want my God daughter to grow and she has stress lines under her eyes. She is so innocent and now she is so damaged and asks whom mommy and daddy are. My baby, I will be your daddy forever so long as daddy can get his stolen roof over our head. You ARE my motivation and you deserve the best. Love you all please help this goes way deeper than you think. This Casino is a killing machine at the moment. The bad guys tried to start a border war. Not safe for Sea World travelers until it gets fixed.

Chris Peterson
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Petition to Donald Trump, President of the United States, Enrique Peña Nieto

President Trump and President Nieto: Select Otra Nation To Replace the US/Mexico Border

Petition the Governments of Mexico and the United States to eradicate the border and co-create Otra Nation.Since the end of WWII we have seen a ten-fold increase in physical borders erected. These visual scars are deeper when nations share a rich and vibrant history together. Mexico and the United States have always prospered when they see each others strengths by working together and we propose the eradication of the entire US/Mexico border via a trans-national ’New Deal’ to create a shared co-nation called Otra Nation, built on local economic empowerment, energy independence and revolutionary infrastructure and transit. Let's build a future with the next centuries technologies... at the cost of the last.Here is to a brighter future, Memo C and MADE --- The 19th century brought us boundaries, the 20th century we built walls, the next we will bridge nations by creating communities based on shared principles of economic resiliency, energy independence and a trust based society. ---What is Otra Nation?Otra Nation is shared co-nation open to citizens of both Mexico and the United Stated and co-maintained by respective governments. Physical land and the initial investment will be provided by both countries and the infrastructure and services will be built with a workforce of 50% Mexico and 50% American. Otra Nation will be the worlds’ first continental bi-national socio-ecotone.Read the full proposal at If we reach 250,000 votes this petition will be hand delivered to both the President of Mexico and the President of the United States. ----------------- Petición en Español  Pedimos a los Gobiernos de México y Estados Unidos que se erradique la frontera física y se cree entre los dos países una co-nación: Otra Nation. Desde el término de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, hemos visto un incremento importante en la construcción de fronteras físicas. Estas heridas visuales son más profundas cuando las naciones comparten una rica y vibrante historia juntas. México y Estados Unidos siempre han prosperado cuando han visto las fortalezas uno del otro al trabajar juntos; así que proponemos la erradicación total de la frontera entre nuestros países a través de un ‘nuevo acuerdo’ transnacional para crear una co-nación compartida llamada Otra Nation, fundada en el empoderamiento económico local, independencia energética e infraestructura y sistemas de transporte revolucionarios. Construyamos un futuro con la tecnología del siguiente siglo, al precio del pasado. Por un futuro más prometedor, Memo C y MADE --- El siglo XIX nos trajo límites y fronteras, en el siglo XX construimos muros; en este, vamos a unir naciones al crear comunidades basadas en principios compartidos de resiliencia económica, independencia energética y una sociedad basada en la confianza. ---¿Qué es Otra Nation? Otra Nation es una co-nación compartida abierta tanto a ciudadanos de México como de Estados Unidos, y co-establecida por ambos Gobiernos. La tierra y la inversión inicial serán proporcionados por ambos países, y la infraestructura y servicios serán construidos con una fuerza de trabajo 50% Mexicana y 50% Estadounidense. Otra Nation será el primer socio-ecotono binacional del mundo. Lee la propuesta completa aquí Alcanzando 250,000 votos, esta petición será entregada de forma personal tanto al Presidente Constitucional de México y al Presidente de los Estados Unidos.

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Petition to jimmywalter

Ends Unlimited Border Searches of Phones, Laptops, Passwords

Protecting Data at the Border ActIntroduced by Sens. Wyden (D-OR) and Paul (R-KY), Reps. Polis (D-CO) and Farenthold (R-TX) Americans’ Constitutional rights shouldn’t disappear at the border. The Protecting Data at the Border Act will ensure that the government, including Customs and Border Protection, must obtain a warrant to search the data of U.S. persons. Background The government has asserted broad authority to search or seize digital devices at the border without any level of suspicion due to legal precedent referred to as the “border search exception” to the Fourth Amendment’s requirement for probable cause or a warrant.Until 2014, the government claimed it did not need a warrant to search a device if a person had been arrested. In a landmark unanimous decision, the Supreme Court (in Riley v. California) ruled that digital data is different and that law enforcement needed a warrant to search an electronic device when a person has been arrested.This bill recognizes the principles from that decision extend to searches of digital devices at the border. In addition, this bill requires that U.S. persons are aware of their rights before they consent to giving up online account information (like social media account names or passwords) or before they consent to give law enforcement access to their devices. What the bill does Requires law enforcement to get a warrant based on probable cause before they cansearch a device of a U.S. person.●Prohibits officials from delaying or denying entry to the U.S. if a person declines to hand over passwords, PINs, and social media account information.● Allows for broad emergency exceptions based on the existing wiretap statute and theUSA Freedom Act, requiring the government to get a warrant after the fact.● Requires law enforcement to have probable cause before they can seize a device. Digital is different Searching devices, or acquiring consent for those devices to be searched, is a massive invasionof privacy without physical analogs and should be strictly controlled. The Supreme Court, in the Riley decision, wrote that:● “Cell phones differ in both a quantitative and a qualitative sense from other objects that might be carried on an arrestee’s person.”●...many of the more than 90% of American adults who own cell phones keep on theirperson a digital record of nearly every aspect of their lives...”●“Finally, there is an element of pervasiveness characterizes cell phones but not physical records.”  

Jimmy Walter
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