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Petition to Ron DeSantis, Val Demings, Stephanie Murphy, NAACP , Citrus County Detention Center, Bob Plaisted, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Department of Justice, United States Department of Health and Human Services

Mentally Ill Inmate Denied Medication

Mr. Demare Tavis Barnes was clinically diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar disorder with paranoia. He was released from Department of Corrections recently, due to a psychotic episode provoked by self defense, Demare violated the conditions of his parole. Mrs. Lelia Jackson-Burch, the mother of Mr. Barnes, desperately tried unsuccessfully to obtain her son's anti-psychotic medication at Mr. Barnes release. Though Mr. Barnes received official documentation stating his prescriptions should be received with his property at his release, he was denied this right as an inmate and a mentally ill resident being released back to the city of Crystal River.  To date Mr. Barnes is currently housed, once again, at a privatized prison: "The Citrus County Detention Facility is a privately operated prison located in Lecanto, Citrus County, Florida, run by the Corrections Corporation of America to house inmates for multiple jurisdictions: the county, the United States Virgin Islands Department of Justice, and the U.S. Marshals Service." Though the family, and his mother, have reached out to Mike Quinn-Warden pleading for Mr. Barnes continued psychiatric care and medication, her pleas have fallen on deaf ears and her son's mental health has reached a dangerous level of psychosis. Mr. Barnes has not slept and his MENTAL HEALTH is in peril.  PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION...DEMANDING THAT THE "CITRUS COUNTY DETENTION FACILITY," STOP DENYING A MENTAL HEALTH INMATE THE RIGHT TO BE TREATED AS A HUMAN BEING. JUNETEENTH PROTEST COALITION  THE FAMILY, MRS. Lelia Jackson-Burch - Mother of Mr. Demare Tavis Barnes County Detention Facility 

Juneteenth Protest Coalition
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Petition to Federal Bureau of Investigation, President of the United States, James Craig, William Barr, Matthew Schneider, United States Supreme Court, Donald J. Trump

Support the end of mass incarceration and the prison pipeline for Luther Peterson and all.

As women from the city of Detroit, my sisters and I have had to work extra hard to achieve a normal life for ourselves. We’ve had to over come poor education systems, generational family drug addictions, poverty, generational fatherlessness and injustices in various ways. Now we are needing to fill the gap for the men in our family who are being mass incarcerated and the children who are being setup to share the same fate. We’re working overtime to provide for various households and children. Even today we are depleting our savings to get defense for our brother to prove his innocence. We are earnestly praying for our other family members who are suffering because of their last name and being used to prove a point. These young men are not drug lords most of them have never seen $5000 they have absolutely nothing most of them were trying to break through the rap industry to earn a income. Our family agrees with the judicial system and our selfless officers that we desperately want and need better conditions on the streets we don’t want to see any families shattered by drugs and crime within our communities. We want there to be jobs, training, faith and mentorship for  the disadvantaged and fatherless youths of Detroit. As a educator, mentor and volunteer I can tell you many women in our urban communities are trying our very best to do our part to contribute to social economics and change but we need more emphatic and proactive solutions for our troubled youth. We need more men to support this change,  we need to have offense and defense strategies to truly fix our disparities. Weneed prayer and the support of the church, we need the support of all our sisters and brothers. We can not as a nation continue to lump all our under privileged youths together and just throw them away. Historically we see harsh and unloving parenting fosters trauma and unfruitfulness in children and we will see the same results if governmental systems act as militant bullies. We do need discipline, compassion and love but not hatred,  injustice and oppression.  My family recently lost one uncle Willie Verdell Peterson as he died in a Michigan federal prison from Covid 19 he told us how horribly they were being treated in the prison one inmate even some how sent a video message of the conditions that went viral. I can tell you animals are treated better then those prisoners.  Now My brother Luther Peterson a 26 year old young man with one of the biggest hearts and one of the most loving Father’s of 5 children under 6 is facing the greatest test of his life. He lived in Texas for many years where he served in youth ministry beside me and my husband.  After a series of unfortunate mishaps back home in Michigan and my mother health decline, he decided to relocate back to Detroit to help our handicap and ill mother. Well within a few months he was locked up in federal custody. One detour can shipwreck your whole life.  Out of desperation he made a mistake and even in that mistake he took responsibility and accountability. God was with him and he received less time than the fbi wanted and he paid his due according to his sentencing.  2 months before his release he was smacked with a RICO indictment on Oct 22-2020 claiming that he was in a gang. Luther has never been in a gang, this is a young man who as a teenager would put on a suit and walk to church by himself and not care what the neighborhood kids would say.  He is being lumped in a group because of his last name. 17 young men lives are on the line as they face lengthy sentences. We all know Innocent men plead guilty to such charges due to the hope of not dying in prison. They can’t afford attorneys and are hopeless and bullied by the government. Help stop this RICO pipeline to prison and also help prevent this biased attempt to brand all these young men as something their not to prove a point. God says justice and equity matters we need fair and honest government this is America the greatest country on earth. Let’s proactively help our forgotten youth these men have been failed by family, school systems, community, government and the church. Please help us plead for mercy and justice for these young men and us also the women who are forced to work beyond our strength to fill the gap. Pray that we can withstand such oppression and that God will make us change agents for many. We can do better as a nation we can lead the world in crime prevention and reformation but we must not throw our youth lives away. 

Chamikia Coleman
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Petition to Repurpose our legacy. Keep I.E.J. Alive., Laurinburg City Council, NC House of Representatives, Scotland County School system

Repurpose our legacy. Keep I​.​E​.​J. Alive.

Many community members and alumni were disheartened to hear I. Ellis Johnson close its facilities. Becoming yet another school lost in preparation for the new school recently built for Scotland County School System. While progress is necessary it is equally important to celebrate the milestones and spaces that led us there. Join us in action by signing this petition and letting our city know that I.E.J. Is here to stay with a new purpose and the same legacy. I. Ellis Johnson elementary school is sacred ground for our community. The school erected as Lincoln Heights School in 1953. At the time the city had only Laurinburg Institute that offered the Black population private education. Eventually offering public education as well. The school became I.Ellis Johnson in 1959 after its first principal. It is considered the first public high school for Black people in the city of Laurinburg. I.Ellis Johnson became a beacon of progress for the community by serving  all black elementary students living in the northern section of Laurinburg and all black high school students residing in the city. Not only did the school offer academic resources it also specialized in vocational skills such as carpentry and brick masonry. With the legacy of I.Ellis Johnson being a site of pride, progress against adversity, education and success we can save I.Ellis Johnson, repurpose the building for housing, education, and community service needs and keep our legacy home. Join us with your voice and action by signing the petition today! 

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