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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Require all MLTS/PBX Phones Dial 911 Easily: Help Enact Kari's Law

On December 1, 2013 Kari Rene Hunt was murdered by her estranged husband whom she was intending to divorce. She agreed to meet him at a local motel to leave their children with him for a short visitation while he was in town. Her estranged husband ambushed her in the motel room and cornered her in the restroom. During the struggle and resulting death of Kari, her oldest daughter, age 9, (name with held for privacy) attempted to dial 911 from the motel room phone. She followed instructions as taught by her mother on the way to call for help but she was never instructed that in some hotels and motels you must first dial a "9" and then 911. We are attempting to ensure that any person needing police, EMS or the Fire Department at any hotel or motel location or from any MLTS/PBX system be able to dial the numbers 911 and receive emergency response. In a panic, any under age child, or for that matter anyone in an emergency situation should be able to depend on dialing 911 from any phone in the United States and receiving assistance. We pray the lawmakers in our Congress and Senate hear the cries of Kari and her children and enact a law requiring all hotel and motel chains, including all "Mom & Pop" locations have all phone systems updated to E911 systems. These systems allow the 911 call to automatically connect to a 911 operator without having to dial a "9" in order to get an outside line. Total E911 fees/funds collected from the use of telephones in the United States was $2,322,983,616.36 in 2012. Total amount spent for E911 or 911 enhancements in the United States was $97,367,543.46 leaving $2,225,616,072.90 un spent. Where is this money? Some states such as Illinois, has diverted monies from the collection of E911 fees to it's general fund therefore being spent on who knows what. The money is there, it's being collected by who? THE GOVERNMENT! It's being spent on very little E911 functionality or just sitting there. Why?  WE ask that Wyndham Hotels, which is the parent company of Baymont Inns and Suites where this incident occured, lead the way in the industry by updating the antiquated phone systems still used in some of their hotels. Sadly though, 2 year 11 months later we have heard nothing from the Wyndham Corporation, however, the Marriott International Corporation has mandated to all franchise hotels under the Marriott brand to update their systems to be direct dial 911. Can you you guess what hotel we will be using from now on will be? That's right , MARRIOTT! Seconds count and when a 9 year old little girl is mature enough and brave enough to attempt to dial for help, she should be answered. When that child dialed 911 she should have heard, "911, what is your emergency?" Instead she heard static. We understand the cost implications (which in most cases is very minimal or free) and know that E911 has been a requirement for a few years, but only a handful of states require it. Why? Money is collected from every citizen that uses a phone but it's the citizen that is NOT benefiting from the collection of these funds. We ask the United States Congress to make it a requirement for all hotel and motels operating the United States and offer conversion assistance where needed. We also ask that such law(s) prohibit excessive charges for doing this update, in most cases it is simply a series of buttons from a keyboard that will solve the problem. Please help make this "Kari's Law".

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Petition to The public, TLC TV

The Dark Side of Child Beauty Pageants

YOUR SUPPORT MEANS A LOT IntroductionBeauty pageant for children under the age of 12 cause a lot of harm with long-term effects to the contestants, which can be divided into three main categories; Physical Harm; Promotes body-image distortion and dissatisfaction.Toddlers competing in a beauty pageant are expected to perform as perfect little barbie dolls, with spray tan and fake eyelashes, forced into an unrealistic beauty standard. Societal Harm; Over-sexualizes young girls.The whole competition normalizes a 2-year-old to walk around the stage with tiny, tight bikinis dressing up as a sexy lifeguard. Emotional Harm; Teaches ethically negative values.To participate in a contest where appearance is all that matters lead these little girls and the public into thinking that they, as a female, are nothing more than a decorative object. All three of these problems have existed ever since the first child beauty pageant began back in the 1960s but it’s not until late 1996, along with the case of the pageant princess JonBenét Ramsey’s murder, that public spotlight finally turned onto child beauty pageants. The public started to voice their concern for the young contestants’ well-being. Despite this fact, about 250,000 total contestants are competing in roughly 5,000 child beauty pageant competitions each year in the United States, according to Occupy Therapy 2013 article. Goals/ObjectivesThe objective of this project is to raise public awareness on the dark side of child beauty pageant with the end goal of unraveling the three main problems stated above, which breaks down into; Remove beauty standardsBeing beautiful does not require a tan skin, blinding white teeth, or a skinny leg. To remove the idea of what an ideal body should look like will lessen the rate of mental and physical illness associated with body-image dissatisfaction such as anorexia and depression. Put an end to sexualization over a certain genderAlthough every parent indeed have different parenting styles and values, when it comes to dressing up a child, there are obvious boundaries and norms to follow. Starting from small things like this will hopefully change the world’s perspective with a better understanding that not everything related to a specified gender, in this case women, can/must be sexualized. Value what’s on the inside more than the outsideThe benefit of encouraging kids from a very young age that they are worth a lot more than what other people think of their physical appearance is to help build and boost their self-esteem which will also take part in their character development. CitationPhoto and Illustration

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Petition to Barack Obama, President Barack Obama and Commissioner Of OCSE Vickey Turetsky

Over $116 BILLION in "UNPAID" Child Support in the U.S.!!

The OCSE is a very Broken system Nationwide! This petition is for REFORM of the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) and to bring awareness to the Difficulties many parents experience, when trying to collect child support from a Deadbeat Parent. Deadbeat Parent meaning: The Non-Custodial parent (NCP) who Intentionally Evades the OCSE and their Legal and Moral Child Support obligations. Parents who keep nothing in their name that can be attached. The parent who DOES NOT Cooperate with OCSE or The Courts. The NCP who is BEATING THE System!! Millions of Families/Children Rely on their Local Child Support Enforcement Office and the Services they offer, to Collect Child Support "Rightfully" owed their children. Services like... LOCATING and "SERVING" Non-custodial Parent, Establishing Paternity, Establish Court Orders and ENFORCING Court Orders.  Interstate cases being the Most Diffucult.  Today, in the U.S. there is over $116 BILLION in "UNPAID" Child Support.This enormous amount grows Daily. Most of which is NOW owed to Families, NOT the State! This is UNACCEPTABLE! Most Custodial,parents would perfer Child Support INSTEAD of WELFARE!! The current OCSE system, is DEPRIVING U.S. Children of Basic Needs and is in desperate need of Reform! Unfortunately, The OCSE "Priortizes" which cases they will ENFORCE! Focusing "ONLY"on the NCP who is NOT running & hiding, and who's wages can be easily garnished! THE EASY "Automated" CASES!! The more difficult cases, like mine and a Million others, are CLOSED! Such Priortizing, is Discriminating!!  "ALL" Child Support cases deserve to be a PRIORITY! Some cases have been waiting as long as 2 DECADES for Enforcement! Again, this is UNACCEPTABLE! COURT ORDERS MEAN NOTHING,IF NOT ENFORCED! CLOSING "UNPAID" Child Support cases without exhausting "ALL" remedies that are available under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.  (Both Local & Federal) ALLOWS  Deadbeat parents to Neglect their Legal and Moral Child Support obligation to their children, with Little or NO Consequences at all! CLOSING Child Support cases is a HUGE problem, within the OCSE system, and now it is Automated! This must be CHANGED,To Help Children/Families, and NOT Deadbeat parents. Also, Closing "Unpaid" Child Support cases, makes the OCSE'S percentage of collections "LOOK" great on paper, To receive more Government Funding $$$ for Themselves. This is so WRONG!   Any Reform or Releif you can provide these Children/Families would be greatly appreciated. JUSTICE FOR CHILDREN Not DEADBEATS! Thank You for your Time,  Child Support Arrears per State: Criminal Nonsupport 50 State Table-  Major Change in Who is owed Arrears: CASE CLOSURE:  OCSE Preliminary Report to Congress 2013:  CHILD SUPPORT LIFTS CHILDREN OUT of POVERTY! 4.2 million custodial families were poor in 2011. Nearly all of these families are headed by a female custodial parent. Many are young, never married, and a member of a minority. Most have two or more children eligible for child support. These families struggle to make ends meet.  DO YOU PAY CHILD SUPPORT?? You Kids may not get it!!   "UNDISTRIBUTED" CHILD SUPPORT!                                                                                                                                                  BILLION$$ of "UNDISTRIBUTED" Child Support!                                                                                      CONTACT:

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