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Petition to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Governor Andrew Cuomo, DA Cyrus Vance Jr, NYS Atty General Letitia James

Press criminal charges against Amy Cooper for the false 911 call.

On May 25, 2020, Amy Cooper staged a false attack against bird watcher and journalist, Christian Cooper in the form of a fake 911 call to the New York City Police Department in NYC's Central Park. Mr. Cooper, who wisely videoed the encounter, calmly asked Ms. Cooper to leash her dog, as per the rules of the "bramble" area in Central Park. Ms. Cooper, in addition to viciously manhandling her dog, theatrically staged, after declaring she would "call 911 and tell them an African American man is threatening me!", an imminent attack on her person by Mr. Cooper.  Why have no arrests been made? Is a false report to 911 no longer a crime? Or is it simply another glaring example of "white privilege" rearing its ugly head?  During these grim days when municipal resources are already stretched dangerously thin, how can such maniacally inconsiderate, criminally dangerous behavior not be punished to the fullest extent of the law? We demand justice! We demand our elected officials, namely The Honorable Governor Andrew Cuomo, The Honorable Mayor Bill De Blasio, DA Cyrus Vance Jr, and Attorney General Letitia James perform the duties of their respective offices and prosecute Ms. Cooper's criminal and potentially deadly behavior. Only a powerful response from our elected government can deter such outrageous acts in the future. Stand for justice NOW. Sign this petition and pass it on! 

Charles Clark
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Petition to Sonja Fiest Price, Eli Capiluto, Tom Harris, Susannah Denomme

The Breonna Taylor Initiative at the University of Kentucky

Dear Dr. Capiluto, Dr. Feist-Price, and the members of the Board of Trustees, Breonna Taylor was a UK alumna who served her community with ambitions and goals to extend her hard work well beyond what she ever thought she was capable of. Unfortunately, her potential was robbed, stripped, and brutally taken from her at the hands of Louisville Metro Police Department. The Commonwealth of Kentucky has been extremely delayed in it's investigation and transparency with the outcome of Breonna Taylor's murder. The blood is not on the University's hands, but the need for change and push is evident after the unrest and revelations bought up by her murder. We as united students, faculty, alumni, and community members urge the University to take an aggressive stand and be at the forefront for a new model of campus culture, campus policing, and community engagement. The University of Kentucky can be remembered as a institution that has authored changed and helped lead more dialogue, reform, and reconstruction in our communities across the Commonwealth and the communities across the country and world our students, alumni, and faculty also represent. We stand with Breonna Taylor, and we urge the University of Kentucky to stand with her, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and the countless others murdered and fighting against the systemic racism in our country today. Specifically, we demand the University of Kentucky: -Rename the Kirwan - Blanding complex/space in memorial of Breonna Taylor. - Commit to diverse growth on campus by expanding funding for scholarships for minorities and women, as well as expanding criteria for scholarships ( not to lower the merit, but create a system that is aware of all socioeconomic and cultural outcomes). - Expand funding and organizational support for diverse organizations on campus, and encourage diverse growth within groups on campus by mandatory diversity and inclusion training for campus organizations and increased funding for organizations as they improve their diversity. - Remove any symbols and glorification related and in connection to the confederacy on campus, and review all symbols and university property for opportunity to highlight the broad impacts of diverse citizens of the Commonwealth who have led change, reform, and societal impact, especially women and minorities. - Limit UKPD budget growth to expansion of students, faculty, staff, and fans on campus, otherwise UKPD budget remains completely stagnant, and UKPD is one of the first agencies to receive cuts before any other academic, student support, scholarships or faculty receive budget cuts - Commit to the removal of any and all equipment purchased under the 1033 program by UKPD, as well as banning the use of tear gas and any derivatives (smoke grenades, flashbangs, etc.), and banning the use of any rubber projectiles or firearms intended for rubber bullet use. - Create a oversight committee made of students, community leaders, and faculty to oversee any complaints and use of force by UKPD or Lexington PD on campus property and the surrounding area frequented by students. This committee will be empowered by the University but completely independent in its investigations, established for the protection and best interests of students and the community. - Expand training for UKPD police & security officers as well as dispatchers, well beyond the 5 month police academy mandated by the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training, as well as requiring courses and certification in basic social work, as well as requiring constant bias training. This will transition the current UKPD policies of essentially "recommending" expanded training to requiring it and requiring more. UKPD will serve as a new model for law enforcement agencies across the country and the Commonwealth. - Limit the officers deployed on patrol throughout campus during the day, as well as limit the officers deployed on campus overall with a deadly weapon. Expanded training required for officers to possess mace/pepper spray. Officers should mainly be positioned in UKPD offices, not positioned in learning environments. Officers with a deadly weapon should only be required for use at complete last resort, a standard adopted by other law enforcement agencies. - End any relationships with organizations and or unions that support the occupation of communities and the militarization of the police within those communities. Support for people of color across the Commonwealth by expanding the recruiting program and increasing access to education in communities disadvantaged. The Commonwealth of Kentucky, the City of Lexington and the Government of Fayette County, as well as the University of Kentucky all play critical roles in developing a new equitable, safe and constructive community. The University of Kentucky has an opportunity to step forward and author change by leading the beginning of these healing processes.  

Khari Gardner
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, United Nations, U.S. Senate, Democratic National Committee, Nancy Pelosi

Hands Up Act

My name is Travis Washington. I received my M. A, degree in Higher Education and Administration from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in May 2019. I have been politically involved, from registering people to vote, to work in the Springfield Capitol (as an Alexander Lane Fellow, January to May 2017). We know how so many people of cultural minorities are in constant fear of leaving their household. This fear in our lives far too often comes from individuals working in public safety who harm people. Every single week we hear about another unarmed innocent vulnerable human being shot by the police. This has increased the trauma and fear that has made people of color scared to leave their homes. We need legislation now that prohibits police officers from shooting unarmed citizens. If there isn’t a weapon found after someone has been shot (therefore, unarmed) by a police officer, then I propose that the officer should receive a mandatory 15-year prison sentence. We have seen over and over police officers get off, even with videotape footage of citizens having been shot by police officers. This is a new form of lynching. I am pleading with you to propose a bill that protects people who have every right to feel threatened by law enforcement. We always say we need more training for those involved in public safety, and there are increasing policies and laws that mandate that police officers have “body cameras” on them. Those measures do not address the whole problem, not when the individual officers who shoot unarmed victims aren’t punished. Senator, we are in a crisis where relationships between people of color and police officers are deteriorating, beyond the critical level. In order to build any sort of positive relationships again, we need laws to keep a balance in the lives of all the public. I might even suggest this as a title for this proposed legislation: the Hands UP ACT. I will be emailing this to the all of your colleagues in the U. S. Senate, members of Congress, State Governors; Democracy Now, the Huffington Post, ThinkProgress; and to other appropriate organizations across the country. Once this petition receives enough attention. My goal to speak before the House of Representatives or United Nations during a committee hearing to bring attention to this policy.  Thank You !!  

Travis Washington
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Petition to Court of Appeal, Solano County District Attorney, Department of Justice

Krishna Abrams press charges or recuse yourself.

This petition is being circulated to demand DA Krishna Abrams, herself and her office, take immediate action and charge the officers involved in the shooting deaths of Willie McCoy and Eric Reason; or immediately recuse herself, her office, and turn these cases over to the DOJ.  Krishna Abrams has shown us with the death of Ronell Foster and Angel Ramos, that she is unable to operate past her partisan views in favor of law enforcement. Having a public profile in favor of “Blue Lives Matter” which was only coined after the phrase “Black Lives Matter” is clear evidence of her views in favor of qualified immunity. The position of District Attorney is supposed to be a non-partisan position and per the mission statement of the Solano County District Attorney's office, they are supposed to "Seek and Do Justice, Integrity Matters." Not only have they not sought out justice in the murders of Ronell Foster and Angel Ramos,  the office has exhibited the same lack of urgency and diligence in Eric Reason and Willie McCoy's cases as previously. Given that the District Attorney herself had fixed her facebook to show support for the "Blue Lives Matter" movement, that coupled with her lack of speaking out against police brutality until recent event's give the community substantial reason to question her disregard for remaining "non-partisan" and valuing integrity, as stated in the mission statement for the office.  We ask that you please add your name to this petition in order to ensure Justice for the impacted families and stand for integrity. 

The Vallejo Peace Project
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