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Make Solas Bisexual for ALL Players

This petition is for anyone affiliated with Bioware who can change a small bit of the Solas´ sexuality-making him Bisexual for ALL races. Leaving no one out this time seriously. I don´t know where to turn this in to or even if I could get it to anyone who cares, but this matters to me and the few others who are in the minority of not having a female elf as a main character. First I want to say that I am very happy with the overall series and game series I don't want to seem like I'm complaining for the sake of complaining, and I don't want to come off as standoffish or even a burden to whoever reads this, truthfully this is the only thing other than the whole Dread Wolf thing that upsets me about the game. It upsets me along with others that Solas was cut and turned straight, frankly, it's offensive. First you take Solas away from people like me then turn him into a demon wolf, that sets off my depression and anxiety and you guys can't be bothered with it? Take notes from what happened to Mass Effect Andromeda: Jaal was straight, people got upset they were left out, update, Jaal is Bi. Yes, DA:I came out in 2015, but I would rather get an update for that so that it´s fixed for people who just need this as their source of happiness. I want to address that RPGs are defined as having all-around open ended endings, this did not happen and making Solas straight immediately takes away the RPG element because it takes away from certain players who otherwise would have been able to. Finally, I want to address that this affects little to no story that I´m not aware of other than my own with my male human inquisitor who deserves a better ending than this. So I plead once more, Bioware, ANYONE, please make Solas Bisexual for ALL races in an update, or the next game for all I care, once again I appreciate all the hard work you all are doing but just please consider us small few that were left out!  

Kameo Septim
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