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Petition to Mayor Bill Saffo, Wilmington NC City Council

We want a Black Lives Matter Street Mural in Wilmington, NC!

After Washington DC painted a Black Lives Matter street mural on June 5, 2020, Raleigh, Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Greensboro painted their murals. Wilmington residents want to show support of their Black neighbors too! Proposals were submitted to the city council on June 11 to create a Black Lives Matter street mural on 3rd Street in Wilmington. We heard from the city and met for the first time on July 13. When we met, it was suggested to alter the proposal to create a large art installation (8 foot signs for each letter of BLACK LIVES MATTER painted by local artists) with increased visibility to the street since the city would not consider our first proposal to paint directly on 3rd street. The new location is Jervay Memorial Park, the neighboring block from the original request in front of the 1898 Memorial. All proposals are available on the link at the bottom. Please sign to let Mayor Saffo and the city council know that there are a lot of us on board for this project! We already have dozens of volunteers and all costs covered with private donations so no tax dollars would be necessary. All we need is permission from the city. Every major city in North Carolina was able to complete their murals already. We hope for permission to have our mural completed as soon as possible. This mural already has the support of the local politicians, several local organizations and hundreds of citizens who emailed us and raised money for the effort.  We hope to involve the community with the painting of the mural as well as showcase local diverse artists. For more information, please view the WECT and WWAY news articles, or the more recent Encore Magazine article. We presented to the City Council on July 21, 2020. The vote was delayed until August 4. We hope to have a lot of signatures to show them that Wilmington NC believes Black Lives Matter!  To see all documents in support submitted to the city 

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