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Petition to United Nations, President of the United States, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency, Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations)

A Secure Voting System On The Blockchain For All Things Political | True Democracy.

THE PROBLEM We of the United States of America are in deep consideration in these pressing times over our lives as well as over the safety and well-being of our families, friends, and their communities. Not due to some virus—but due of a history in irresponsibility had in our country, a past which we are ashamed of yet we maturely face in acknowledgment, and an evil through greed-based mind-frame, that we now globally come to stand up together as accountable - since time and time again those who did commit crimes against fellow human, benefiting of their suffering, many times benefiting from the murder of - did not take responsibility, show no signs of ever taking accountability, and did deny the harm entirely, as seemingly became a tradition. But this is not a petition to blame. This is an edited petition, the canonical had heavily weighed factors of acute structural violence - and blatant purpose by intent to sterilize the communities of humanity as seen in the "National Security Study Memorandum. NSSM 200, Dec 10, 1974" (Declassified), as well as reported by Angela Franks in her book Margaret Sanger’s Eugenic Legacy [quote] As stated: THIS IS NOT ABOUT BLAME, this is about factor and natural effect by due response.   * * *  ASSESSMENT I am a peace-loving man, moved to take up my civic duty in response to publish assessment. We are a peace loving species - as humanity, and as we find it - the only way we've ever been fooled into war was through scandalous lies, false-flag ruse, and strained effort in order to grasp for control of us through threat and hype of fear. The aspects of such acts are easily seen to be unnatural to our species by instance of the chaos emergent itself, as only acts that are obtuse and inauthentic create social chaos. The evidence points to such aims being obtuse in lack of reasoning as an excuse to "cull the herd" by a faulty belief that " -it is the only way we as humanity can survive as a species". This is obviously obtuse, as I know and many of us know the truth is that MANY: positive movements brilliant inventions technological advancements logical and sensible organizations ...and good-hearted people  ⇢  ..have found MANY ways we could easily have a sustainable, efficient, economic, SANE, as well as with sensible society, government, and diplomacy - without the need of there being ANY less amount of human individual on this Earth. The denial here is had solely and only by those ignorant who forget - the current market system itself is faulty, greed-based economics is inherently oxymoron as the definition of economics is to have "the efficient use of resources", and while such is too proud to actually search once on Google or Bing or Yahoo -even just once- to see if others have found better ways - the humility of even entertaining the idea is vast. THE EVIDENCE OF SUSTAINABILITY ** A quick showcase of science-minded movements who've displayed sound reasonability of economic efficiency and sustainability in cultivating a humane-humanity of wholesome prosperity include: The Venus Project with Jacque Fresco The Zeitgeist Movement with Peter Joseph The Transition Movement with Nicole Bienfang The REconomy Project Movement with Nenad The Love Movement with Marina Love The World Peace Disclosure from the Earth Cooperative The Angelion Movement with Michael Petrakis Kapuhuna Global, wth me, Shaun Villafana The very fact that even ONE of us exists in our passionate aim, given our work by which each individually speaks for themselves. JFK had once given a speech precisely warning us of the aspect and you can hear it on YouTube. This petition is about moving ahead with the transition towards practical, logical and economic sustainability regardless, and hopefully before any extremely dumb plan towards another mass sterilization attempt gets put into motion - or worse - another mass culling of the herd. I will leave out the historical genocide links, in faith that the reader too knows that all genocide or mass murder - or even murder at all - is just plain dumb as well as immature.  THE SOLUTION The solution is within the social concurrence of communally-enforced accountability had by any individual or organization who so betrays humanity by such greedy or selfish or evil means just as the plethora seen in history for the past hundred years.  BUT, it is true, the average individual is not privy in: the dynamics of psychological effect measurements in cognitive denials legal and logical fallacy or adept in emotional wisdom and that also means the country at the individual level -as is- is not yet maturely suited to take upon themselves the responsibilities of the CIVIC DUTY being called upon them by the stir of the times. The way we responsibly handle this lacking in our two-dimensional blind spots each - is through each other, lending one another perspective. It takes two eyes to see depth, and the only way any can say they know the depth of another's reasoning - is through their awareness being extension to our resolve. It not necessary to believe depopulation is even up for debate - when there are many who've given the clear evidence that we've had the technology to feed, clothe, and house everyone on Earth for the past 20 years.   I propose a True Democracy had, and I claim it is easily had with the technology we already utilize globally, with respect to human reasonability, human empathy, and compassion, stern repose, and reform, as well as open - of every voice - man woman and child alike - as viable to be of overruling to the voice of any other in due contrast unto another's reasonable senses.  Such a system is already existent in many forms of technology online, and for the time being, to start I propose we use: the voting system created called "The Perfect Choice" invented by Emanuele Nusca,                                                                                        in symbiosis to... the system in the methodology used in the educational debate platform "Kialo"and with... utilizing Blockchain ledger technology -in order to ensure validity and authenticity in each individual voice.  In this system there would be perfect freedom of speech in vote, there would be no possible chance for discrepancies in the voting system, and there would be the assurance that only reasonability - in honor of humane humanity by its virtues - would command judgment and recourse. Thank you for reading and for taking the time to click the given links, and any services or product through any given affiliate link provided as it does help support me financially so I can continue to support the pillars of a humane humanity, pillars which are only possible by the support of you - as foundation. Regards,                                                    - Shaun T. V. Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono o humanity "The life of the land is perpetuated in the noble deeds of humanity"

Shaun Villafana
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Petition to Employees of DATAVLT

DATAVLT Must Return Funds Immediately

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Hello, everyone. I am one of the hundreds of investors who were cheated by DATAVLT, a company co-founded by Benny Low, Michelle Yeo, and Willy Wong. From late 2017 to early 2018, these three Singaporeans collected between 5,000,000 and 10,000,000 dollars (US) from Chinese investors. Later, they did not proceed with the ICO. In order to placate the investors' emotions, they repeatedly promised that they would return everyone's money. However, they kept pushing back the date of the refund. Now, DATAVLT's team has cut off contact. Not a single penny has been refunded. The investors are unable to get in touch with them. We formerly considered Singapore as being a lawful and orderly nation. It boggles our mind that a company founded by natives of Singapore should rope us into such a fradulent undertaking, and then disappear without a trace. ORIGINAL CHINESE: 尊敬的各位朋友大家好。我是数百位被 DATAVLT 项目欺骗的投资人之一。DATAVLT 项目由 Benny Low,Michelle Yeo,Willy Wong 三位联合创始人创建。这些新加坡创始人,在 2017 年底至 2018 年初,向数百位中国投资人融资了大约几百万美元等值 ETH(估计在 500 万 1000 万美元),之后没有进行 ICO。为了安抚情绪,创始人多次承诺退还 ETH,多次逾期。现在团队已经失联了,没有任何投资人拿到一分钱,也没有投资人能联系到他们。我们以前觉得新加坡是守法律的国家,没想到这些新加坡本地人创建的公司,这样圈钱之后,消失了。 ON JULY 25, 2019, AFTER AROUND SIX MONTHS OF BLOCKING EVERYBODY AND IGNORING QUESTIONS, DATAVLT ABRUPTLY RELEASED AN UPDATE SAYING: Dear Wallet Investor, We were in the midst of a discussion to secure a business deal that would enable us to kick start the token swap back. However, due to destabilizing emails that was circulated to our partners, the deal fell through and we are not able to secure the finance for the swap back. The reason why we did not release any information beforehand is because we wanted to provide you with confirmed information and not empty promises. We are committed to the token swap back and are working to keep the business viable so that we can fulfil our commitments to you. Please keep an eye for more updates on Telegram. We hope to provide you with good news instead of bad news the next time we write to you. Best Regards, DataVLT Team We are very disappointed that DATAVLT continues to make excuses without providing any evidence. They first began promising to refund the investors in Q2 of 2018. By the time this message was released, over a year had passed. Meanwhile, DATAVLT blocks any investor who tries to contact them over WeChat or Telegram. They have also sent threatening emails to critics. They refuse to engage in open dialogue, and only release this cryptic message after months of cutting off correspondence. We are worried for our investment and hope that the financial authorites of Singapore will look into the situation.

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Petition to Microsoft, Android, tron, Ethereum , Huobi , charity, Financial Aid, Student Loan, Apple, Bitcoin, tron link, Students, UNIVERSITIES

1.6 Trillion Dollar Student Debt Bubble | Financial Aid Coin X

1.6 Trillion Dollar Student Debt Bubble  Welcome to the next generation of Financial Aid,  The student debt bubble is at a skyrocketing 1.6 trillion dollars. The higher education system is built on the idea that any individual who is educated and passionate can get a degree in the field of their choice at a fair price and graduate with a well-paying job. However, the Financial Aid System which is supposed to be designed to help students afford higher education and help the economy grow is tumbling under the fact tuitions are increasing each year and the outstanding student loan debt is steady climbing in most countries. Student need a way to be more rewarded for their times and efforts. As a community it is time for us to stand together to conquer the student debt bubble crisis. Student debt is one of the major milestones that hold our generation back from the basic wants of life we face in after graduation such as buying a house, car or even basic necessities. This burden of debt over the heads of our students is unbarring and is now becoming a major problem. It doesn’t help that overall earnings for young people is substantially lower than past generations. With rising cost of living, the burden of student loans, and the reality of lower wages recent graduates are struggling for the basics. It’s only a matter of time before more student loan borrowers default on their loans. Congress could do something about it, they could forgive student loan debt by passing the Student Loan Forgiveness Act. Why wait when we can make this change ourself using Blockchain Technology. As a team at Financial Block, we do not wish to focus on a problem without pin pointing a solution. The Financial Block team plans to use blockchain technology to solve the student debt bubble crisis we will be incorporating smart contracts, DApps and exchanges specifically built to revolutionize transactions with Financial Aid Coin X. We are building a decentralized ecosystem that will allow anyone that is apart of the higher education pool to participate in scholarship pools, financial aid backed loans, and proof of knowledge DApps powered by Financial Aid Coin X. We are using blockchain technology to reward students with cryptocurrency instantly through proof of brain and scholarship pool staking. Join our community and Blockchain start up now and change the world forever. 3 Tron is worth 1 FAC.Donate & Participate Participate with tron link wallet

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Petition to Harri Jaskari, Martti Mölsä, Matias Marttinen

Regulate virtual currencies cautiously to boost digital innovativeness and competitiveness

Virtual currencies, aka digital tokens, are about to play a key role in the application of modern technologies, such as Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Blockchain technology, and thus ecosystems based on blockchain, but not limited to such, introduce tokens for many useful purposes (robotics, autonomously working agents) that will affect our day-to-day lives for years to come. There is now a serious threat the Finnish government would push for stricter regulations than in the European Union overall. This would hurt Finnish technology startups – even the economically influential mobile game companies – working on these exciting new technologies. Therefore it is critical to act now and make sure the law proposal is reconsidered. It is good that reasonable regulations are set, but this should be done with caution. If you agree fully or partly with the following, you should join this petition right now. (1) Do not directly regulate the issuance of virtual currencies (digital tokens) by any national laws and make sure only to fulfil the necessary EU-directive requirements; (2) Do not nationally regulate the exchange of virtual currencies to virtual currencies (type: vc-2-vc) in an excessive manner in comparison to the required EU-directives; (3) The costs and benefits of automatic information retrieval (surveillance) system need to be more accurately researched, estimated, and it should not threaten Finnish companies, especially technology startups, including fintech companies; (4) The law proposal needs to truthfully represent the threats and benefits of using modern technologies and support them with valid references, not by hear-say; (5) The definitions for virtual currency exchanges and wallet providers should be carefully re-evaluated and made sure they will not be interpreted in a wrong fashion. The motives and facts behind initiation of regulative approaches that far exceed the EU standard legislation must be seriously investigated and reconsidered. The effective costs of the proposed national law would outweigh its perceived benefits and would have unknown repercussions to the technological regional macro competence, through its limitations threatening the development and existence of nascent modern digital technologies in Finland. Proposal: State of the proposal: Critical points slideshow:

[A]lternative [B]lockchains and [C]ryptocurrencies
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