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Petition to Donald Trump, President of the United States, Enrique Peña Nieto

President Trump and President Nieto: Select Otra Nation To Replace the US/Mexico Border

Petition the Governments of Mexico and the United States to eradicate the border and co-create Otra Nation.Since the end of WWII we have seen a ten-fold increase in physical borders erected. These visual scars are deeper when nations share a rich and vibrant history together. Mexico and the United States have always prospered when they see each others strengths by working together and we propose the eradication of the entire US/Mexico border via a trans-national ’New Deal’ to create a shared co-nation called Otra Nation, built on local economic empowerment, energy independence and revolutionary infrastructure and transit. Let's build a future with the next centuries technologies... at the cost of the last.Here is to a brighter future, Memo C and MADE --- The 19th century brought us boundaries, the 20th century we built walls, the next we will bridge nations by creating communities based on shared principles of economic resiliency, energy independence and a trust based society. ---What is Otra Nation?Otra Nation is shared co-nation open to citizens of both Mexico and the United Stated and co-maintained by respective governments. Physical land and the initial investment will be provided by both countries and the infrastructure and services will be built with a workforce of 50% Mexico and 50% American. Otra Nation will be the worlds’ first continental bi-national socio-ecotone.Read the full proposal at If we reach 250,000 votes this petition will be hand delivered to both the President of Mexico and the President of the United States. ----------------- Petición en Español  Pedimos a los Gobiernos de México y Estados Unidos que se erradique la frontera física y se cree entre los dos países una co-nación: Otra Nation. Desde el término de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, hemos visto un incremento importante en la construcción de fronteras físicas. Estas heridas visuales son más profundas cuando las naciones comparten una rica y vibrante historia juntas. México y Estados Unidos siempre han prosperado cuando han visto las fortalezas uno del otro al trabajar juntos; así que proponemos la erradicación total de la frontera entre nuestros países a través de un ‘nuevo acuerdo’ transnacional para crear una co-nación compartida llamada Otra Nation, fundada en el empoderamiento económico local, independencia energética e infraestructura y sistemas de transporte revolucionarios. Construyamos un futuro con la tecnología del siguiente siglo, al precio del pasado. Por un futuro más prometedor, Memo C y MADE --- El siglo XIX nos trajo límites y fronteras, en el siglo XX construimos muros; en este, vamos a unir naciones al crear comunidades basadas en principios compartidos de resiliencia económica, independencia energética y una sociedad basada en la confianza. ---¿Qué es Otra Nation? Otra Nation es una co-nación compartida abierta tanto a ciudadanos de México como de Estados Unidos, y co-establecida por ambos Gobiernos. La tierra y la inversión inicial serán proporcionados por ambos países, y la infraestructura y servicios serán construidos con una fuerza de trabajo 50% Mexicana y 50% Estadounidense. Otra Nation será el primer socio-ecotono binacional del mundo. Lee la propuesta completa aquí Alcanzando 250,000 votos, esta petición será entregada de forma personal tanto al Presidente Constitucional de México y al Presidente de los Estados Unidos.

Memo Cruz
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Petition to jimmywalter

Ends Unlimited Border Searches of Phones, Laptops, Passwords

Protecting Data at the Border ActIntroduced by Sens. Wyden (D-OR) and Paul (R-KY), Reps. Polis (D-CO) and Farenthold (R-TX) Americans’ Constitutional rights shouldn’t disappear at the border. The Protecting Data at the Border Act will ensure that the government, including Customs and Border Protection, must obtain a warrant to search the data of U.S. persons. Background The government has asserted broad authority to search or seize digital devices at the border without any level of suspicion due to legal precedent referred to as the “border search exception” to the Fourth Amendment’s requirement for probable cause or a warrant.Until 2014, the government claimed it did not need a warrant to search a device if a person had been arrested. In a landmark unanimous decision, the Supreme Court (in Riley v. California) ruled that digital data is different and that law enforcement needed a warrant to search an electronic device when a person has been arrested.This bill recognizes the principles from that decision extend to searches of digital devices at the border. In addition, this bill requires that U.S. persons are aware of their rights before they consent to giving up online account information (like social media account names or passwords) or before they consent to give law enforcement access to their devices. What the bill does Requires law enforcement to get a warrant based on probable cause before they cansearch a device of a U.S. person.●Prohibits officials from delaying or denying entry to the U.S. if a person declines to hand over passwords, PINs, and social media account information.● Allows for broad emergency exceptions based on the existing wiretap statute and theUSA Freedom Act, requiring the government to get a warrant after the fact.● Requires law enforcement to have probable cause before they can seize a device. Digital is different Searching devices, or acquiring consent for those devices to be searched, is a massive invasionof privacy without physical analogs and should be strictly controlled. The Supreme Court, in the Riley decision, wrote that:● “Cell phones differ in both a quantitative and a qualitative sense from other objects that might be carried on an arrestee’s person.”●...many of the more than 90% of American adults who own cell phones keep on theirperson a digital record of nearly every aspect of their lives...”●“Finally, there is an element of pervasiveness characterizes cell phones but not physical records.”  

Jimmy Walter
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Petition to Donald Trump, Jeff sessions, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan

Using Non-Violent Prison Inmates to Cut Labor Costs to Taxpayers For Building Border Wall

Slashing the Cost to American Taxpayers of Building the Southern Border Wall. We would like President Trump, Vice President Pence and Congress to consider the employ of non-violent prison inmates, (especially those incarcerated for drug related offenses) or those under Correctional Supervision such as probation or parole to reduce the labor costs of the Southern Border Wall. The latest estimates to build the Southern Border wall are somewhere at $12-$15 Billion Dollars. We believe that these costs can be greatly reduced by employing those that are incarcerated. Besides the obvious savings to the American Taxpayer, there are benefits to the inmates as well: *These inmates would be learning "Employable Skills", that can make employment upon release much more accessible; giving the inmate an advantage that others may not possess.  *These inmates would be much more attractive to prospective employers due to the skills acquired by participation in the building of the wall. Construction, technology, positive work environments, positive co-worker relations and proper work ethics are what employers are seeking to hire regardless of past indiscretions. *For female inmates that cannot participate in physical labor positions, there are support opportunities, logistical positions such as security etc, *These opportunities may be (depending on laws) an opportunity to reduce their incarceration or supervision time. This can return non-violent offenders back to their families and as productive members of society with their new construction and other employable skills.   We are facing an enormous resistance from the Mexican Government to care for the wellness of their own citizens. Something that should be condemned & imposed sanctions on by the United Nations as well as the Mexican Citizens who have seen the revenue from their countries' exports exploited. The Mexican government has even go so far as to publish a pamphlet on how to exploit the American Welfare system and how to avoid deportations.(*1)  Our education, healthcare, welfare and employment markets are already strained to their breaking points. Sanctuary Cities spending untold millions of taxpayer dollars to provide these non-citizens legal defenses against deportations and the amount of United States Currency that is leaving our nation is immeasurable; these dollars are being sent to countries and for some of these countries they are being used for illegal trades such as drug & slave trafficking. Not to mention that those tax dollars may be better spent on infrastructure maintenance that may have prevented the recent damage to the Northern California Dam.  We see the usage of incarcerated persons or those under Corrections Supervision as a win-win for everyone. The delays because of cost of the Southern Border wall will be greatly reduced to the point that no one can deny its' viability.   (*2) The United States at year end of 2015 saw the number of incarcerated at 1.53 Million persons. This does not include those on parole or probation. Many of these persons will find difficulties finding employment upon release and this lack of skills and employability may contribute to recidivism rates. This program of contributing to National Security can return these persons as productive members of society with skills and options, rather than hopelessness and little opportunity. We can offer them hope and pride where there may be none for some or most of these inmates and supervised.  We do wish to limit the participation again to non-violent offenders with a concentration on those who have participated in drug related crimes. For those with drug related crimes perhaps visualizing the actual border and how easily drugs and people are being smuggled, some dying in the process will have a profound effect on their rehabilitation.  Please Mr. President and Mr. Vice President, we the undersigned ask that you consider our proposal and its' benefits not only for the security of our Southern Border, to the taxpayers who did or did not elect you and to the incarcerated who can return to society with a renewed sense of purpose, knowing that may be more attractive to employers. This proposal may greatly reduce the impact on the deficit that you have inherited due to past administrations' recklessness with the taxpayer's money.  This is in no way a partisan issue. I feel this is a program that can be supported equally by both houses of Congress that are concerned with protecting our Southern Border from Drug and human smuggling, much less opportunities for those who may have terroristic plans to harm our country from being able to enter our country illegally.  The security of the United States is non-negotionable!  Thank you for your prompt attention to this urgent matter.  References: 1*  2*            

Michelle B.
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Petition to Charles Schumer, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell

Tell US Congress they cannot use our taxpayer dollars for Trump's Wall

Tell our Senators and House of Representatives they cannot use our taxpayer dollars to fund Trump's Wall.  Donald Trump has shown to be mentally unfit for the presidency, and is pushing forward his agenda to build a wall upon the United States-Mexico border.  He lied to his supporters during the campaign that Mexico would pay for the wall, while a majority of the population knew full well that Mexico would never realistically fund this endeavor.  There is no incentive for Mexico to help pay for this wall, and Trump's rhetoric has only managed to deeply strain relations with our neighboring country and trade ally.  On 26Jan17, Mexico president Pena Nieto canceled his meeting with Trump due to Trump's divisive rhetoric and threats that Mexico will pay for the wall.  The GOP is planning on handing over approximately 12 billion dollars in order to start building this wall. That is $12,000,000,000 dollars.  According to there are approximately 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S as of 2014.   Per data in a recent Department of Homeland Security report approximately 408,870 individuals were apprehended at the U.S southern border in 2016, with 91% of those individuals being a top priority for apprehension and removal.  If the cost of the wall was broken down into a cost per apprehension, every individual  costs approximately $30,000 to apprehend. Further, there is no evidence a wall would add to the prevention of unauthorized entry in the U.S or decrease drug transportation into the U.S. To put this in perspective: This is double the salary of an individual working for minimum wage ($7.25) for an entire year, and more than the 100% poverty line for a family of 4 in the United States ($24,250). An estimated 45 million people live below the poverty line today in the U.S alone.  If this money was put towards alleviating poverty, each man, woman, and child living below the poverty line would receive approximately $266 dollars.  Again, that's 45 million people getting $266 dollars. The value of the wall is 1/10th of the federal funding given to all education by the government for a fiscal year.  Imagine the benefits the entire United States education system would get with an increase in federal funding by 10%. $12 billion would be much better spend on desperately needed funds for social welfare programs, grants for research, national infrastructure projects, college students' rising tuition, foreign aid to countries where 200 dollars will provide education to a student for an entire year. $12 billion could provide a guaranteed meal for every person living below the poverty line for a month. The list of better uses goes on. Each one of these causes would better reflect our country's moral makeup rather than building a wall.  We as citizens pay taxes every working minute, every working day, every year to the federal government so it can fund programs that work in the best interest of the country.  Congress should not so easily and nonchalantly hand over our $12 billion so that Trump may further his own personal isolationist and nationalistic agenda.  We cannot and will not allow Congress to use our hard-earned money for a prison wall on our border. We are a country of immigrants. Instead of green-lighting a wasteful, inefficient project, our Congress should focus on crafting more comprehensive immigration legislation. Sign this petition. Stand up for what is right.  Hold Congress and the GOP accountable for their decisions, and demand they defy Trump's xenophobic, fear-mongering plans for the wall. Stop the building of a wall that represents everything America is not. Let's show the world that no matter what a person in a White House says, our country is made up of inclusive human beings from all countries. 

Bryant Gross
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