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Petition to Plano Police Chief Ed Drain

Immediate Termination of the Officers involved in the unjustified arrest of Rodney Reese

Last week high school senior Rodney Reese was walking home from working overtime at his neighborhood Walmart when officers from the Plano Police Department responding to a Welfare check spotted Reese. The officers pulled up next to Reese and repeatedly asked him “If he was okay and where is he going”? Reese, holding a Walmart bag with his work uniform inside, informed them multiple times that he was going home, that he is fine, and doesn’t need a ride. Nonetheless, the officers continued to relentlessly harass Reese as he continued walking home in single digit freezing temperatures. Officers left their vehicle and began following him on foot. They repeatedly told him they were there to help him, but Reese politely declined their help and kept heading towards his house. Reese who was understandably tired and freezing didn’t want to be subjected to further harassment through repetitive questions. When the officers did not receive an answer to when they asked him what’s his name, their demeanor changed in the blink of an eye. The officers continued to follow him for a long distance and repeatedly tried to get him to stop him and provide answers they knew they weren’t legally entitled to. The Female officer can be heard saying, “Sir, you need to talk to us”, even though this officer knew it was well within his legal right not to speak to them. The officer asked him where his home was, and Reese did not answer. Given the horrid weather conditions that night, and Reese only wearing a short sleeve shirt coming off an extra long work shift, it was more than understandable that Reese just wanted to be home and warm.  In the body camera video released on Facebook by the Plano Police Department, Reese can be heard repeatedly telling officers that he's fine and is going home. But for more than two minutes, the officers continued to follow Reese down a dark alley which would cause a child of any race to feel terrified, let alone a black kid. The officers without any probable cause that Reese had committed a crime, blocked Reese from walking any further. The female officer then continued to put her hands on Reese despite him politely asking her to stop. An officer is then seen and heard saying “We’re conducting an investigation.” Reese then stated “I don’t care. I’m going home.” The officer then unjustifiably told Reese “And you are officially detained”. The officers then ganged up on Reese to put him in handcuffs.  The officers wrapped this unjustified harrassment around charging Reese with walking in the middle of the street. Officers charged him with this Class C misdemeanor and arrested him even though they were more than aware the extremely icy sidewalks would force anyone to do the same for their own safety. Reese even explained this to the officer, and she replied “You caused a whole lot of something out of nothing.” This statement alone by this officer made it clear there was no justifiable reason to follow, harass, and interrogate Reese who was simply walking home. Rodney Reese is an exemplary high school kid, an essential worker, without a blemish on his record. It is indisputable that Reese was targeted simply because of his race. It is without question this unwarranted and unjustifiable treatment would not have occurred if an older white lady was in the same position walking to her home. The body camera footage released leaves no doubt this was exactly the case. The officers involved asked Reese several repetitive questions that he willingly answered. However, they continued to attempt to force Reese to stop walking in single digit temperature and subject him to further questioning he wasn’t obligated to answer. The officers were called for a Welfare check, but lied to Reese stating they were conducting an investigation immediately before detaining him and arresting him. Reese was forced to spend the night in jail. The charges were later dropped, but this is not nearly enough justice for a traumatic event of this magnitude. Police Chief Ed Drain even admitted “They should’ve taken him home.” This type of racial profiling is a crisis that has an extensive history in our nation. The actions of these officers is beyond reprehensible, and now Reese will inevitably be forced to suffer the repercussions that will reverberate for the rest of his life. If these officers are not held accountable for their inexcusable actions, and TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY, then this will only make building trust with the African American community even more difficult, if not already impossible, in the most volatile time in our nation’s history. Hard working high schoolers like Rodney Reese need to be praised not harassed, interrogated, and arrested for trying to walk home in subfreezing weather.    

Shereef Kamel
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Petition to INADI (Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminación) / National Institute Against Discrimination, Panderia- Confiteria La Nueva Esperanza

El racismo IGNORADO en Argentina/ Racism in Argentina IGNORED

Hermanos y hermanas de todas las naciones, necesito su ayuda. El racismo hacia la gente de color ha existido en todos los países del mundo durante muchas generaciones. Argentina es el país más austral del mundo y muchos hacen la vista gorda a este país. El país no asume la responsabilidad suficiente por el racismo sistemático, ya que se deshizo de muchas personas de color que solían vivir aquí hace generaciones. Junto con Brasil, Argentina acogió a millones de esclavos. Los dos países fueron los mayores puertos de esclavos en América del Sur. Desafortunadamente, no enseñan esto en sus escuelas y, por lo tanto, la mayoría de los civiles en Argentina dirán que no hay racismo en Argentina. Algunos dirán que el racismo no puede existir en este país, ya que no hay personas de color en Argentina. Esto no es cierto. Millones de personas de color fueron puesta en la primera fila en las guerras y lucharon para ayudar a ganar la independencia de Argentina de España, la gente de color fueron quienes originaron el baile de tango, los esclavos de Argentina contribuyeron de muchas maneras a la cultura y la sociedad, solo para ser ignorados y borrados de la historia. Esto lleva a muchas cosas, como el racismo sistemático, como fue el caso del afroargentino, José Delfín Acosta, quien se cree que fue asesinado por la policía. A los niños argentinos se les enseñó a pintarse la cara de negro para celebrar el 25 de mayo, Día de la Revolución. También existen unas macetas dulces que representan una cara negra de inspiración racista llamadas Negritos en las panaderias. Estos Negritos, por pequeño que parezca, fue mi inspiración para escribir esta petición en primer lugar. El 27 de febrero de 2019 envié un correo electrónico al INADI (Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminación), que nunca respondieron. Finalmente, pude comunicarme con el INADI después de varias llamadas telefónicas, donde me informaron que debía enviar mi petición por correo. Así lo hice. En respuesta el INADI determino que no hay nada que hacer ya que los pasteles Negritos no son racistas. Esa respuesta que recibí del INADI describe la realidad en Argentina. Incluso el departamento de discriminación en Argentina, un departamento que debería entender sin cuestionar qué es el racismo y adoptar una postura contra el mismo, no puede entender mi preocupante planteo. Para empezar, ayúdenme a erradicar los negritos en Argentina. Como Argentina no solo ha borrado la malvada historia de la esclavitud en Argentina, la erradicación de los negros en Argentina, sino que también ha borrado la gran contribución de los afroargentinos a la historia argentina. Y Argentina lo sabe. Como uno de los héroes de Argentina es un soldado negro llamado Antonio Ruiz (Falucho). Sin embargo, Argentina todavía permite el uso de nuestros hermosos rostros de color en pasteles feos de inspiración racista llamados negritos en sus panaderías en este mismo año 2020. Este mismo tipo de imágenes fueron muy populares en los Estados Unidos durante la era de Jim Crow. Esto es similar a los caucásicos que pintan sus rostros de negro como representación de Black Peter acompañando a San Nicolás. Ayúdame a erradicar los negritos y erradicar el racismo en Argentina. Cambiaremos una ciudad a la vez, un condado a la vez, un país a la vez y un continente a la vez, hasta que todas las personas en todo el mundo entiendan que somos todos uno en esta tierra.   Racism in Argentina IGNORED Brothers and sisters of all nations, I need your help. Racism towards blacks has existed in every single country in the world for many generations. Argentina is the most southern country in the world and many turn a blind eye to this country. This country does not take enough responsibility for systematic racism as they got rid of many black people that used to live here generations ago. Along with Brazil, Argentina took in millions of slaves. The two countries were the biggest slave harbors in South America. Unfortunately they do not teach this in their schools and thus the majority of civilians in Argentina will say that there is no racism in Argentina. Some will say racism can not exist in this country as there are not any black people in Argentina. This is not a true statement. Millions of blacks were put on the forefront of wars and fought to help win Argentina’s independence from Spain, blacks originated Tango dancing, blacks slaved for Argentina and contributed in many ways to Argentinian culture and society, only to be ignored and erased from history. This leads to many things such as systematic racism such as was the case with Afro-Argentine, Jose Delfin Acosta, who is believed to have been killed by the police, Argentinian children taught to paint their faces black to celebrate May 25, Revolution Day, and racist inspired black faced bakeries called Negritos. Negritos as small as a subject as it may seem, is my inspiration of writing this petition in the first place. February 27, 2019 I emailed INADI, Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminación or National Institute Against Discrimination. They never answered. Eventually I was able to reach INADI after several calls to be told that I must send my report through actual mail. So I did. INADI explained that there is nothing they can do as negritos pastry is not racist. The response I received from INADI depicts the reality in Argentina. Even the discrimination department in Argentina, a department that should understand without question what racism is and take a stance against it could not understand my concern. As a start please help me to eradicate negritos in Argentina. As Argentina has not only erased the evil history of BLACK slavery in Argentina, the eradication of blacks in Argentina, but also Argentina has erased the great contribution of Afro-Argentines to Argentinian history. And Argentina knows this. As one of Argentina’s heroes is a black soldier named Antonio Ruiz (Falucho). Yet Argentina still allows the use of our beautiful black faces on ugly racist inspired black pastries called negritos in their bakeries in this very year 2020. These same type of images were very popular in the USA during the Jim Crow era. This is similar to caucasians painting their faces black as representation of Black Peter accompanying St. Nicholas. Help me eradicate negritos and eradicate racism in Argentina. We will change one town at a time, one city at a time, one county at a time, one country at a time and one continent at a time until all people around the world understand we are all but one people on this earth.   

Davin James
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