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Petition to Daniel Andrews, Jaala Pulford, Cr Brian Cunial, Richard Bolt, Jennifer Cane, Lily D'Ambrosio

BAN BIRD SALES & BREEDING in Australia NOW! Aviculturists are using birds as breeding slav

“Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) was a known bird welfare defender. He frequented the markets of Florence (Italy), buying caged birds simply to let them go.”  500 years later and Victorians are still caging birds. Victorian Aviculturists are using birds (captive native and non-native birds) as breeding slaves and money-makers calling it a hobby. The abuse and cruelty toward birds in Victoria, parallels the abuse in the Victorian Puppy Farm industry. There are bird mills everywhere! Annually the Mornington Peninsula Aviculture Society (MPAS) and the Victorian Avicultural Council (VAC) holds bird sales where permits are issued by the Victorian state departments- Minister of Agriculture- DEDJTR (Jaala Pulford) & Minister of Environment (DELWP) (Lily Ambrosia). Minister Pulford allows the VAC to draft the bird welfare codes- the same people involved with MPAS and who ignore bird welfare all in the name of money!  THIS IS A DANGEROUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!! $$$$$$$$$ Minister Pulford signed in March 2017 an order to EXEMPT caged birds from the operation of the Domestic Animals Act. This means that all birds can be sold at sales, including exotic birds. Is that unbelievable and unethical or what? Why Minister Pulford? Minister Ambrosia has allowed the Wildlife Act to be so flexible that anyone can buy/sell/trade/breed wild birds. The VAC, bird breeders & sellers influence our state governments! But why are our Victorian state government decision makers allowing bird breeders and sellers to treat birds with so much abuse and no empathy? Why haven’t our Victorian state governments BANNED bird sales as we have constantly asked them to since at least 2015? Who is influencing their decision to abuse birds and ignore bird welfare? The bird groups/breeders/sellers. How can any compassionate, ethical and empathic person be influenced by greedy, money-making, non-compassionate people who enjoy controlling birds and using bird lives as a hobby? PLUS! The bird mills don’t even follow their own code! They fail to abide by the Victorian Code of Practice for birds. The code that they have created is just there to ‘shut my mouth- and yours.’ But they have it all wrong as their code is not even close to protecting the mind and life of a bird. The current Victorian Codes include: • Buying a bird • Your Birds Welfare Needs • Owning a Bird The details of the code are brief and not specific enough to tailor the needs of birds. It is tragic that Victorian departments allow such abuse and breaches of the code of practice to occur constantly, to intelligent birds. One day soon, Victorians will be wondering “how did we as voters and citizens allow such abuse to occur to intelligent companion birds and not put an immediate stop to it?” So we want to stop this BIRD sale happening again in Melbourne on the 28 May 2017! In Victoria, there are thousands of abused and neglected birds being constantly sold, online (e.g. Facebook, individual websites, Buy a Bird, Gumtree (abusive backyard sales), PetsHQ, Trader tag,) at pet shops, markets, at bird sale events, and directly from bird groups and associations. The birds are suffering at the hands of bird breeders/sellers and at the sales: • Most of the birds are ill and physically and emotionally distressed. • All birds are housed in small boxes/ cages which fit the bird exactly- many of the larger birds cannot walk comfortably or stretch their wings- even flying is never an option for any bird. • There are bright lights and people hovering over the birds constantly- no privacy or quiet time for the birds. • The boxes/cages are filthy and rusty. In most cases, bird food is placed under the bird's perch and on the ground, amongst the birds’ faeces. Bird breeders and sellers proudly advertise their abusive bird photos in bird magazines sold throughout Australia and all over the internet. And birds in larger aviaries are kept as breeding-slaves and money making machines- and ‘pretty bird prizes’ for the owners to control emotionally and physically- there is a name for this personality trait…… In fact, in the bird magazines, even bird club members/breeders and veterinarians mention the abuse and lack of welfare of birds that exists at Victorian Bird sales. Any professional Bird Behaviourist as myself, with constant life experience of living and interacting with birds, will confirm to you that treating birds in such a manner is unethical, unacceptable, and breaches basic bird welfare. ALL Birds are intelligent emotionally as a human being- MOST often MORE empathic! All Birds: o  feel pain, o  have deep sensitive emotions, o  have deep intuition, dream and have nightmares, o  have strong bird and human family values,   o  require the freedom to choose their own partner, o  require privacy, respect, love and care desperately.   Sound familiar? So do children, teenagers and adults!! Bird breeders and sellers are not interested in bird behaviour as it conflicts with their poor or lack of positive bird care standards and conflicts with their sole motive: money-money-money and CONTROL, at any welfare cost to birds. As a professional Bird Behaviourist, I am CONSTANTLY contacted by the general public of Australia, regarding bird welfare abuse cases. It is a serious problem in Victoria where most current codes of practice are flawed, not complied with and NOT monitored by DEDJTR and DELWP and where genuine and non-conflicting bird welfare regulations fail to exist. I urge ALL the government decision makers to ban the MPAS Bird Sale Event of 28 May 2017 and all other Victorian sales events. There should be a thorough government investigation into the abusive Avicultural industry. Birds are highly intelligent and highly sensitive- they should not be kept is small cages, not in closed door cages, not in bedrooms/ laundries/basements/garages/ kitchens/ and/or sold and traded as a commodity. Shame on ALL the bird abusers! Please take urgent action and sign this petition, to save birds from being abused and ban the above bird sale and all sales of birds in Victoria! Thanking all our empathic supporters of birds!! Paris Yves Read- Bird Behaviourist & Counsellor, Campaign Manager, Bird Welfare Activist Let Companion Birds Fly Melbourne, Australia Ph: 0413 530 419 email: National Bird Adoption- "Agapi's Sanctuary" Crowdfunding- even $5 counts toward our self-funded passion for birds!!!!! Give Companion Birds A Voice   “I blame myself for not educating the public and decision makers enough- I am inundated saving and caring for few of the thousands of abused or surrendered birds! Too many birds are suffering 24/7 because of the lack of bird welfare awareness.” Paris  Birds & Slaves;sequence=1    

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Petition to Richard Wynne, Lily D'Ambrosio, Moyne Shire

Make AGL adhere to permit conditions.

Make AGL adhere to permit conditions. AGL is widely regarded as one of the three largest polluters in Australia.  But most people don’t realise AGL is not adhering to planning permit conditions at some of their electrical generation facilities, and is a major killer of native birds without mitigating their environmental destruction. AGL’s reports show that they are likely to be killing nearly 2,000 birds and bats a year at their Macarthur generation facility alone (many of which are raptors), which is many times more than their planning application documents estimated. Documents obtained from DELWP though Freedom of Information requests appear to indicate AGL have breached their Macarthur permit in avifauna matters more than 200 times since it commenced generating electricity. AGL appear to have failed to abide by the clearly outlined permit requirements to remove and record carrion weekly, failed to follow a response flowchart for native avifauna kills and failed to mitigate for significant losses.  AGL has apparently failed to provide the required reports to DELWP or Moyne Shire for their significant number of permit breaches, and these authorities, even though they should be well aware of the breaches, have not forced them to do anything about it.  The longer the permit breaches continue unchecked, the more birds and bats are being killed, and the displacement of other species from their habitat continues. If you or I caused such large-scale death of native birds, we would be heavily fined and/or jailed.  If AGL was held to account as you or I would be, the fines for their destruction would exceed $4.6M a year.  Instead, with the flouting of their planning permit conditions, they are being let off scot-free by the authorities, while the environment takes a massive hit.  AGL are making no attempt to mitigate for the death and displacement, and DELWP and Moyne Shire are not forcing them to do so. You can send a message to AGL directly with your choice of whether to purchase their products, but I also ask that you sign this petition asking the Planning Minister, DELWP and the Moyne Shire to force AGL to adhere to their permit conditions and mitigate their avifauna destruction at the Macarthur site.

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Petition to The Hon Melissa Price MP

Ban Ceremonial Balloon Releases Due To The Negative Impact On Marine And Wildlife.

We, the undersigned, are calling for a nationwide ban on ceremonial balloon releases due to the environmental impact on marine and wildlife. All released balloons return to the earth as litter, mostly in fragments, polluting both our land and seas. They, along with their attached ribbons, pose a huge threat to marine and wildlife as they resemble edible items to the animals. When an animal ingests these fragments they are usually killed from the balloon blocking the digestive tract, leaving them unable to take in any more nutrients resulting in the animal slowly starving to death. Animals can also become entangled in the balloon and/or its ribbon rendering them unable to move or eat and again slowly starving to death. Sea turtles are especially vulnerable to ingestion as they naturally prey on jellies which balloon fragments can easily be mistaken for. Six of the world's seven species of marine turtle occur in Australian waters three of which are considered to be critically endangered. But it’s not only sea life that is at risk, many terrestrial species are also falling victim to this threat, on the 14/06/2014, the Australian Platypus Conservancy reported on the death of a platypus which had become entangled in the ribbon of a deflated balloon. Birds too are extremely susceptible to entanglement as well as many other animals. Penguins and even seals have been documented as being injured or killed by becoming entangled in a balloons ribbon. Marketers of balloons hide behind the PR spiel that their latex balloons are 100% bio-degradable, comparing it to the degradation of an oak leaf. What they fail to mention is that an oak leaf can take 6 months or more to degrade (some claim as long as 4 years) taking even longer to degrade at sea than on land, whilst animals are searching for their food every moment of every day. As balloon releases are becoming more and more prevalent in celebrations, memorials and at charity events it is vital now that laws be made to put an end to the deliberate littering of our environment. There are so many other ways to commemorate occasions than something as irresponsible as balloon releases.   Also to consider in this is the Helium being used to inflate balloons. Helium is a non-renewable source with no chemical substitute. According to Robert Richardson, who won the Nobel Prize in 1996 for his work on superfluidity of Helium, we are using our supplies of Helium at a unimaginable rate and what has taken the earth billions of years to accumulate could be gone within a generation. Helium is used for, among other things, MRI scanners, fibre optics, sea/space exploration, welding, supersonic wind tunnels, cooling nuclear reactors, life-saving medical procedures and diagnostics, cryogenics, laboratory research, lasers, LCD’s, rare document preservation and breathing ventilators for infants and the ill. Helium is an essential part of our everyday lives. Now is the time to be following the example of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast council’s Local Law No 3 (Community and Environmental Management) 2011 and start treating balloon releases for what they are, deliberate littering, detrimental to our wildlife, marine life and overall environment. You hold the power in making a great difference on the impact that this misguided practice has on our environment and its inhabitants. I do hope for your sincere attention and action in this matter and in keeping Australia beautiful. Thank you kindly for your time

Amy Motherwell
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