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Petition to Verda J. Hicks MD, Verda J. Hicks

Stop Unnecessary Hysterectomy and Castration

It’s estimated that 90% of hysterectomies are considered to be medically unnecessary. Removal of the uterus leads to pelvic organ prolapse and loss of uterine orgasm. Even worse, gynecologists routinely take it upon themselves to remove healthy ovaries when they perform hysterectomies for benign diseases. They say it prevents the possibility of ovarian cancer. However, the risk of ovarian cancer in women who have no family history of the disease is less than 1%. Meanwhile, removing the ovaries greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease (the #1 killer of American women) and accelerates osteoporosis. Removal of ovaries is linked to a variety of diseases and cancers, not to mention mental impairment and sexual dysfunction. Most women do not know that when they agree to removal of their ovaries that they are agreeing to castration because the term castration is never used. Instead, they're told they will be undergoing some far-and-away sounding thing called "oophorectomy". No woman can give informed consent to ovary removal when she doesn’t understand that she is agreeing to castration. Castration (also referred to as gelding, neutering, fixing, orhietcomy and oophorectomy) is any action, surgical, chemical or otherwise, by which a male loses the functions of the testicles or a female loses the functions of the ovaries. Castration is considered to be immoral and barbaric according to every country in the world other than Germany and the Czech Republic. More specifically, it's considered to be immoral and barbaric to sugically castrate convicted sex offenders. Indeed, the South Carolina Supreme Court held in State v Brown (1985) that surgical castration is a form of mutilation and therefore considered to be cruel and unusual punishment and illegal under the 8th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. If it’s considered morally wrong to surgically castrate rapists and child molesters, then why is there no outcry about the castration of millions of innocent women? Thousands of women are surgically castrated every single day in hospitals across this country. That works out to be approximately 9 women every 10 minutes. Keep in mind that these women have committed no crime. Innocent and unsuspecting women agree to hysterectomy and wake up castrated. Where exactly is the outrage? What about cruel and unusual punishment being illegal? Does it somehow not apply to women? What about a woman’s right not to be mutilated? Please sign this petition and tell ACOG's President Verda J. Hicks MD to STOP the CASTRATION of thousands upon thousands of innocent and unsuspecting women every year.

Robin Karr
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Petition to United Nations Women

Calling Upon UNCSW And NGO Forum To Oppose China's Forced Sterilizations

Unbelievable as this may sound the United Nation's Commission On The Status Of Women (UNCSW) and vast majority of Women's Non-Governmental Organizations are ignoring the suffering of women resulting from China's forced-sterilization atrocities. It would seem they swallow, as facts, the denials issued by the Chinese regime. The truth however is very different indeed to the cynical propaganda issued by China's Ministry of Deception. But I Thought China Had Ended Birth-Control Violations? China's totalitarian authorities would have the world believe, that from around 2012, it began to relax it’s notorious coercive birth-control program. While a lazy and invested Western media uncritically reported that as a statement-of-fact, the reality was that forced abortion and sterilization atrocities against women (including Tibetan, Mongolian and Uyghurs) continued. As evidenced in our archive of cases of China’s forced-sterilization of Tibetan and other women Then China claimed it recognized issues arising from an ageing population, and a below birth-replacement level, insisting population control policies be loosened accordingly, including in 2021 a decision to adopt a ‘three-child policy’. Such announcements of course needs to be viewed against the reality that the Chinese Regime has a long record of issuing less than truthful press-reports to a  foreign media, which has often proven to be little more than a conduit for China’s propaganda. What is more firmly known is that the supposed population-control relaxations are not uniformly implemented, or even existing. Meanwhile, it has become increasingly clear, drawn from witnessed and direct testimony that forced-sterilizations are still being used, especially against Uyghur women. “On some days there were about 80 surgeries to carry out forced sterilizations,” Gülgine, 47, said in an interview with The Sankei Shimbun, according to Japan Forward. Source: “It’s evident from the Chinese government’s own data that the Communist Party’s policies are clearly designed to prevent population growth for the Uyghur, Kazakh, and other Turkic Muslim peoples,” said USCIRF Commissioner Nury Turkel.  Source: A History Of Silence & Evasion The appalling indifference to such atrocities from UN Women, and its sister organization the UNCSW, was on display at the CSW61 Forum in New York (March 2017 ) and also CSW57 (March 2013) which had as a priority the theme of eliminating all violence against women. Yet, despite being very aware of the issue a collectively signed declaration by United Nations agencies, while raising a number of examples of violence against women ignored entirely forced sterilizations. SEE HERE This disregard also surfaced during 2014 at the CSW58 and Beijing +20 meetings. Anyone of integrity compassion and supportive of human rights will share the dismay and concern at the continuing silence of the UNCSW and related Women's NGOs on this clear example of violence against women. For a number of years successive appeals have been made by Tibettruth (an independent research and lobbying network on Tibet and China) to the United Nations Commission On The Status Of Women (UNCSW) and associated Women's Non-Governmental Organizations that the issue of human rights violations, arising from China's coercive birth control program, be featured at the annual Session of the UNCSW and related NGO Forum, both held in New York. Such requests have not been received with any positive outcome, and the ongoing abuses suffered by women across China and occupied lands such as Tibet, East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia and Manchuria are continually overlooked by the UNCSW. It is anticipated that a similar evasion and censorship will preside at the forthcoming CSW 67th Session, March 6 to 17, 2023. Forced Sterilizations Are A Gross Violation Of Human Rights These medical atrocities grossly violate a woman's right to control over her own body and show no respect for reproductive rights. Issues that many would naturally expect attract the urgent and alarmed attention of the UNCSW. Yet, unbelievably despite numerous appeals; along with the submission of detailed evidence and testimony of these abuses, it has thus far chosen to remain silent and inactive on the plight of women traumatized by China's population control terrorism. Double-Standards And Failed Principles We'd hoped this troubling attitude may change at the 57th Session of the UNCSW, which had agreed the theme of the Elimination and Prevention Of All Forms Of Violence Against Women And Girls. Sadly the assembled delegates and organizations involved turned their backs to the suffering of women being forcibly sterilized, be they in occupied Tibet, China, East Turkestan, Uzbekistan, India or Israel. In light of the obvious violence that China's forced sterilizations inflict we had thought that this troubling issue would, at last, be given serious and meaningful examination and discussion with the UNCSW and among Women's NGOs. After all the international agreements and statutes of various bodies; including the United Nations, which those involved with the UNCSW uphold and advocate, are clear in asserting opposition to coercion regarding reproductive freedoms; and define forced sterilizations as constituting violence against women: Both the 1994 Cairo International Conference on Population and Development and 1999 Cairo Plus 5 Conference in New York rule out coercion relating to reproductive rights. Additionally the 1995 UN Women's Conference and NGO Forum recognized such abuse as serious violation of women's human rights and condemned such practices calling for governments to take action. This commitment is reflected in the conference report; the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action, both of which received the support and consent of governments. These documents clearly state governments should; "Take all appropriate measures to eliminate harmful, medically unnecessary or coercive medical interventions" and that: "Acts of violence against women also include forced sterilization and forced abortion, coercive/forced use of contraceptives" (section D, paragraph 115). It is also stated that women should have the right to have control over their sexuality and reproductive health, "free of coercion, discrimination and violence". Clearly forced sterilizations, coerced abortions and sterilizations, in tandem with intrusive monitoring of women's reproductive cycles, constitute acts of discrimination which violate: Articles 1 and 2 of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Article 16(e) of CEDAW specifically guarantees women the rights: "to decide freely and responsibly on the number and spacing of their children and to have access to the . . . means to enable them to exercise these rights." At the Fourth World UN Conference on Women, the participating governments, including China's, recognized and reaffirmed: "the right to have control and decide freely and responsibly . . . matters related to . . . Reproductive health, free of coercion . . . and violence."(Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action, para 96.) To this end, governments agreed to: "Take all appropriate measures to eliminate . . . coercive medical interventions . ." (para 106(h).) Having collectively agreed and committed China to the terms and agreements of the Platform for Action and the Beijing Declaration, which rightly defined violence against women as including: ". . . forced sterilization, and forced abortion, coercive/forced use of contraceptives . . " (Ibid-Paragraph 115). Yet what is the point of these international agreements and commitments if they are ignored, and the violations which they condemn are allowed to continue unopposed? There's no doubt such gross violations form a harrowing assault upon women's human rights, and are a deeply disturbing example of state violence towards women. This fact, in consideration equally that coercion, and forced sterilizations have been acknowledged as constituting violence against women and a denial of their reproductive rights, surely demands that the subject of forced sterilizations be acknowledged and campaigned against by the UNCSW and Women's NGOs? Given the violent nature of such abuses, in which women are subject to the most horrendous atrocities we note our disappointment and concern that the UNCSW and associated Women's NGOs appear set to ignore these atrocities at the 67th Session of the UNCSW. Moreover we see that this issue does not feature at that the parallel Women's NGO Forum. In light of these troubling omissions we request that the public be informed what actions and measures are being taken by the UNCSW and associated Women's NGOs, to oppose, report and eliminate China's forced sterilizations of women.

Tibet Truth
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Petition to Taylor Swift

Ask Taylor Swift to Remove the Word Fat from Her Anti-Hero Video

In her new music video for the song Anti-Hero, from the newly released album Midnights, Taylor Swift is tormented by her villainous inner critic. It's a really relatable, powerful video, but it has a major problem when Taylor steps on a scale and it reads, FAT. I've seen many call on Taylor to change this scene. I'm creating this petition in the hopes of getting Taylor's attention. Eating disorders are something many of us have experience with, and Taylor has talked about her own struggles with body image and the eating disorder behaviors she engaged in as a direct result of things said about her body. I don't think Taylor intended any harm, but this scene absolutely does cause harm. It validates the very fatphobic messaging that led her to feel like she needed to not eat because a headline in a gossip magazine speculated about her (very small) stomach looking slightly bigger because of a weird angle or because she dared to eat a big lunch one day. Aside from the harm this causes people of all sizes, Taylor isn't actually fat, and as a fat fan of Taylor's, this scene was just gut wrenching to watch. While I feel for Taylor, she doesn't have the slightest idea what my life, or the lives of any other actually fat person, is like. She doesn't have the lived experiences of being actually being fat in a world where being fat is someone else's nightmare.  Fatphobia leads to medical discrimination. It can lead to serious medical conditions being left untreated, causing life altering consequences - or even death. I'm not trying to minimize Taylor's body image struggles. But if "fat" weren't used as a bad word, Taylor - and millions of others - wouldn't endure these traumas. And those of us who are actually fat, and just trying to live our lives, could do so in peace. With the size of her audience, Taylor has an unbelievable opportunity to address this scene, to acknowledge those of us who are saying this is a harmful, hurtful message, and to help foster positive change in a toxic industry that she herself has been harmed by. Simply by changing this scene, or removing it, she could help so many others not have to endure the same kind of messaging that led to her skipping meals.     

Juliet James
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Petition to

A Campaign for Body Diversity in The Bachelor franchise

We are demanding that The Bachelor franchise include fat contestants in their pool of hopeful singles. Fat people exist. Fat people are beautiful. Fat people deserve a chance to find love. Fat people deserve social platforms and capital. Fat people are not punchlines or traumatic storylines. In its 20 years on American television, there have been only two documented, self-identified plus-size contestants within The Bachelor franchise. They both went home on night one. Let that sink in. 44 combined seasons, 1,100+ contestants. 2. Diverse body inclusion in the arts & entertainment industry matters. This representation is one of many ways our society can and must tackle and eradicate violent anti-fat bias, which is rooted in anti-Black and white supremacist patriarchal ideology. In its most recent seasons, as a result of great urging and pressure, The Bachelor franchise, ABC and Warner Bros. have made strides to be more inclusive in their casting practices. Yet they refuse to budge on their antiquated depiction of thin bodies exclusively. Their failure to include individuals of all body sizes, including marginalized fat bodies, is harmful, anti-fat, and racist. Each season The Bachelor tells a large contingent of its fanbase they are not worthy of the fairytale or of being loved if they are over a certain size. People want to see themselves on screen so they can identify with the contestants and feel invested in their stories. Now is the time to expand upon the mirroring of a real American society, one that is not exclusively thin and majority white. Now is the time to start being inclusive of all bodies and all people, and not just on “night one.” With this petition, Bachelor Nation calls on The Bachelor franchise, its creator Mike Fleiss, NZK Productions, Warner Bros., and ABC to take the following actions to stand against anti-fat bias in their show: 1. Cast a minimum of 5 diverse, fat people each season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette 2. Give equitable, non-fat identity-focused screen time to the fat contestants 3. Choose leads who specify that they will date diverse fat people 4. Provide support to fat contestants, including on-set mental health professionals, inclusive wardrobe sizing, and mental health support to navigate anti-fat harassment from the audience once the show airs 5. Hire fat staff and production and incorporate fat inclusion training from fat liberationists Join us in demanding change in The Bachelor's discriminatory casting practices. Sign our petition today and share it on social media! Don't forget to tag us @rosesforeverybody on instagram @roses4everybod on twitter #rosesforeverybody #fatbachelorinclusion   

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