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Petition to Sergeant Major Of The Army

Change the Army's Height, Weight, and Body Composition Standards

My name is SFC Greene and I'm starting this petition to get the Army's Height, Weight, and taping standards changed.  In my 16 years of being a soldier, I have always striven for excellence in everything, especially my Physical Fitness. Accomplishing my fitness goals have never been an issue, meeting the Army's screening weight and the Tape test is. The 1st time I was taped, after 6 months in the regular Army, I didn't know what it was.  I am a naturally curvy woman,  so being told they were going to tape the most protruding part of my buttocks was embarrassing. After it was over I felt humiliated and ashamed.  I had just exceeded every standard on the APFT but I was still considered fat. I walked out of the building crying. DEFEATED. I knew I had to lose the weight, and fast. I started taking hydroxycut, eating one meal a day, cardio everyday, saran wrapping my waist, sitting in the sauna until I was dizzy, and working out 2 and 3 times a day. I wanted to kill myself. I'm seeing the same look of defeat in soldiers today after they get taped. It's a feeling I still have after 16 years.  They're giving everything they have to train for the Army Combat Fitness Test, but in order for them to meet the standard they will have to start lifting weights.  Some female soldiers don't want to go to the gym for fear that they will gain weight and have to be taped.  The females that already have to be taped, don't want to train more for fear of failing the tape. If female soldiers were measured on the male standard, this wouldn't be an issue.  This outdated system has caused current service members and veterans to be diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This is not ok. A system, that most can admit is flawed, shouldn't be the reason soldiers are going to Behavioral Health or feel body shamed. A change needs to happen and it needs to happen now.  Sign this petition to help those coming behind you as we are  Stewards of the Profession  

latoya greene
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